Monday, November 23, 2009

Saudi Arabia's Role in World Peace

Our fourth newsletter to embassies involves the role Saudi Arabia will play in ending the War in Iraq.

The war started a schism between peoples and governments, with the people standing on their rights to create their life and express their cultures as they desire, and the governments have been working to create an international presence by working with the United States.

Saudi Arabia's depends on its relationship with the United States to market its oil, and so it seemed counterproductive to stand on the principles of autonomy and sovereignty for Iraq. Instead, they joined with Kuwait to form a "House of Cards" against Saddam Hussein.

It is the people who are most oppressed by war. In fact, this choice lead to increased terrorism by those who protested their rights to create their life without interference.

Because this crisis is technically a genocide, which evolves differently from a war, it will continue to draw in more and more people, just as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned President Bush. Eventually every person on the planet will be affected in some way.

The first group of people to be drawn in stood on the principles, understanding the United States does not have the right to invade a sovereign nation. The second have been financially affected. Imagine how much easier it would have been to make a win-win agreement to procure oil reserves than to invade Iraq and ultimately start a civil war! The next group of people to be drawn in are those whose lives are affected. The global financial crisis, cut foreign aid to other nations that depend on the United States, and many other reasons, including health and general welfare, are destabilizing the entire world.

The solution is the introduction of our proposed international government, and to allow Saudi Arabia to host the mediation process. This week, November 15-21, 2009, we sent out our embassy newsletters introducing this concept.

This is the next step following the introduction of the Grand Unification Principle in England, along with the ancient sacred rite of conflict resolution at Stonehenge.

This proposal allows Saudi Arabia to prove its intent to end the conflict in the Middle East, to join the debate on the creation of the proposed international government, and to turn its attentions inside the country to enable the Saudi people to function on a higher level. It will make terrorism obsolete because the people will have a voice in their government.

Karen Holmes,
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This week...

  • Our proposal to Iraq is going out to the foreign embassies in Washington, DC, and we are outlining the steps we propose to end the war in Iraq and to take it all the way to its sovereignty.
  • We start with the introduction of a booklet called, "We Are One," which is an overview of the Grand Unification Principle. Some people call it the Unified Field Theory, the Holy Grail of Science and Theoretical Mathematics.
  • "There is a saying, that when Science reaches the pinnacle of understanding, Religion will already be there. Here they meet." Mathematicians have been looking for a formula that describes everything, and this is it: ∑=1
  • This implies that you cannot leave anything out of the whole, or it is no longer the whole!
  • For world peace to come, no one can be left out. At the same time, mankind had to reach the understanding that the games to gain power and prestige no longer work.
  • In our newsletter to the embassies, we are offering this understanding to England, along with information about conflict resolution related to Stonehenge.
  • The newsletter highlights the proposal to Iraq, and enables the stakeholders to get their life on a higher level if they agree to participate in the formation of the proposed international government. Basically, we are offering England an opportunity to find its niche based on conflict resolution.

Karen Holmes,

Friday, May 1, 2009

World Peace Started January 1, 2008

What a remarkable statement! World peace started January 2008. How can that be?!

Everything works in cycles, and the cycles are lining up, just as in the story of Hercules when Hades could unleash the Titans when the planets lined up. Well, as the cycles line up, mankind can rise very quickly now. These unsettling events allow us to understand what we don't want in our life anymore and for us to address and resolve them. We know we don't want war anymore. Covert actions to gain control of natural reserves only lead to civil war rather than regime change. The games played by the powerful elite are leaving future generations in a state of chaos.

Mankind plays seven power games. We play the games to gain power and prestige, in an attempt to get the life we want. The games don't have the capacity to help us get our life. The pendulum swings out to its logical ultimate conclusion.

These are hard times, and as a planet we are going into the abyss. We must work together to draw our planet out of its crisis. Like a wave that goes down, we will turn this around, and if we stand on the principles of Universal Law--and our World Peace Plan--there is no limit as to what we can create.

The seed has been planted. It is time for world peace to come.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Opening This Plan to Debate

On our proposal page, we introduce the idea of a contitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would create an additional layer of government over what already exists. This plan does not attempt to change any of the existing structure, except for what must be done to implement the additional layer. One change must be to purify the U.S. legal system so conflicting laws that cause chaos in the system do not spread into the international layer.

There are four ways an amendment can be made to the Constitution. Every existing amendment but one has gone through Congress. I recommend that we take this to the people to decide whether the United States will participate in the plan for world peace. The path I recommend is a convention by the states, and the ratification process by state convention, also, or through the legislatures. This allows the people to have a voice, for or against the plan.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Application of the Principles is what is important

Where are we now in the plan? This week...

  • A newsletter went out to all the embassies and the U.S. Senators introducing the idea of the constitutional amendment.
  • Letters went out to the Department of Commerce for the economic stimulus plans associated with the plan.
  • We had our first On The Rainbow Training Center class, called "Getting Out of the Abyss," which is the second step for people who are in crisis.
  • I have been working on getting the On The Rainbow Peace Store e-commerce webpage online, to enable people to purchase materials on how to create the life they want, and set up a Google Adwords campaign announcing the plan.