Monday, January 11, 2021

The Attack on the US Capitol is a National Cytokine Storm

The United States has entered into a critical stage in the battle against the Covid 19 virus. It is more than the number of cases per day. Covid 19 parallels the sociological state of the people. The attack on the Capitol is parallel to a Covid 19 patient who's in a cytokine storm, and facing his or her end of life crisis. The nation's defense systems have been undermined and we are facing the end of our democracy. There will be a major rise soon in the number of deaths from the pandemic as the ramifications of what just occurred becomes apparent.

When a Covid 19 patient is on a ventilator, the patient is facing his or her end of life crisis. He or she has turned his life over to the doctors, and the doctors never had the capacity to help them get their life. That is up to the patient. The patient must assume responsibility for his or her own life. The same with Trump supporters. Donald Trump promises his supporters power and prosperity, but true power comes from assuming responsibility and the backbone of any economy is small business, and a major segment of the United States is on life support. 

With just days to go in his term, Congress is working to remove Donald Trump from office, along with his supporters in Congress who supported overturning the election. Then, the US government must start to turn people around to rebuild the economy on a stronger foundation.