Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cases of Reinfections Are Surging: Why?

The human body creates antibodies to fight re-infection of viruses, which should give some immunity, but in Wuhan, China, there is another surge, this time of people who have recovered from the virus, and have gone back to work. They recovered from the virus, but didn't build immunity against it.

If our theory is correct, their lives changed when they were sick. They focused their attention on getting well. Politics were set aside. Cares of the world were left behind. Then the patients went back into the same situations they were in before. The snakes were still there.

It is possible to build immunity to this virus, but to do so we must take the long way around, meaning we must build a new structure that addresses the root cause of the crisis. Some people are creating antibodies to the virus by stepping back from the judgment, the equated ideas that people are snakes--scoundrels. That is enough. They walk away from the obsessions. The problem is we live in a time when people are reacting to crises fearfully, and going down into power games.  To walk away and take the long way around, is to address the prophesied end times--Armageddon.

Some people believe Armageddon is a battle that will be fought between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness on a particular hill in Israel, but that is not true. The battles between Light and Darkness occur all the time, although this time period the forces of Darkness are very strong, and because everyone faces fears, no one is automatically saved. Each of us has a blueprint in our heart for the life we want, and when misunderstandings occur, we get kicked off course, and eventually we are 180 degrees from where we think we are.  Armageddon means "the silly things people do." We address the battles of Armageddon in the "Armageddon Series." 

This happens on an individual basis, but also among nations. The existing structure is based on misunderstandings and grabs for power, and mankind has been kicked off course. The existing structure is collapsing, making way for a new structure that functions on a higher level.

We can build immunity to the virus by first understanding that people are not snakes. But, there is a very interesting flip-flop idea, and it flips when we come to understand that we live in a continuum of frequency, and what we see in others is what is inside of us, so by pointing fingers at others, we must consider that we are also responsible for where we are along the continuum. When we assume responsibility, we start to regain our power. We are no longer blaming others for our life circumstances. 

Then, we must start to let go of what we no longer wish to experience and start to work together to create something on a higher level.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

To stop a pandemic, start with the root cause of the virus.

If your plan doesn't address the root cause of a crisis, it makes it worse. The pandemic is getting worse, so lets consider that to be the rationale for the plan, and the next step is to figure out what the root cause of the crisis is. But, let's look at viruses, and compare this virus with others, too.

Our theory: Scientists don't know where viruses come from. They haven't made one simple, logical connection, so they are looking in the wrong places for answers, and their solutions are based on misunderstanding such as mankind's relationship with animals. We believe viruses are thought-forms that are manifested into the physical. The Covid 19 virus was manifested in Wuhan, China when a human equated humans with snakes. The Chinese investigators  reported they believed the virus leaped from a snake to a human. Each virus has a certain "demographic," which determines who is susceptible, and how it mutates. The potential of this pandemic to kill many people is great because this time in our history, there is a schism, and many people are going down into the power games. President Trump, for example, promises his supporters he will "drain the swamp." To make it mutate requires people to stop thinking of others as snakes, but the application of that is difficult when so many people are playing oppressive power games, or are fighting for their lives. The epicenters are places where people are particularly susceptible to equating the two ideas.

Comparing the Covid-19 virus to past epidemics--

The Spanish Flu

Have you seen the movie 1917 or its trailer? All those scenes with flying machines zooming around the skies, and their pilots shooting their machines guns at the British troops who are running to find anything to hide behind. It was World War I, and the historians believe the virus started in a British base in France, when the virus leaped from a bird to a human. People have dreamed of being able to fly like a bird, and it became possible when airplanes were invented, but then the war started and the birds were killing people. World War I was a terrifying war, with trench warfare, mustard gas, and flying machines with machine guns.


The two places where outbreaks have occurred are Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and they started in 1976. Both nations were devolving into genocides. Genocides are one of the power games that is based on revenge, and it is based on weaving an illusion. Compare the circumstances in the lives of the people of the regions to continued attacks by ISIS. Gangs of  men who are out to terrorize, steal and kill. Investigators believe the virus is found in many animals, but the way it attacks the body hints that the human equated people and chimpanzees, which hunt for monkeys in groups, chasing the monkeys, and killing the ones that stand their ground. The bodies of the Ebola virus victims bleed all over, just like the monkeys who are the prey of the chimpanzees. The virus can also live in other animals, like fruit bats, possibly because they hang around, are not a threat, but eat up all the nice fruit, possibly like the children of the dead.

Zika Virus

The demographics of this unusual virus make its spread limited. Someone equated people with mosquitoes, like malaria, but the physical effects on the human was to squeeze the heads of fetuses, so the baby is born with a very small head. The virus epicenters are not the jungles, but Rio, Miami and Texas, all three are cities where very wealthy people live in close proximity to Latinos. The age group, obviously, are people in their child-bearing years. Living near the wealthy, the young couple would be interested in creating a cash flow by marketing to the wealthy, but what would they offer? Their business became their baby. They equated their business project and babies. They would borrow money from banks or loan sharks and when their small business failed, the "pests" would come around to suck their blood.


Not all viruses have connections to animals. I was a dental hygienist, and went through the transition to wearing masks and gloves and gowns for all patients because we understood that some people would try to hide the truth about having the virus. One night I had a dream about the AIDs virus, and saw it shaped like a wedding cake, but asymmetrical, and I knew if the virus could become symmetrical, it would no longer be dangerous. Since then, the movement for same-sex marriages has very likely caused the virus to mutate. If you are taking expensive drug cocktails fora AIDs, I recommend you speak to your doctor before making any changes to your routine.

What could be done to stop each of these viruses from spreading? That is the plan, and each plan must have a contingency for it to go forward. 

The response of the governments for each virus has been to find a vaccine, but their plan doesn't address the root cause of the crisis. To solve this problem, we must all start to understand how equated ideas get people into trouble, and do something that benefits everyone. It is in no one's best interest for people to live in fear, or poverty, or without any hope for the future. Our channeled books explain how equated ideas get people into trouble, but imagine how many people equate money and power, or power and military might, for example. No one can change what another person believes. People must be open to change. Yet, we can all make small efforts that have major impacts on our lives, and the lives of others.

The overall solution is to all work together to debate the plan for the international government, and when someone manifests a virus, the departments will be immediately informed, the team will go  and confirm it, and all the resources of the planet will be available. The economies will remain stable, and the sociological impacts will be minimal. Instead of the graph of numbers of cases and deaths peaking, when the governments go down into power games or have inadequate responses,  or flattening when a mutation occurs--which is what this information can do with this virus--the curve will flatline and possibly never go above 100 cases--with no deaths, because people die when they believe they cannot get their life, and one of the rights citizens will have granted to them is to be able to create the life they want.

The international government will guarantee the unalienable rights of the people to be able to create their life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government. These are the unalienable rights we are given by the Creator of us all.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Is the existing structure solving the problems? If not, what will?

The United Nations is the international institution that mankind relies on to handle global threats. The WHO has stepped up to combat the coronavirus, and each of the affected nations has access to the WHO, and all they offer, but assumes responsibility for the application of a strategic plan to address the crisis in their own nation. As of today, nearly every nation on the planet is facing this major crisis. The experts say it will take a year for a specific vaccine to be found, tested, proven safe for use, and manufactured, but some nations are searching for alternatives or cutting the time it takes for trials.

Meanwhile, the global economies are being affected, and individual nations are rushing to stabilize them. The destabilization of the economies is leading to what we refer to as Crisis in the Family issues.

The overall root cause of all the crises, such as climate change, the rise of authoritarianism,  and the pandemics, is that during a period from 2008 to 2012 all the cycles lined up, and change only occurs easily at the end and the beginning of a cycle, so this has been a time of great changes. The prophecies of the Rapture, for example, and Armageddon have been around for a long time, and now, with the end of the cycles, we are facing the end times. People are being squeezed, and the squeezing effect is that we must work together to solve the problems.

Mankind has been facing a test, a dilemma. We are at a crossroads, with three choices. Two are untenable, and the third requires everyone to work together. Some people are demanding we continue on as we have because they rely on the existing structure, and others are trying to convince everyone they are the leaders and playing power games to take control, but can't get everyone on the planet to agree to one person to become emperor of the planet. A rising number of people see the need for everyone to work together to solve the problems, and to leave no one out. We must do what is in everyone's best interest, logically, for everyone to agree to the plan to move forward.

In his farewell speech, Secretary General of the United Nations stated that George W Bush made the United Nations irrelevant. He was saying that the preemptive strike on Iraq, and the drive to bring together the Coalition nations to invade Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, had proven the UN could not prevent or end wars. That statement declared that mankind was on the slippery slope to the edge of the abyss to a global war. If the UN didn't have the power to stop one man from wresting control, how could it stop, ultimately, one man from declaring himself emperor of the planet?

The existing structure had proven it cannot end or prevent wars. The collapse of the existing power bases triggered the other world leaders to jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower.

At the same time, the plan for world peace had been introduced, and the number of people who supported the plan started to rise. A third option was possible. We are at the crossroads, with three potential futures, and whatever plan that can solve the problems we are facing as a planet will be the winner.

Will the crises be solved by one man (or possibly a woman) who reaches the pinnacle of power? No. That implies there is one voice. Is the existing structure solving the problems? No, and the reason is that while there are many voices involved, politics gets in the way, and the voices of the many are filtered and ignored, including the voices of those on the bottom who have solutions to the crisis, but no credibility. If your plan doesn't address the root cause of the crisis, it makes it worse, so relying on the existing structure, including international law and within nations and their legislative bodies, has led mankind to the point where the existing structure has proven it cannot end or prevent crises.

What is the solution that benefits everyone? Which gives everyone a voice?

The proposed international government, not forced through by those who wish to control its progress, but by including everyone in the debate. The idea has been introduced, but now it is time to understand that what we have experienced has demonstrated what we don't want for our future, and now we must start to consider what we do want.

The Crisis in the Family segment of the planning process actually starts the process of change. People rise in protest when they are being oppressed. The root cause of terrorism is when people on the bottom are denied a voice and must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. This creates a swing in the proverbial pendulum, as demonstrated through the Faith of the Pure Ray. 

It all goes back to our unalienable rights that are given to us by our Creator, and they are to be able to create the life we want without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government. The legal system of the One  World Government will be based on Universal Law, the only thing what can unify the entire planet. By basing it on Universal Law, we have our Creator's blessing for the creation of the international government. Universal Law is based on seven principles--equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. These principles enable the swinging pendulum to return to the midpoint and to create a sense of balance. This allows for the prophesied Thousand Years of Peace to come.

Many professionals and scientists think in terms of years. How long is something going to last, or when was the last Category 5 hurricane or the last ice age? What if we all consider how long each of the three potential futures will last? How long will one man last as emperor of the planet, and who will succeed him? How long will the existing structure last, and how many more global crises will we face, including their downward spiral to the point of Crisis in the Family and then security issues? If we devolve to the point of a global war, mankind will be a failed experiment that never reached our full potential. The One World Government will last until mankind evolves out of it, and that will be one thousand years, when another cycle based on power games returns.

The only plan that will be accepted is the plan for world peace.

But, for the plan to be accepted, it must already be in existence, so tomorrow, my post will explain where we are in the planning process. 

How can the proposed international government end the coronavirus health crisis? The first step is to for the governments to announce they are opening the plan  for world peace to debate. The global economies will stabilize. I explained where viruses come from in a previous post.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Flatlining a Crisis

The world's experts on viral pandemics are telling us the goal is to flatten the curve of the number of cases of the virus. When the curve peaks, many people have been affected. Their goal to flatten the curve is not the solution. The goal should be to flat-line the curve. To do that, the accepted plan must address the root cause of the crisis, and the response must come while the number of cases is still in the initial  stage before it is transmitted to others.

We always have three choices, up, down or straight ahead. In a crisis, only two are obvious and both are untenable. What is not apparent is the option to go up. Up is to address the root cause of the crisis, which flatlines the curve. Down is to go down into the power games, such s blocking resources, which causes the cases to peak. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis, which includes coming up with a plan that doesn't address the root cause of the crisis. Each year, for example, we are encouraged to get flu shots, and the question is whether the shot will be effective against the current version of the viirus.

In just a few days, we will remember the anniversary of the preemptive strike on Iraq. Like a virus, the curve of the conflict was flat until August 19, 2003, when UN envoy, Sergio de Mello was killed in a bombing of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad. Until then, there was hope the UN would step in to take control of the hostilities. The crisis curve started to rise, and peaked like a viral pandemic, and it caused ripples of effects, including a financial crisis. Then, years later, when Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan gave his farewell speech, he declared George W. Bush had made the UN irrelevant. The UN, the only apparent hope for world peace, proved it could not end or prevent wars, and the man in charge of the UN knew it. Mankind was on the slippery slope leading to the edge of the abyss. The UN could have flattened the crisis curve, but it didn't address the root cause of the crisis, so it made the crisis worse. Our first government proposal was also offered during the initial phase, and the plan addressed the root cause of the crisis. Instead, the George W. Bush went down into the games, and the curve peaked. Our Light Source invention demonstrates how intolerance leads to war, and then genocides, and eventually to a failed state. Or, in the case of the planet, we find ourselves devolving, potentially kicking mankind back to the past levels of society.

What is the root cause of viruses? Viruses are thought-forms that are manifested into the physical. When two ideas are equated, the virus is a physical manifestation of that thought. The people who are susceptible to getting the virus share the common thought-form.

The original report from the Chinese team of investigators declared they believed it was started when someone in an animal market in Wuhan, China, caught it from a snake, and I explain this in a previous post, an open letter to the diplomatic community in Washington DC. Since then, the official report has changed to bats and pangolins. The original report was probably correct. People who are resistant are those who don't think of others as snakes--until they reach the level in school when bullies are tormenting the other children. Children, for example, are taught to believe others to be snakes. Most children just think of other children as kids. Older people in nursing homes, for example, are more susceptible because they have to depend on others, and nursing homes can cut services or hire unscrupulous employees.

To flatline a crisis curve, the plan must address the root cause of the crisis, and then a plan must stand on the  principles of the planning process, which includes it must benefit everyone. Everyone must have a voice in the debate.

A series of crises, like the slippery slope that comes about because of the end of the relevancy of the UN, is unfolding. Our organization has a series of root cause cards that include ending financial crisis, and cancer, hurricanes and even overcoming death. To ensure that everyone is included in the debate, we will include it as part of our tent tour, and combine it with the planning process.

"If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process you can find the solution."