Friday, June 16, 2017

The Battle for the World

The US intelligence agencies are working to uncover Russian interference in the 2016 election, and while Putin may seem to be rising in power to become the emperor of the planet, in one of my books that is about to be published, one of the collaborating authors of the book--Saddam Hussein--warns the United States that a "weasel" has been terrorizing the planet, and he is not referring to Vladimir Putin.

In "The Faith of the Pure Ray," Saddam Hussein has been given the opportunity to have his voice. He shares with readers my analogy that Iraq is like a chicken coop, and Saddam Hussein was like a rooster, and the hens invited in the fox--George W. Bush. The fox was driven out and now there is a weasel who is in Iraq killing the hens.

The man who Saddam Hussein calls the Weasel is playing the power game of Lust, and that game is based on weaving an illusion, just as genocides are, and when governments play it, the game leads to slavery. At this time, there is a battle for Mosul being waged, and up to 150,000 Iraqi people are trapped in the city. The Russians believe they have killed Baghdadi, but his death will not end the conflict. ISIS is now run by twelve men, perhaps to take on the image of a spiritual 12-pointed star, just as Jesus of Nazareth and the twelve disciples. By equating ISIS with the prophesied caliphate, this makes defeating them much more difficult because they appear to have God, the Creator of us all, on their side.

When someone weaves an illusion, the truth does not overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. When religion is brought into the illusion, no one can even trust God, the Creator of us all. The only thing anyone can trust is Universal Law--of Cause and Effect--because even our Creator is subject to Universal Law.

When George W. Bush brought religion into the justification for the preemptive strike on Iraq, he started this sense of illusion that you cannot even trust God. He created this schism and lack of trust.
Now, as the legality of the Iraq War is being addressed in the courts, the issue of Universal Law is rising in the minds of the people of the United States.

The Universe has three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project. Religions call the levels, the Father, the Mother and the Son. The US legal system for a long time has focused only on two levels--Constitutional Law and Federal Law, and our foreign policy has been based on power grabs rather than principles. Now that is changing. There is always a backlash when you play the games, which go against Universal Law, but the games are reaching their ultimate conclusion with the introduction of the plan for the international government, and its legal system that is based on Universal Law.

As the idea that the Universe has three levels, and that Universal Law is where our inalienable rights  come from, then the battle over the world will end.

The rule for participation in the international government is that the invitations must come from the people, when the people are ready to demand that their government stop playing the power games. No world leader, weasel or not, can come into the plan without the total support of  his or her people, and people leave themselves out of the international government by playing the power games--by not standing on the principles of Universal Law.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Before we start to create the international government...

Let me get one thing straight, the actual creation of the international government won't start until mankind addresses the Crisis in the Family segment of the planning process, which relates to the principles of equality, but that is also part of the Planning process, so we have started to create the international government.

The first step of the planning process addresses the rationale for the plan, and also the fact that there will be resistance to the plan. The Exit Strategy for Iraq is not the first government proposal, it is a US economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on the US economy, but it also brings in Iraq and England, and this sense of equality is the first requirement for conflict resolution.

When someone plays power games, there is a backlash to the games, but it takes time for the backlash to appear, and so the game seems to work. The victim of the game seems to go down in power while the player of the game seems to go up, like predator and prey, but when seen from the wider perspective, the prey has risen to the higher level and the predator has gone down.

This event has created a sense of waves, and conflict resolution can only occur when everyone is equal, such as in a court situation. A kangaroo court may seem to be in the best interest of the predator, but it does not end the conflict.

The power games are oppressive to the people. The games go against Universal Law, and so deny to people their unalienable rights to be able to live their lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government, and while the games seem to be tools to be able to get the life you want, at their ultimate conclusion, you lose your life. This is the Crisis in the Family segment, which includes disputes but also the illnesses that are associated with the games, such as the cancers and heart attacks and strokes, which we will get into in our Outline Series on Creativity essays.

There are unseen effects, too, such as rifts, which are teats in the energy fabric of the planet. For example, it make seem to be in the best interests of one side to exterminate the enemy, but this leaves rifts, which remain long after the event has been forgotten, and rifts leave a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the population, and they have to be healed before the people can once again prosper.

So, our focus remains on creating a sense of equality on the entire planet, and overcoming the effects of the games, and then mankind can get started on actually creating the international government that benefits everyone.

Our Light Source Invention is a demonstration of how these waves start from acts of intolerance, and how the seven principles work to find a sense of balance again in the world.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Paris Accord Sets the Stage for OWG Department of the Environment

As this is being written, the entire world is waiting for Donald Trump's announcement concerning whether he will pull the United States out of the Paris Accord.

Climate change has been questioned by many people, whether it exists at all, or is a natural occurrence, and whether mankind may or many not have any role in it. It is hard to refute the size of the glaciers now compared to twenty years ago, so there may be a motive behind the questions that lead to a sense of bigotry, which is a power game where the more truth you hear, the less likely you are to believe it. The solution is not to question someone's judgment or motive, or knowledge of something that is staring us in the face, but to take politics out of the equation, and to do what is in everyone's best interest.

The Earth is a closed ecosystem, which means that what occurs in one area affects the entire planet, so the environment must be under the auspices of an international government, with equal input by all parties. No one can be left out of the debate. Each of us has the right to live in a pristine environment.

The proposed One World Government will have eleven departments, and they will be made up of experts in their fields from every nation, and they will advise the branches of the international government to keep the entire planet on the highest levels possible. Those who function for their own interests will find an economic foundation that enables everyone to function higher without tearing apart the environment in the process.