Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This week...

  • Our proposal to Iraq is going out to the foreign embassies in Washington, DC, and we are outlining the steps we propose to end the war in Iraq and to take it all the way to its sovereignty.
  • We start with the introduction of a booklet called, "We Are One," which is an overview of the Grand Unification Principle. Some people call it the Unified Field Theory, the Holy Grail of Science and Theoretical Mathematics.
  • "There is a saying, that when Science reaches the pinnacle of understanding, Religion will already be there. Here they meet." Mathematicians have been looking for a formula that describes everything, and this is it: ∑=1
  • This implies that you cannot leave anything out of the whole, or it is no longer the whole!
  • For world peace to come, no one can be left out. At the same time, mankind had to reach the understanding that the games to gain power and prestige no longer work.
  • In our newsletter to the embassies, we are offering this understanding to England, along with information about conflict resolution related to Stonehenge.
  • The newsletter highlights the proposal to Iraq, and enables the stakeholders to get their life on a higher level if they agree to participate in the formation of the proposed international government. Basically, we are offering England an opportunity to find its niche based on conflict resolution.

Karen Holmes,