Saturday, August 27, 2016

The battle over technology takes the plan to the individual level

We have talked about the need for technology review-- plan review-- and now we are going to look at the overview perspective of the three power inventions that our organization is working to introduce. These inventions will one day power your homes or offices, but right now they will help us to transition the plan for world peace to the individual level, and by that I mean the national and international level, because as one of our books says, "We Are One," and the number one is made up of many parts. The same crises occur on every level, so by looking at the individual level, we can see how to resolve the issue on the international level.

The human body has twelve chakras, or energy points, and so we are like a twelve story building. Each chakra represents one kind of relationship. We have seven chakras inside the body, and five outside, and they relate to relationships with the other kingdoms. Our Creator lives on the top floor, and this connects us to the Universe, because Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, is our Earth Mother and Universe Mother, and her lifepartner is I AM That I AM. Then there are also the elemental kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the alien kingdom.

The Free Power Source invention is shaped like the twelve story building, and the idea behind creating the life you want is that you make win-win agreements with the entities who live on each of the floors--144 win-win agreements in all.  It is like living in a computer game, and the keys to find are the principles of Universal Law and the cooperation of nature. We are learning to overcome our nature.

The Light Source invention is like a gyroscope that sits on top of the Free Power Source invention, and it is like a ethics program that allows us to stay in balance, and to walk the proverbial straight and narrow. Our relationships go out of balance if we play the power games, which are oppressive, and this invention enables us to find the middle ground where conflict resolution is possible for each of the games.

The Intuitive Computer is based on the premise that we always have three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. We now have the first level booklet, which is included in our curriculum for our Getting Out of the Abyss classes of the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy. The booklet addresses the first twelve choices, and explains the ramifications of each option. Our goal is to rocket out of the abyss.

The first level we deal with is our power base, and that relates to our family. We learned the power games as children from our family relationships, and we lost power by playing the games. We played the games all through our lives, and because it takes so long for the ultimate conclusion of the games, we assumed the games were working. The games kicked us off course each time we played them, and we reach the ultimate conclusion when we play them on an innocent person.

Think of regime change, and the backlash from the fact that Saddam Hussein had no WMD.

To get your family back, you don't go to them first and attempt to make win-win agreements. You can offer something but don't expect anyone to listen. You start with the three Conflict Resolution brochures, and find someone to be your advocate. Someone who can speak from personal experience. This is a matter of choice, and three options, and only one person will be able to bring in your relationships. The other two options solidify the case against you.

The three inventions are based on first finding twelve lifepartnerships, one from each level.  This is the application of Universal Law.

By looking at these three inventions, we can see there is a way to find a sense of balance again, and the place to start is with our family relationships, or our within our nation, or the planet.

The rule for participation in the international government is that the government must be invited in by their people when the people are ready to come in. The governments must let go of the power games that are played to gain power and prestige on the international level and start to turn inside their own nation to enable their people to prosper. The same thing applies with families.

But, as I said above, don't expect anyone to come in at first. To find our first level lifepartnership, we must create a niche based on our talents and gifts-- a vocation. Then we come together to create an avocation. With lifepartnerships, one's vocation is the other's avocation, and each mentors the other, and functions as an advocate.

The focus on the individual level is to find a niche based on your talents and gifts, and on the national level your niche is based on natural resources. That is not always apparent, so the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the Constitutional Amendment proposals enable England and the United States to find their niches, and to demonstrate what makes them unique.

Do you see where the battles over technology occur? We cannot become isolationist! We worked hard to get our power! With every plan, when one person stands on the principles, it affects the security and support of those who rely on that person, and that person goes down into the power games.

The Conflict Resolution brochures say to end conflict, you demonstrate the 1-2-3. You declare you are going to go get the life you want. You do it. Then you invite the others to participate.

In future posts, we will go into this in greater depth, but for now, you can visit our Track Our Progress blog and watch us demonstrate how it all works.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lets walk forward now

The planning for the first year's proposals was introduced in 2012, and the contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is based on the United States working together to amend our Constitution. That can take up to seven years. The United States can choose not to participate at all in the creation of the international government, or to stand back and watch. That is fine. One of the issues that must be addressed at the conference of world leaders is how to bring in the nations that choose not to participate.

By choosing to ignore a crisis or to go down deeper into the games when the choice to participate arrives, you face your fears, and that fear for the United States has been to get dragged into a feud. By fighting ISIS, that feud started. The solution is now for our organization to keep walking forward and for everyone to learn the lesson that it is not a good idea to allow the opportunity to pass you by. This is something that everyone is learning.

Our organization represent the peoples of the world. The United States is considered the overview perspective, but our organization is parallel to all the nations, too. We are functioning not as a global government, but as an organization of average people who would like to create the life we want and if we can demonstrate the potential of the plan in our own lives, that is wonderful.

President Obama is aware of the plan for the international government, but his time is office is coming to an end. The same thing is occurring in other nations. President Kabila of the DRCongo must leave office.  They no longer hold any power, but why waste their expertise? If power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage they have done, why not allow them to keep their power by giving them the opportunity to help create the international government?

We are doing this to purify the U.S. legal system. We are setting up classes in five U.S. law schools to review laws that were passed that have caused chaos in our legal system. Who better to assume responsibility for law review than the legislators who wrote the bills?

There has been a battle over the plan for the international government, but the battle spins off to the battle over technology. People equate ideas, like money and power or a strong military and power. But, equating ideas get people into trouble, because if you lose your money, you lose your power, or if another military is stronger than yours, you lose your power.

Our first focus in the technology segment is technology review. What if people protest the creation of technology that seems like a good idea, but procuring the natural resources can be oppressive to the people? How about nuclear power and using it to create weapons grade materials, or even atomic bombs? How many people are standing in protest?

No new inventions should be introduced until everyone agrees to the plan. Why not open the ideas to debate? If everyone in agreement, there is no resistance to the plan, and if the technology is kept secret to keep the profits high, what if you could sell the finished product on a global basis and be assured that you will have no problem procuring natural resources to bring it about?

We are back again to the overview plan for the proposed international government. The plan has been opened to debate and people in 85 nations like the idea, including Muslim nations, and so it has passed cultural review. Now we must demonstrate how it can benefit everyone.

We don't tell people what to do, but how to do it. If you look at the plan, you will see that it benefits every person on the planet. Our first proposal sets the stage for the creation of the international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court and the monies now wasted on war go to the people instead.

We know that technology review is the same as plan review. Mankind functions on a higher level by taking disputes to court rather than fighting disputes militarily. The only people who can protest are those who make money by waging war, including the military and weapons manufactures. Waging war is a power game, and if peace is possible, those who rely on manufacturing weapons can function on a higher level by manufacturing something the benefits everyone.

We have three innovative invention that allow three nations to come together to manufacture these inventions. Our tech team is responsible for creating the projects. As they come into the organization, they will create projects that benefit everyone, and they will advise the governments on how to set up the programs. Until they come in, the project ideas will be opened to debate, but not enough information has been introduced to create a finished project. If the team doesn't assume responsibility for their projects, they will lose it.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Letter to Iraq

Your Excellency:

There is an article in Al Monitor this morning that Iraq is having problems paying its debts because oil prices are falling, and my organization would like to offer a solution to this crisis.

We have been working to introduce a plan for an international government based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. Our first proposal is An Exit Strategy for Iraq, a U.S. economic stimulus plan, that leads to the creation of an international court system so disputes between nations are resolved in court and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. The first case that will be resolved in this court system will be between Iraq and the United States. We recommend that to end the conflict that one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants meet George W. Bush in court to resolve this dispute.  

If the international government and our court system had been in existence in 2003, there would have been no Iraq War, and Iraq would not be attempting to pay off its debts. Iraq would be a thriving country, equal to all other nations in the international level, and its trade agreements would be fair and equitable so that your oil reserves go to benefit the people.

George Bush went to the Coalition nations and promised them something in return for their participation, and that will be something that must be addressed in the court case or in the negotiations prior to the case. How much of Iraq's debt came from the Gulf or Iraq Wars? Why should Iraq be paying restitution for an invasion that went against the intent of the U.S. Charter and against one of the principles of the U.S. legal system that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty? It is not the responsibility of Iraq to pay for the war they didn't start. This was an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein that started with the Gulf War,  when Saddam Hussein was attempting to defend Iraq's oil fields from Kuwait slant drilling into your oil fields (Wikipedia). That set the stage for George W. Bush to judge Saddam Hussein to be evil, which triggered an individual form of genocide--character defamation--which triggered the Coalition nations to come in for the lucrative contracts. That set the stage for the world leaders who declare themselves to be allies in the War on Terror to line their own pockets at the expense of their people, which leads for human rights violations and slavery, such as ISIS and the Yazidis, and that drew in the terrorist organizations. 

To unravel the power structure, George HW Bush must assume responsibility for his role in the act of revenge, and that will start to undermine the terrorism, which will undermine the other acts of revenge. 

It is not our intention to saddle the United States with the full responsibility for the war debts, but for George HW Bush and George W. Bush to assume responsibility for their failed foreign policy. It kicked Iraq off course and  triggered the schism in Iraq, like an optical illusion. Everyone bears some responsibility, and that is what the courts will decide. We are concerned that the existing international structure doesn't have the capacity to end or prevent wars, and that it is impossible for disputes to be resolved. Our organization offered to help rebuild Iraq by donating the profits from one of our books. "The Faith of the Pure Ray" unifies the world's seven major religions and has the capacity to sell well around the world.  

All that you must do is to be willing to turn responsibility for handling the case to someone who is capable of unifying Iraq behind the case. He will be given temporary responsibility for leading Iraq while the existing government handles the interior affairs of Iraq, something that is the responsibility of every government. If Iraq is willing to work with our organization, we will work as advisors in your country rebuild and to help you prepare for full participation in the proposed international government.

We ask that you approach President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry and discuss this with them. Even after they are no longer in office, they can help set this up once they start the process. 

We have a proposal for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the planning stages that take the United Stats and Iraq all the way to the conference of world leaders in Europe for the first conference of the proposed international government. Everything can be found on our website. It is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on our economy to the Middle East. No nation wants to be dragged into an economic crisis as the result of a feud between nations. 

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

For updates on the plan for the international government, please go to

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As the idea for the international government goes out, and it demonstrates its capacity to resolve the crises, there is a drive to bring it about. Let's all get started on this! The frustration is that it is taking so long to figure out how to bring it about.

The planning process has seven stages and twenty two steps. The first step is that elation at having a plan at all, but not knowing there will be people who will try to pirate the plan. The conflict doesn't end until the third stage, when you address bringing in the support, and everyone is able to function on a higher level financially. The trick is to keep walking forward to the third stage.

No one at this point is standing on the principles of the international government. We must jump to the first idea to address and that is that disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people instead.

Already, there is a sense that it is possible to function economically on a higher level. Everyone is happy with the idea, including the people who don't have to sacrifice their lives for causes they don't believe in, or wouldn't if they knew the truth behind the justification for the conflict, and worse, have to pay taxes to wage war.

If you have an idea for a plan, the first question is, "Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law?"

One of the precursors for world peace to come has been that every person on the planet must have been exposed to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. That has happened. It is known by different names, including the Golden Rule and karma. Not everyone lives his or her life by the law yet.

People must be squeezed to participate in the plan, and the squeezing action comes because the power games that are played to wage war or genocide have backfired on you, so the basis for the international government's legal system is Universal Law, and the first court case is between Iraq and the United States.

The court case will start to unravel the misunderstandings related to acts of war and where true power comes from. That will allow the ideas to permeate throughout the global society.

Equated ideas get people into trouble. Grabs for power come from a sense of lack of power. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. The U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, where the United States assumes responsibility to undo the damage we did by invading Iraq, is the contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq. By denying the Iraqi people their inalienable right to live their lives without interference, we are losing our own rights, in the form of the rise of violent extremism.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The danger of listening to your generals

Colin Powell was Secretary of State during the Bush administration. He was a general prior to his assuming the highest position in the State Department. He ran into trouble when he equated the idea of loyalty to his commanding officer with advising the president of the United States on foreign policy. 

The Secretary of State should have the right to tell the president he or she is making a mistake by going to war, and understand the principles that keep our nation out of war.

It is up to the president to have a plan that is in everyone's best interest, and the next level out is responsible for the application of the plan. The perspective of the generals is to wage war. It is not their responsibility to be diplomats. The five-sided shape of a pentagon is a symbol of revenge. It is a symbol of the power games of war, genocide, massacres, slavery and human rights violations and terrorism. 

The president of the United States can be considered the most powerful person on the planet because he or she is the head of the overview nation on the planet. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions. It we can maintain peace within our own nation, world peace is possible, too. It is our Constitutional rights that make our nation strong, not our military. Having a strong military did not bring people from all over the world here. It was that our Constitution guarantees to every American our rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." 

There has been a battle over the plan. One option mankind has is to continue to rely on the existing international structure, which has proven it cannot end or prevent wars. The second is for one individual to outsmart the rest of the planet by playing the games of genocide and slavery, and assume the position of emperor of the planet, and hold it by force. These are two untenable options. 

The third option that allows everyone to function on a higher level is the plan for the international government, but there has been a battle over the plan, too. It has been pirated and "sold as the original model to people who are grabbing for power. 

If any plan for an international government is pirated and retro-engineered, and offered to the world leaders by someone who is not the architect of the plan, the information is diluted and won't achieve the same effect. 

Let's assume the U.S. Constitution is put into every nation on the planet. After one hundred years, there were be 200 variations of legal systems based on the same document. It is the application of the principles. 

Technology spins off from the plan for world peace, just like the president and the generals, and just like every project, it must stand on the same principles. The technology team cannot dictate terms to the overview concept, just as the generals cannot dictate terms to the president. 

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal starts with the professional publishing team coming into the organization. The books were pirated, and offered to the potential members of the team, but together, the pirates and the team members don't have the right to publish pirated books. By doing so, they face the backlash from Universal Law.

The first principle for every project is that it must stand on the principles of Universal Law. This is the only way to avoid the backlashes. The first question when you are trying to come up with a plan that allows you to rise out of the abyss is "Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law?" 

By leaving one individual out of your plan, you are going down into the power games, and facing the backlashes.

Presidents have functioned in the interests of their nation, which is fine, except if their plan does not stand on the principles of Universal Law. There is a bridge concept between the levels, that to do what is in your own best interests, you must do what is in everyone's best interest. To rise out of any crisis, you must do what is in everyone's best interests and leave no one out.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Iran's Influence in Iraq

Iran is playing a major role in Iraq, but many people fear its influence, and question their intent. Iran is building its nuclear program, also, but the question remains whether Iran will use their nuclear capacity entirely for peaceful purposes, as they claim.

As the ripples of effects from the Grand Lie to justify the Iraq War go out, and the United States lost power as the result, some world leaders started to jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower. The battles started as they took their power games one step lower. Mankind has three choices, up, down or straight ahead. The battle over the plan for the international government has progressed.

The conflict in Iraq devolved as a genocide, and mankind is facing the worst case scenario of a global genocide, no one knows who to trust anyone. Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and the truth does not overcome the lie. As the ripples of effects continue to go out, the illusion continues to degrade even the existing institutions. The plan for the international government must solve all the problems, including what to do about "rogue nations" like Iran.

The dialogue has been opened between the United States and Iran--and also Cuba, and potentially with Venezuela and North Korea. Their leaders are aware of the plan and like it because it allows them to become equal to the United States. The plan allows all the nations to be considered equal, which is not possible under the existing international structure.

But, the Battles of Armageddon are progressing, also, where when one person stands on the principles--just as when Saddam Hussein stood up to protest that the U.N. sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children--and that choice affects another's security and support, who then goes down into the power games of revenge. No one knows who to trust. If someone offers to make a win-win agreement or a treaty or a trade agreement, does that individual or nation have the right to do so? Can he or she follow through on the deal?

Rather than to go into those nations to affect change to a more democratic system, the solution is to allow all the nations to stand back and to watch the United States make our own changes and to demonstrate our intent. Our Conflict Resolution brochures say that to end conflict, you can do a "1-2-3" by declaring you are going to go create the life you want, you do it, and then you invite the other person to come in. That allows the other nations to be drawn into the plan.

As we learned with the principles of the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, true power does not come from having a greater military, or from having a coalition of nations on your side, or from having a strong economy, but from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done.

As the proposals are introduced and opened to debate, the focus will continue to shift from one nation to the next, and mankind will address the principles of each proposal. The first principle is about power, and having a plan, and whether the plan is in everyone's best interest. It is about where true power comes from, and that there is always a backlash to the power games because they do against Universal Law.

Iran is a technological nation. It is possible to back them into the corner, but done in such a way that it offers them the opportunity to function on a higher level--to be part of a plan that benefits everyone. Our organization is introducing three innovative inventions that offer free power, but they can only be used for peaceful purposes.

Our plan for world peace spins off the technology segment, and our first focus is on technology review. Before new technology is introduced and produced, are there any objections to the plan?
There are no objections to a plan if everyone is involved with its creation, and if a nation or culture is not ready to accept the plan, it should be postponed until everyone is ready. Until all the cultural prohibitions and fears about it are resolved.

Taking one step back, rather than to consider technology to be innovative gadgets that make life more interesting and hopefully easier, let's consider technology to be a plan to overcome some problem, and so the first plan is for the proposed international government. What are the objections? Does it address the root cause of the problem or make it worse? Can it pass cultural review? Today there are people in 85 nations, including Muslim nations, that support the plan for the international government. Is that sufficient to prove that it functions on a higher level than the existing international structure?

If Iran is planning to use their nuclear power to destroy other nations, they will face the backlashes from Universal Law, and destroy their own opportunity to be equal to the United States. Are they willing to do that?

Under the plan for the international government, no nation or world leader will go into another nation and attempt to force an agenda. It will be the responsibility of the international government to handle disputes. The branches and departments, including the judicial system, will handle the issues. This will give each nation the opportunity to turn inside of themselves to encourage their people to prosper.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Spinning off to bring in the technology segment

We have been looking at the plan for the international government, and the battle over the plan. Mankind has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. As the United States addresses the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, the plan spins off to the application of the plan, which starts the battle over technology.

Those who have battled over the plan, putting themselves first, are proving they are not standing on the principles of the plan, so they are taking a step backwards to claim control over the innovative inventions.

The United States must amend our constitution to participate in the plan for world peace, and it takes a while to do that. The technology segment brings in nations like Iran, which is working to build its nuclear power capacity, and on the opposite side of the planning circle is conflict resolution.

The battle over technology will involve overcoming resistance from those who rely on existing technology, or wish to control the innovative projects that are being introduced. The Exit Strategy for Iraq addressed the power games related to revenge, and where true power comes from. If you equate having a secret weapon and power, what happens if your secret weapon falls into the hands of your adversaries and it is turned against you? If you equate power and money, if you lose your money, you lose your power.

Our fifty innovative projects cannot be retro-engineered, and we will continue to talk about the plan for the international government and its spin-off segments in future posts.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Purifying the U.S. Legal System

Before the U.S. Constitution can be used as the basis for the proposed international government, the United States must purify our legal system to prevent unfair laws and practices that have caused chaos within our legal system from spreading the chaos onto the international level.

Every judge knows which laws are causing the problems. If you have a case where both sides are standing on the law but they oppose each other, then there is something wrong. The problem generally comes from laws that were written to benefit the few rather than what is in everyone's best interest.

Our plan is to bring retired legislators in to teach classes in five U.S. law schools, and work with law students to address laws that are up for review. They voted for the law, and who better to assume responsibility to undo the damage that was done? The laws will be clarified, simplified and purified, and if that is not possible to do, they will be removed from the law books.

When a law is up for review, articles will be posted in trade journals and the media, and anyone who has had a problem with the law will be able to write in and to tell their story. The legislators and the law students will gather them and attempt to improve on the law. Then the retired legislator will take it to the legislature. After a period of time, the same process will occur, and once again anyone who has been affected by the law will have the opportunity to comment.

Another part of the plan is for our organization channels to host dinner parties for the senators, the Supreme Court justices and the president, and offer our gift in group channeling sessions to enable them to ask questions of the past kings, queens and presidents, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We have no right to lobby for legislation, but to encourage the highest good for all people to come about.

We started a new blog, called "Purifying the U.S. Legal System." We will keep everyone informed of our progress, and we encourage regular visits because we are also going to be looking at the legal principles behind the government proposals.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Absolute and Relative Time are all about choices

At some point in time, you are offered a choice, but if you don't see the potential, it passes you by. Life is all about the choices you make, and seeing the potential when the opportunity arises.

Most of us spend all of our time in Relative Time, which has a beginning and an end. When the "end times" come, the end of the cycle, the opportunities comes to an end, and there is also the potential to leap into Absolute Time, which doesn't end.

This is where mankind is right now. As we learned with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, the power games have reached their ultimate conclusion, and they no longer work. If they don't work anymore, what will work? We have stepped out of Relative Time and have entered into Absolute Time, and now our choices are unlimited.

But, if we don't see the potential of the choices, the opportunity passes by and we don't have the energy to keep moving forward.

In the second book of the Time Series, Father Time, a construct of the Universe, explains how life is full of choices, to go up, down or straight ahead.

World Conference blog created

The conference where the world leaders sit together and work to bring world peace is something everyone wants to see come about. We have created a new blog that will keep everyone informed of our progress in hosting the conference.

Before it can be scheduled, we must purify the U.S. legal system, so the venue, the time and date will be announced at that time, but until that occurs, readers can get a glimpse into what to expect.

Visit the blog at One World Government Conference

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking America to a higher level

The U.S. Constitution, by guaranteeing to each American our inalienable rights, has enabled the United States to function on a very high level, drawing people who have been oppressed from all over the world. America is seen as the land of opportunity. It is what sets us apart from every other nation.

It is our niche.

Our founding fathers rebelled against the tyranny of a king who waged war and taxed its colonies heavily to be able to do so. They declared their independence from England with a long and horrific list of grievances.

At the beginning of the new nation of America, a new cycle started. Wars were fought, and we became a debtor nation to do so, and now we are at the end of that cycle, the end of wars and the start of a thousand years of peace.

The old oppressive cycle of colonialism is coming to an end for England, and for America, too. The Iraq War was the the end of failed foreign policy for both nations.

Every cycle comes to an end when the games reach their ultimate conclusion. The power games end when an innocent person is sacrificed--crucified--and the fact that no WMD were found backlashed on George W. Bush and Tony Blair. The same end of the cycle process is occurring all over the planet. The power games have reached their ultimate conclusion.

The plan for the international government is the solution that allows every nation and every individual on the planet to function on a higher level. Over the next ten years or so, mankind will see the end of the old cycles and the beginning of the new cycles that allow everyone to function on a higher level.

The international government will guarantee the same inalienable rights to every person on the planet, taking America--and the U.S. Constitution-- to the higher level. America will start the process to bring world peace.

Every nation and every individual will have a niche, something that sets us apart from all others. America's niche is our Constitution, and this month we will start to create the international government to enable us to market our niche with other nations.

The first thing we must do is to amend our Constitution. All American's must unify behind the idea of our Constitution  and the our inalienable rights as our national identity.

The Universe has three levels. Think of the levels as the Potential, the Principles and the Plan, or as the Father, the Mother and Son. The Father sets the family at a certain level in society and that is unchanging. The Mother concept decides which direction to go from that point. The Son is the plan or the project, or the child of the parents.

If the legal system of the international government is based on Sharia Law, for example, there will be resistance to the plan from every person on the planet who is not a Muslim, and the end result will be chaos. If it is based on Universal Law, on which every religion is based, there will be no resistance and the end result will be unification of the planet and world peace, and the benefits will go out to every person on the planet.

This same thing will occur over and over again as the cycles come to an end.

Monday, August 1, 2016

America regains its power

This month, our focus shifts from Iraq to the United States, although the Exit Strategy for Iraq is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan. Today, we start to focus on the application of how the United States can regain the power that we lost by failed foreign policy in Iraq.

Last month, we looked at revenge and how it works and why it doesn't work, and that true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you--and others--have done. The preemptive strike on Iraq went against went against Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and so by denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights, the United States is losing our inalienable rights. To regain them, we must allow every person on the planet to have their inalienable rights.

This month, we start the process to create the international government. This is actually our first national proposal.

The United States is a microcosm of the planet. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions. People from all over the world came here because our constitution guarantees to every American our inalienable rights. Many people see America as the land of opportunity.

When America started, a cycle started,  and now we have come now to the end of the cycle. History is repeating itself, and we are replaying the American Revolution, but instead of rebelling against the tyranny of King George III and England, we are rebelling against the oppression of the power games. The power games we have used to gain power and prestige no longer work. A schism formed between those who stand on the principles of fairness and equality and those who rely on power games for their security and support.

Time is ending for America, and the first principle we look at is that we are being "Squeezed by Time," by the lack of the opportunities related to how we get our power.

The first two questions in our surveys are whether change is necessary, and whether it is the time for it to come. Change only comes easily at the beginning and the end of a cycle, so this month, let's consider whether America is ready to make changes in how we function--whether we are ready to let go of the power games and to grant the inalienable rights we cherish to all the people on the planet.

Each issue of "World Peace" newsletter contains the executive summary of a nation proposal, commentary about the root cause of the crisis, planning stages and steps of the plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis, and a detailed survey. Keep informed about the proposal and its associated projects and events.