Wednesday, November 30, 2016

To Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily

Today in the Reuters website, there is an article "Sunni tribesmen battling Islamic State demand federalism in Iraq." There is a way to unite Iraq.

The Iraqi constitution has serious flaws. The purpose of a constitution is to create a government, and must be something that is unchanging, and changed only when the people evolve out of it. What is changeable is the laws that are put into it. Your constitution does not unite Iraq, but creates divisions within the country and without. Your constitution sets into place a parliamentary form of government, which can be controlled by outside forces. It does not guarantee a sovereign Iraq.

Like the United States, fearing a strong king or dictator, initially established a weak central government. It takes a strong central government to unite the country, but it must guarantee the inalienable rights of the people, which are to live their lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government. You can see how your constitution does not guarantee to every Iraqi these rights, and why the Sunnis are calling for a stronger federal government.

The solution is to support the plan for the international government. Our first proposal is an Exit Strategy for Iraq that enables the United States to withdraw from Iraq, and a court case between one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants and George W. Bush. In the United States, when there is a dispute between the states, they go to court. Why not do this on the international level?

After the mediation and court case, which enables the creation of a system courts all over the planet, we have a proposal that enables Iraq to create this new federal government. The United States and our organization will not advise you one how to do it, we hope to work with the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is one step ahead of you in creating both a national and an international government after years of what is basically a genocide. They will mentor you, and once we have proven our intent, we will work with you, at your request.

The executive summaries for both proposals and the planning can be found on our website, at and in the Track Our Progress section.

I can be reached at, and will be happy to answer your questions. I encourage you to speak to President Obama about this, too, and John Kerry, because even out of office they can participate in the process to bring peace to the Middle East.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To the United Nations

I would like to offer a solution to the Middle East crisis, including the Palestinian crisis and the reunification of Cyprus.

First, the rationale for the plan:

The United Nations has assumed responsibility for resolving issues that seem to have no solution. Many of the crises have become a dilemma, with two apparent solutions and both are untenable.
The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone’s best interest, but the UN Charter has five main flaws that make it impossible to do that.

1.       It does treat all nations fairly and equally. The five permanent members of the Security Council the power.
2.       A nation’s power is not based on inalienable rights, but on behavior. This leads nations to have to jump through the proverbial hoop to gain a sense of equality.
3.       A nation may not have a voice in matters of grave concern. The root cause of terrorism is that people “on the bottom” have no voice in matters of grave concern, and must raise their voices to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence.
4.       A nation has no recourse to change what is unfair. Attempts to reform the United Nations have failed.
5.       A nation does not have to be a signatory of the international courts, so disputes between nations are not resolved.

In his farewell speech, Kofi Annan declared that George W. Bush made the United Nations irrelevant. Even with all the great good the UN does, the United Nations has proven it cannot end or prevent wars.

The root cause of the crisis is the power games that nations play to gain power, prestige and strategic locations around the world. There are five main power games that governments play, and they are oppressive to the people. Your organization cannot police the world to make it end the games they are playing.

The plan:

A plan for an international government based on two proven principles—the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature—is being debated, and as of today, people in 85 nations support the plan. It has passed cultural review.

In regards to the United Nations, as it becomes increasingly evident to the general population of the planet that the United Nations cannot end or prevent wars, that to rely on it places mankind on the proverbial slippery slope, the plan for the international government will be rising to takes it place.

I ask that you and the member nations, support the creation of the international government, or at least not to resists its creation. The UN provides vital services throughout the entire planet, and those services must last until they are no longer needed. If it comes to the point where everyone associated with the UN comes to the understanding that whatever you do makes things worse, then I ask that you consider how the proposed international government can solve the problem.

Many of the world leaders are aware of the plan for the international government. President Obama and John Kerry are also aware of the plan, and because the plan is based on the US Constitution, they are better informed about how it will work than others. I ask that you speak to them about this for their perspectives.

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes,
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

For updates on our progress in creating the World Peace Plan, please go to

Sunday, November 27, 2016

There must be some reason for the judgment

Governments play a very important role in protecting and providing for the people, but they are their own worst enemy in solving the crises when they leave the people out of the solution. 

Every person on the planet has a lifetime of experience and wisdom about how to solve problems. When we see a crisis--a dark cloud on the horizon--we stand up and speak. 

But, everyone has an opinion, and in this time of global communication through social media, everyone is expressing their opinions in every possible way. 

The problem is that governments--and people in general-- rely on those who don't know how to solve the problems to do so. It is easier to turn over responsibility to those who are credible experts in their fields, but the last point of the crisis is coming to the understanding that you have turned responsibility for your life over to someone who cannot solve the problems. How do you get it back again? The experts can solve general problems in their fields, but have probably followed the crisis that seems to have no solution step by step, too, and their perspectives have narrowed also to the point where they don't see the solution. 

The mainstream crises and their solutions are there in the mainstream, but when the crisis seems to have no solution, that is when we get down on our knees and pray for guidance, and that is when we must figure out the root cause of the crisis and then go through the planning process to create a project that benefits everyone. 

Oftentimes it takes someone outside the field to understand the solution because their perspective is wider. The widest perspective possible is that of our Creator.  

In previous posts I talked about the symbol of the Star of David, and how it has been used as a symbol of genocide, and this morning, I would like to explain why that is.

The two opposing triangles represent the people who have the authority and responsibility and those who have the solutions. The people associated with the triangle that is pointing up are looking for solutions, and those that are the triangle that points down have the understanding of the problem but have no voice. 

Imagine that if you say that God told you how to bring world peace, how many people would believe that? Wouldn't it be easier to rely on the United Nations? It is only when the United Nations has proven it can't bring peace that those who have the authority and responsibility to bring peace turn to other solutions. 

The problem solvers reside at the very bottom point of the Star of David. We are outside of mainstream society, which lives between the horizontal lines. We have no voice. We stand on the principles but because we don't fit into mainstream society, people fear us. We are different. We are judged by those who have the credibility, but don't have the solution. The sense of judgment is what leads to genocides. No one has the right to judge another. 

When we stand on the principles, it threatens those who rely on the existing structure for their security and support. A series of battles, called the Battles of Armageddon, follow. Included in the series of battles is a sense of judgment, betrayal and sacrifice.  

Mainstream society is evolving from right to left, and the parallel horizontal lines of the two triangles are those who don't know how to solve the problem but have the credibility to do so. At the extreme opposite point, at the very top of the Star, is the person who has the power, the responsibility and authority to find the solution to the crisis, but is also outside of mainstream society. When the two come together, it collapses the Star and it becomes an hourglass shape.  

In regards to world peace, the world leaders turn to their military advisers to offer the solution, and they can solve mainstream problems, but they cannot bring peace. That does not address the root cause of the crisis, which are the power games governments and people play that are so oppressive to the people. 

When we stand in protest, our voices are not regarded unless we come up with a plan that benefits everyone, but our must be in existence and solving the problems already for it to be accepted. 

It is so much easier to rely on mainstream society to solve the problems, and leave out the voices that know how to solve problems but they are being judged by those who seem to have the solutions. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Makes Three Down

When the word about the plan for the international government was leveraged to the level of the world leaders, several of them hinted in the media that they supported the plan for world peace. They had been judged by other nations as being Axis of Evil, and being part of its creation enabled them to be equal to all the other world leaders. Of these men, three are now dead. Kim Jong Il was first, then Hugo Chavez, and now Fidel Castro is the third down.

No one has the right to judge another to be evil.

When one person stands on the principles, it threatens the security and support of those who rely on him or her, and it leads to series of battles, called The Battles of Armageddon. When Saddam Hussein stood on the principles that the U.N. sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, it triggered the fears of the U.S. government, and when George W. Bush became president of the United States, he chose to get revenge on Saddam Hussein.

The entire planet is now facing Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do." It is a time of profound fears being unleashed because rather than to rely on another person, each of us must assume responsibility for our own lives, and no one really knows how to do that. Until this time, there have been no schools or institutions that teach how to create the life you want.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get their life, based on fulfilling their purpose in life, and our organization is responsible for offering people the opportunity to do so, the equality, and the capacity to create their life. We are teaching the necessary information.

The World Peace Marketing Strategy separate the entire population of the planet into four segments.

The first row is for those, like Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, who stood on the principles that they have the right to be equal to all others. This group is oftentimes persecuted, and working through the Getting Out of the Abyss class packets enables them to rebuild their lives.

The second row is for those who relied on those who stood on the principles. It allows them to assume responsibility for their own lives and to build a solid financial foundation.

The third row is for the people whose lives were affected by the Battles of Armageddon.

The fourth row is for the Lightbearers who teach the segment of the population who got dragged into the crisis and are rebelling. Normally, they would not be involved and these are the uneducated and uninformed who reinforce the conflict. The Lightbearers are the watchdogs of the organization to make sure we stand on the principles.

The plan for world peace has gone too far to stop. People in 85 nations now support the plan for the international government. The first step is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the creation of the proposed international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people, instead. North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba have lost men who who stood up to declare their right to equality for themselves and their nations, and now we will see whether those who follow them will stand on the same principles.

The first step in the creation of the international government is to start to teach how to create the life you want. Our organization does not tell anyone what to do, but how to do it, and then the rest is up to the individual.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bringing in the Sociopaths

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to create his or her life, but it cannot come by playing the power games. As we introduce the plan for the international government, it must be able to solve the problems to be able to bring people into the framework that is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

The plan has been introduced, and it benefits everyone, but first it must address how to deal with those who function entirely for their own interests. We are working to bring into the plan the widest ends of the continuum of mankind., and the way to do that is by bringing together the highest and lowest levels of society--those that everyone would agree have the greatest power with those that have the least amount of power.

This same concept will occur over and over again, when  there is a crisis and the existing structure sees no solution, and the person who is responsible for finding the solution is looking only within in the mainstream society. The solution is someone who has the solution and it is outside mainstream thinking and so he or she has been left out of society.

The symbol of the Star of David consists of two equilateral triangles, and they oppose each other. One is pointed down and the other is pointed up and they make a star. This is a symbol of the Jewish religion, and is associated with genocides. To end a genocide, the Star of David must become an hour-glass shape. The two triangles come together so that there are no upper and lower points. Mankind evolves when the solution benefits everyone and it goes mainstream.

The president of the United States is oftentimes considered the most powerful person on the planet, but not because of military might. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. Our nation is the overview concept, a melting pot of cultures, and because of that, we have a wider perspective than other nations, and assume responsibility for solving the problems around the world. That backfires on us for several reasons.

The lowest point is the person who has the solution that benefits everyone. When person at the top point and the bottom point come together--it makes a win-win agreement that benefits everyone. The power games continue until an innocent person is crucified--sacrificed--and when the person who has the solution that benefits everyone is sacrificed, the power games are over.

The plan for world peace reached the level of the world leaders several years ago, and they all know about the plan. Many of the world leaders rose to the position of president of their nation through grabs for power, and as the United Nations became "irrelevant"--Kofi Annan declared that George W. Bush make the United Nations irrelevant in his farewell speech--they saw the opportunity to grab for power to see who would be the next superpower. We, as a planet, are dealing with the sociopaths who believe they are unstoppable, outside the law, and function entirely for their own interests.

The sociopaths who are running the planet are "white witches" who keep the land always in winter, and never Christmas, characters in C.S. Lewis's Narnia Series. With his remarkable allegorical stories, we now know how to overcome the White Witch.

The sociopaths may have risen to power by playing the games, but by tearing apart a plan that benefits everyone, including them, they cannot demonstrate their capacity to outsmart everyone else. They have outsmarted themselves.

It is in no one's best interest for a sociopath to take over the planet--to become emperor of the planet. It is not even in the best interests of the sociopath to become emperor of the planet.

Sociopaths are the allegorical devil, someone who drags you backwards in your progress, and how he or she does that is by outsmarting you. This is the power game of Lust, and it is one of the five power games associated with the act of revenge. They are brought into the revenge by those who are playing the game of Greed. If you can take something from someone, you can own them.

Devils--sociopaths-- have nothing, and this is why they do what they do. Their reason for joining in the revenge is because what they want is a combination of a voice and abundance. Their games backlash on them, because you cannot get a voice and a sense of abundance by being brutal. The ultimate conclusion of the game of Lust is that he or she is entirely alone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

World peace must come from the people, not Donald Trump

The cover of one of the latest supermarket tabloids has an article about Donald Trump, and that he has a plan for world peace. I can guarantee that his plan is not the plan for the proposed international government based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Imagine that Donald Trump has made his way to being elected to one of the most powerful positions on the planet, but it was done by making deals with his supporters that he will make America great again, and one of his plans is to bring world peace by making deals with the other world leaders to create the international government. He has not had any contact with this organization, and so he cannot speak for this organization. He is not standing on the principles of this organization.

World peace must come from the people, not the governments.

People around the world are frustrated that the world leaders sit down at summits and make deals, but never treaties to bring world peace. The world leaders each have their agenda, and the entire structure based on power games makes any changes nearly impossible. It is only during times of great change, when the cycles reach their ultimate conclusion, when change is possible. These are the times when change is possible. At the same time, what ends the cycle is when the power games reach their ultimate conclusion. That occurs when an innocent person is crucified--sacrificed.

The United States and the Coalition nations came together and got revenge on Saddam Hussein, and this collapsed their power bases, and effectively ended the last cycle. No one, no matter how powerful, can bring world peace by playing power games.

The power games that governments play are oppressive to the people. They must let go of the games and then assume responsibility to undo the damage they have done. They have reached the point where everything they do will just make the crisis worse, and that is the reason the first step in creating the plan for the international government is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and it starts with bringing together the professional publishing team. These are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis.

Under the plan for the international government, disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead. The first case is between Iraq and the United States--one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants and George W. Bush.

Being part of this organization may seem to make one presidential, but in truth, the cause is noble, not the people. We are doing our projects because it enables us to undo the damage we have done.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The First Principle of the Global Renaissance

Many people who voted for Donald Trump to become president of the United States did so because they believe he has the capacity to once again bring a sense of prosperity to their lives. Donald Trump is a businessman who has wielded vast sums of money, but has no prior government experience and is therefore functioning outside of his capacity. He may have reached the top of the power mountain now but time will tell if he will demonstrate that you cannot get the life you want by functioning outside of your capacity, even if you are president of the United States.

Being president of the United States is not your life. Equating two ideas gets you into trouble. If you lose the election, will you also lose your life?

Two of Trump's predecessors to make it to the top of the power mountain but were functioning outside of their capacity were George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI. Neither man really understood why they met with fierce resistance.

The backbone of every economy is small business, and the first principles of the global renaissance is creating a cash flow based on your talents and gifts. The global economy under the proposed international government will be based on every nation making win-win agreements based on natural resources, and every individual based on talents and gifts. At this time, many people, like many of the Trump supporters, function outside their capacity, and now it is time to transition into a new way to function economically.

Win-win agreements are not compromise. With compromise both sides must sacrifice something, and the deal will eventually breed resistance. Win-win agreements involve giving only what benefits you to give, and you get back something far greater in return. This is where sharing one's talents and gifts leads to win-win agreements, because they are so easy to share. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements, and you are unlimited as to what you can create.

How many nations are trapped in a sense of poverty? Bringing the lowest economic levels into the global renaissance is possible because every person is born with talents and gifts, and can also become part of the global renaissance.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Return of the Republican Hawks

The U.S. presidential election has ended, and Donald Trump was elected. 
How will his rise to power affect the plan for world peace? 

The United States is entering into a time when a global conflict can devolve very quickly. Our Light Source invention demonstrates the steps we will go through as the entire planet goes further out of balance. It also demonstrates how to overcome the conflict.

The Light Source Invention is shaped like a globe that rotates on its axis. Intolerance triggers a series of waves--actions and reactions. With each cycle, the wave action gets worse, until the third cycle is so far out of balance that it stops turning. The circle is divided into seven principles, which lead back to a sense of balance. If you or your nation stands on the seven principles, you are unbeatable.

Rather than to look at the two main candidates of this election, let's focus on how the balance of power in the United States shifted from Republican Party under George W. Bush to Democratic Party under Barack Obama back to Republican Party under Donald Trump, and compare it to the Light Source Invention. What made these presidencies unusual compared to other time periods was that the preemptive strike on Iraq triggered a schism between the parties. George W. Bush lied to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, and the Republican Party believed the lie, while many Democrats saw the wider perspective and saw through the lie. This triggered the Light Source Invention to go from a national conflict to a global conflict.

The preemptive strike on Iraq was the beginning of the global conflict, although it actually started with the Gulf War, which set the stage for a global genocide. It was an act of revenge, which drew together world leaders who play five favorite power games--war, genocide, massacres, slavery and terrorism. Once the Grand Lie was told to justify the invasion of Iraq, ripples of effects went out to draw in every person on the planet in some way, and the ripples log-jammed and reinforced each other. The truth does not overcome the lie, it just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

The plan for the international government was introduced, starting with the proposal to end the conflict in Iraq. The Exit Strategy for Iraq set the stage for future disputes between nations to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead. There is no more need to nations to wage war. To find a sense of balance again, no principle can be left out.

The presidential election that brought the Democrats into power, and started the second cycle, involved Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. His rise to power could be considered a threat  to the security and support of Hillary Clinton, whose ambitions have been to break the proverbial glass ceiling as the first woman president of the United States. As he stood on the principles, she chose to go down into the power games. A series of battles occurred, called the Battles of Armageddon. Many people admired her rise to power, but many others saw her grab for power unfavorably. During this cycle, the Republicans' anger smoldered. They believe the Democratic Party foreign policy is threatening the security of the United States.

While this was occurring, the plan for the international government was going through a schism, also. The plan for the international government was opened to debate, and a "shadow" international government formed, one that doesn't stand on the seven principles, but relies on the power games. If you want something,  you can be trapped. The idea behind the shadow international government is to delay the creation of the one that stands on the principles. Those who would like to become the emperor of the planet are going down into playing their power games, including weaving an illusion, offering something they don't have. Now, no one knows who to trust. Long-time allies have become adversaries, and enemies have suddenly become potential allies. The plan for the international government has opened doors that appeared to have been nailed shut. But, the illusion from the genocide and the slavery-based power games is very strong, and none of these plans, plots and alliances will last.

The third cycle started with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off during this presidential election, which many people have considered a choice between the lessor of two evils. The Light Source Invention explains how Donald Trump's election was inevitable. Both have strong connections outside the country.

This is the third cycle, and if the people do not stand up to demand that their governments stand on the seven principles, the conflict will be global. What is occurring in Syria and Iraq will occur in every nation. Building walls will not keep out any enemy.

Mexico is not our enemy. Muslims are not our enemy. Blacks are not our enemy. Republicans and Democrats are not our enemy. The power games are bad, not the people, and everyone on the planet must start to recognize the games when we see them and demand they end.

The first lesson we have learned as a planet is that no one is good and no one is bad. We are learning that the games go against Universal Law, and that there is always a backlash to the games.

The preemptive strike went against the principles of Universal Law. The United States invaded a sovereign nation, and by denying the people of Iraq their inalienable rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," we Americans lost our inalienable rights. Now, to get them back, we must guarantee them to every person on the planet. The games no longer work. Regime change no longer works.

It is time for the plan for the international government to take its next step, and that is to leave behind the governments and go to the people. In the United States, we must amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists. It is time to unify the entire planet, starting with the United States of America. I am adding America because America stands on the seven principles while the United States plays the power games that are oppressive to the people.

Friday, November 4, 2016


At Oxford and Stonehenge, we will address unification and its opposing concept, conflict resolution. It is one world, and now we must address the parts that make up the whole.

Albert Einstein, along with every scientist and mathematician for thousands of years, searched for the Unified Field Theory as if it was the Holy Grail. It is simple to find if you look at Mathematics from the qualitative perspective rather than the quantitative. Mathematicians see one object and say "one," while from the qualitative perspective, theologians look at one world and see it is made of many parts.

If you think of God--the Creator of us all--as the old man on the throne perspective, you run into problems. If you think of God as "all that is," you can see that God is made up of many parts. We live in the Universe, and it is sentient.

Science and religion lean on each other. Each looks at "all that is" and tries to explain it, and one can do a better job of it at one time than the other. Scientists have searched for the Unified Field Theory but theologians already know it as God. This is where religion and science meet at the pinnacle of the mountain of understanding. One is coming from the west and one is from the south, like kings coming to Stonehenge.

Let's look at how to unify the religions to end the war in Iraq. Logically speaking, there is a duality that exists, but that is based on misunderstandings.

America prides itself as being a Christian nation, but the Christian's preferred power game is Pride, which leads to wars. Pride comes from the belief that you lack respect. Iraq and the rest of the Middle East is predominantly Muslim, and their game of Choice is Anger--lashing out when denied a voice, oftentimes to the point of violence. This is the root cause of Terrorism. If Christians don't stand on the principles, Muslims stand in protest, and if denied a voice, such as in the United Nations, they protest. The misunderstandings involved are that you can get respect by waging war, or a voice by killing innocent people.

Both these religions lean on each other. They share characteristics. They both address the need to solve problems, but from different perspectives. Christianity focuses on the principles of Creativity, and coming up with a plan, but the plan must benefit everyone or there is resistance. Islam focuses on the principles of Equality, and solving problems, and if the Christian's plan does not treat all people fairly and equally, they protest. Why create a plan if it doesn't solve the problems? Why force others to accept the plan without having a say in its creation?

The plan for the international government is being opened to debate, and everyone is being encouraged to participate in the debate. Our focus has been to look at the issues mankind is facing and seeing whether the plan is the solution to the crisis.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unifying the Planet

The one thing every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life he or she wants without interference. This is an inalienable right granted to us by our Creator. "Our live" is synonymous with fulfilling our purpose in life. Each of us was born for a reason.

Until this time, there have been no schools or institutions that teach how to create the life you want. There are self-help gurus that touch on the subject, but none that carry the student to the point where he or she is able to create the ideal life for that person.

Governments, generally speaking, rely on five main power games, but the games are oppressive to the people, and deny them their inalienable rights.

Our Creator gave each of us talents and gifts, and sent the prophets to teach the overview principles, and now, for world peace to come, each person must learn how to create their life based on talents and gifts, and the governments of the world, to function on a higher level economically, must encourage its people to function within their capacity.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is one of our organization's projects, and our goal is to unify the world's seven major religions. Each teaches one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to create the life you want. In the future, clerics from each of the religions will work together in one building, called a church, but functioning more like a school, to teach the principles of their religions, and students will start with Christianity and learn how to create a plan that benefits everyone, then progress through the school calendar until they understand how to create their life.

There is a refugee problem around the world. Imagine that when one government is playing power games that are oppressive to the people, instead of packing meager belongings into packs that can be carried on one's back and heading for the closest border, that individual or family can go to the Faith of the Pure Ray church and apply to leave, and because there will be similar places around the world, there will be an existing destination for that person. While waiting for the authorization to come through, that person can attend classes and become more of an asset to the nation. At that point, if many people are leaving, the government will be losing power in the international House of Representatives--because the power a nation has in the House is dependent on population--and that government may decide to be more kind to its people.