Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Cycle of Violence Must End

The exit strategy for Iraq does not involve the Iraqi people, nor their government, so much as it does the United States making its decision to participate in the proposed international government. It is an exit strategy that guarantees to the entire planet its inalienable rights and a way to end a genocide, but, oddly enough, it is more importantly a U.S. economic stimulus plan.

The United States is a land of opportunity, but at the same time, un-empowerment from family crisis leaves people without the vision to become entrepreneurs. The opportunity is there, and the equality, but not the capacity. Our education system is considered by many to be “dumbing down” to provide a work force for the major corporations, and our tax code is skewed to benefit corporations over small business, which is the backbone of any economy. Corporate entities take on a life of their own, and demand resources to continue to be fed. Unfortunately, it is done at the expense of the shareholder to benefit the few over the many, and when this occurs, it creates chaos in the system.

To remove ourselves from Iraq requires we replace our presence with a “force for good” rather than one to take over resources, or the society will implode. The United States created an occupation force, and the society took one step over to the right to compensate.
Imagine that the occupation came to take away, and created a black-market concept and an insurgency, and now the security and support structure within Iraq is based on violence rather than entrepreneurship and enterprise. Entire generations of Iraqis will continue to subsist on violence, and this is why child soldiers is such a heinous crime against one’s own society. It leaves generation after generation at the mercy of the occupation force, and it isn’t until a “brave soul” stands in protest, such as Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, and introduces a plan that benefits everyone that the cycle of conflict draws to an end.

To draw to an end every insurgency, and every source of violence on the planet, we are establishing an overview protocol, and making every individual on the planet a Nelson Mandela or a Rosa Parks.

The next thing to consider is how they can come into their empowerment, and that is by simple, step by step planning.

To come into the paradigm that supports entrepreneurship requires mankind to make a choice to step away from the violence. This is where most of the peacekeepers are. Step away from the violence. But, there is no incentive to do so until a major, earth-shattering plan is introduced. Jesus said he came not to bring people together, but to take them apart, and this is why. The cycle of violence must be shattered, the reliance on power games that leads to un-empowerment, and the climb up the ladder of success to one’s failure. Imagine the frustration of working one’s fingers to the bone only to be found once again on the lowest rung. How disheartening it is! This is why the Personal Development Movement arose, and spiritual books by hundreds of thousands of New Age gurus were written--how to overcome one’s un-empowerment, and finding a sense of peace.

To create peace in your life requires you to give peace. It cannot come from mantras, or from re-structuring your bathroom medicine cabinet with soothing lotions and tonics. It is a matter of understanding that every time you do something violent leads to a backlash on yourself.

To top this exit strategy off “with a giant cherry,” we are starting the launch of a new book, called “The World Peace Plan.” It is a major collaboration of five “New Age” authors who come together with a sense of camaraderie and “joi de vivre” to launch the World Peace Plan into the thinking of mankind. I am speaking facetiously because no one would really expect these five sovereign entities to be together with a single purpose, nor is it expressed within the book. It leaves readers speechless, because at the end of the book, one has the understanding that world peace is not only possible, but already thought out and instigated, which it is.

I recommend that you start your journey to end the violent cycles in your life by undertaking the journey with one small step. Others have gone before you, and when the choice was made to go up rather than down, invariably, every single individual who read this book chose to go up, while those who had not chose to rely on the games. That is how important and vital this mini-book is. Never again will a reader choose to go down into the games. There may be instances where someone is backed into a corner, and chooses violence because the option to go up is not there, but once the predecessor –the preceding domino of the layout--falls, he, too, will join the movement.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Where We Are Now

With every movement, society splits into four groups.

The first to come into the movement are those who stand on the principles. Some oppressive crisis occurs, and this group stands in protest. They see the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon, and joining the movement, rolling up sleeves to help bring it about, is the solution to their crisis.

The second group to come in is drawn in because they are financially affected. They have lost everything in the collapse of the old structure, and they have nothing to lose by joining, and everything to gain. They will stand on the principles when they must find a business idea and work to rebuild their lives.

The third group of people is drawn into the movement because their lives are affected.

The fourth group care only about themselves, and won’t come in until they are squeezed by the events that are occurring.

The World Peace Movement started with the preemptive strike on Iraq. People all over the world stood in protest, but no one listened to them because they had not been drawn into the movement. It took five years—from 2003 until 2008—until everyone on the planet had been squeezed by the events that were occurring as a result of the war, which is the collapse of the structure based on the power games.

This has led to the point where the old structure no longer works, and something must replace it. What will replace it has been the issue. None of the existing structures has proven capable of solving the crisis.

The ripples of effects have created a schism, on every level, with some people choosing to go up, and to stand on the principles, and others are going down deeper into the games. Most people see no solution, and are passing the crisis onto future generations.

The World Peace Plan has gone out to enough people in power now to be seen as the solution to the global crisis. It is proving to be able to solve the problems, at least theoretically.

They knew about the plan, but not how to bring it about. In the spring of 2012, we introduced the Track Our Progress planning, which delineates the stages and steps of the planning process, and makes it small, logical steps.

This is where we are now, as a planet. There is a battle occurring between those who are standing on the principles and see the creation of the international government as the solution and those who rely on the power games for their security and support.

The plan for the international government has gone too far for it to be stopped. Now we must demonstrate how the plan benefits everyone,  down to the individual level.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Conflict Resolutions

It is a common practice at this time of the year to make New Year resolutions, to create some sort of plan for your life to make it better in some way. What better resolution to make than conflict resolutions?

That is, resolving to end the conflicts in your life.

Our focus has been on the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and ending the global genocide that came from the preemptive strike. Our organization does not have the credibility to advise governments at this time, but because the games are played on every level, we can resolve them on the individual level, and apply the same process on the international level, as if the nations are like families. We are applying the Exit Strategy stages and steps on the individual level.

The world leaders don't know how to end a genocide, because the normal reaction to end a war makes the genocide worse. But, understanding that romantic attachments turn into genocides, we can all understand the broader perspective of the global genocide. Once again I would like to recommend our remarkable Conflict Resolution brochures. They are the "light at the end of a long, dark tunnel" for anyone whose family has been torn apart.

The U.S. legal system is based on the premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. To end a genocide, the first step is that someone must stand up to say "stop." He or she is defending the victim of the character defamation, even if it is a judge in court.

Our organization is therefore standing up to defend Saddam Hussein, because no one has the right to judge another, and due to the fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found, it appears that he was attempting to comply with U.S. sanctions.

The games continue until an innocent person is crucified--sacrificed. "Innocent" does not necessarily imply that he was not guilty of every offense that was ever put on him, but the wider perspective that it was not in anyone's best interest to judge him, especially when it became apparent that his help in ending the insurgency would have saved many lives.

Mankind must learn to recognize the games. Everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people.

In the next stages of this proposal, at Oxford and Stonehenge, we will once again address that the games continue until an innocent person is sacrificed, and rather than Saddam Hussein, we will say it is the Iraqi people--especially the children--who paid a dear price in this conflict.

Karen Holmes,

Friday, December 27, 2013

Organization Cannot Lobby Congress

According to our Articles of Incorporation, our organization is prohibited from lobbying, including grassroots movements. Our call to action is limited to one family, who will be responsible for the grassroots movement that is required to amend the Constitution. We are limiting our activities to purifying the U.S. legal system and setting up clinics to help people in crisis.

Crisis Center and Tent Tour--Solving Problems

A constitution sets up a government. when the world leaders come together to formally start work on the creation of the international government, they must write a new constitution.

For the United States to join in the drive to create the proposed international government, we must amend our constitution to create an additional layer of government. This is a structural change, and our organization recommends that we return to the practices of our Founding Fathers, who gathered in conventions to debate the proposal. Because world peace must come from the people, when the people have evolved to the point that we demand changes, we are calling for an Article V amendment convention, which closely approximates the idea of debate in conventions.

Our Founding Fathers included four paths to amend the Constitution. One path--the Article V route--has never been successfully achieved. The Article V amendment convention calls for the 34 State legislatures to petition Congress to hold the convention, and then once everyone agrees to the bill, for 38 State legislatures to ratify the amendment. It is up to the people to go to their State legislatures to get their support.

Until this time, Congress has not been willing to hand over power to the States, but with a 10% approval rating, many judges and constitutional scholars say this is the time for the Article V route to be employed.

For the States to agree to the plan, the plan must solve their problems. The World Peace Plan must solve the problems in every level, starting with the individual level.

So, our first step is to get the Crisis Center started to solve the crises that came as the result of the power games and the games of illusion that have been played, and then to work to solve the problems on the community level. When we have done that within our own families, organization and town, we will demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems on the state-wide level, also, with our Tent Tour.

While this is occurring, all Americans are encouraged to debate the overview concept, which is the creation of the international government.

While America is making the steps to amend the Constitution, we will continue to offer solutions based on the plan to the ambassadors in Washington, DC.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Focus Shifting to the U.S. Constitutional Amendment

Before we can go to Oxford and Stonehenge, the independent members of our organization must be ready to go. This is a major commitment for our potential independent members. We are shifting focus from the Exit Strategy for Iraq to the U.S. Constitutional Amendment project.

If the United States has relied on failed foreign policy of regime change, which came to its ultimate conclusion with the preemptive strike on Iraq, to regain the power we lost, we must assume responsibility to undo the damage we have done.

Under Universal Law of Cause and Effect, to get peace, we must give peace.

Our focus is shifting now to the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. It sets the stage for the creation of the international government.

This must be a separate and unique project, but one that fits into the organization framework, under the autonomous leadership of another family. Once this family comes in, they will draw in many others.

The proposal is online at http://www.oneworldgov.org/proposals.htm. Please be sure to answer our survey.

Karen Holmes,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting Out of the Global Crisis

While the independent members are facing their tests, the crises around the planet are still going on. Ripple after ripple of effects are going out, drawing in every  person on the planet, and squeezing everyone.

Mankind always has three choices, but in a crisis situation, only two are apparent, and neither is tenable. One is to go straight ahead and to ignore the crisis, and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. The other is to go down into playing the games and face the backlashes.

The unseen third option is to do what is in everyone's best interest. In the case of the global genocide that is tearing apart the planet, the application of the solution is the World Peace Plan--join the global efforts to create the international government.

If someone passes the crisis on to future generations, each generation comes in to address one stage in the planning process. The first generation comes up with a plan, and the second brings in the people, and so on. It is possible to come up with a plan that addresses the stages of the planning process in one generation, and avoid the future entanglements. Makes sense, doesn't it?

But, your plan must address the root cause of the crisis, or it makes the crisis worse.

The root cause of the global crisis is the games that are played. They are called "the Seven Deadly Sins," because in every case, someone dies. Everyone plays the games. So, we must learn to recognize the games and come up with a plan that enables the games to end, and a plan that benefits everyone to be instated instead.

Everyone must be involved with the creative process to avoid resistance to the plan. The solution is to open it to debate.

So, you are cordially invited to check out our Track Our Progress planning at http://www.oneworldgov.org, and join the debate on the World Peace Plan.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Professional Publishing Team Making Choices

We have introduced the World Peace Plan to the ambassadors in Washington, DC and to the Whitehouse, but before they will accept the plan, one event must occur, and that fixes this proposal in the minds of the people. That is the publishing of a book, “A Manual for Peace.”

Before that will be accepted for publishing by a professional publisher, a mini-book must be published, and that is “The World Peace Plan.” It is a colaboration between five entities, and it was sent out to prospective independent members several years ago. Then came the character defamation campaign, and the question arose of who wrote the books. That is what we are addressing now.

It comes down to a series of tests for a long list of individuals, who are part of a team. The last person decides whether the team will assume the role and join the organization. If one steps out, it triggers the rest to take on the role, but doesn't reach its full potential.

The last thing is to address what is in everyone's best interest. If the team members choose not to participate, the opportunity ends, and they are stuck with their choices.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Offer to President George W. Bush and England

Our organization has been addressing how to end a genocide. Karen Holmes, the principal of the organization, offered friends and family members the chance to assume responsibility for a project idea, based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and instead of accepting, they took the ideas and ran. When it became apparent that no one can achieve success based on the games of one-upmanship, they reacted by building a wall of resistance and games of revenge.

It should work. 

Every experience these people have ever had reinforced the idea that the bid should work. It could not fail. But, it did fail.

Imagine that the opposite concept is what is logical. An opportunity to function on a higher level, but because everything is backwards, it fails. Taking an idea is a simple and logical step. A small step for the person who perpetrates the revenge, but a major leap for everyone who is watching.

The same thing occurred with President George W. Bush. His reaction to the 9/11 attack was a classic example of how genocides start. His response was to go after someone who he believed was the villain, when Osama bin Laden was the perpetrator of the game. 

The final stage of a genocide is when the villains believe they have been victimized by the events, and it leads to a form of mental illness based on torment. They are tormented by their actions, and see no solution.

Today, our offer to President Bush is to end the genocide through the events of conflict resolution at Oxford and Stonehenge, to free England from the onus of being drawn into the genocide and to enable that nation to function on a higher level by giving them their historic niche of conflict resolution at Stonehenge.

Our goal is the summer solstice. We would like to take other steps first within our organization in preparation.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Professional Publishing Team

The idea for the proposed international government has gone out. People all over the world are aware of the plan. They know it exists, but don't know how to bring it about.

If you look into the Track Our Progress planning, you will see that the first people to come in are not the governments, but the professional publishing team. With their involvement, the principles and the application of the principles are solidly fixed in the minds of the people. It is as if the books are promises, and no one will accept anything less.

World peace is a huge subject, and possibly the most general concept on the planet. Wars occur in various locations, but in some way, every person on the planet must be involved with world peace. If everyone is involved, there is no resistance.

What is taking so long is not that it is impossible to create. Half the population of the planet have prayed for peace, and now it can come. It it is that half of the population of the planet have been oppressed by the other half, and the "other half" believe they have all the power, which includes oppressing others who don't like the oppression one bit.

The issue of conflict resolution must be addressed. For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that both sides must be seen as equal, and then an event must come along that requires the conflict to end.

What makes both sides equal now is that as the oppressors play their power games, the games backlash, and instead of gaining power, they lose power. What should have worked with their power grab no longer does.

This sets the stage for the event that comes along that makes conflict resolution necessary or at least a very good idea.

The introduction of the World Peace Plan can make people reconsider their application of the power games.

The next step for conflict resolution is that all people involved must assume responsibility for their actions. That allows everyone to start to regain their power, but the problem with that is the definition of power.

Coming soon is a book that is still in progress, "The Secret of Power." Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Karen Holmes,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Open a dialogue with family and friends...

Here are some questions that we ask that you bring to your family and friends. You are in the process of creating your own reality, and the future is in your hands.

It will take every person on the planet working together to create world peace. The World Peace Plan creates the opportunity for every person on the planet to share in the creative process. These questions are just the start.

“What is our future?”
“What do we wish to create, and to not waste our time dealing with?”
“What do we want to let go of?
“What is possible?”

The next step is how can we make it come about? 

The last is who is willing to make the effort?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Opening Dialogue

The World Peace Plan is in its infancy, with the idea open to debate, but not officially recognized by the governments. They know about the plan, but don't see how it can be established yet. The plan for world peace is huge, and it will take 20 years for it to come about. It is beyond the imagination for most people to comprehend, and so we must take it in small steps, open the ideas to debate.

We continue to correspond with the ambassadors in Washington, DC, to keep them informed of our progress. We do not expect responses, but request only that the interested and involved parties for each proposal come together and open a dialogue about potential of the proposal to solve their nation's problems.

The first issue is the overview crisis, and because it came slowly and in small, logical steps, the solution is not evident. The premise that it is a result of the Iraq War and President Bush's preemptive strike is not commonly accepted by the existing governments.

Today, our efforts within the organization focus on a small group of individuals who were named as potential members of the initial projects teams. They would like to see their projects come about. 

The ideas were opened to debate, but a hostile takeover bid in the form of a character defamation campaign has stalled progress on their projects. The potential independent members are learning about genocides, which on the individual and family levels, and the community level, are manifested in character defamation. We are learning that it is counterproductive to crucify someone you need to be able to create the life you want.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First on the agenda, end genocide

The first year of our Track Our Progress planning deals with the effects of the global genocide, and the nations that are in crisis based on judgment. Step by step, we must demonstrate the capacity of the World Peace Plan to resolve this crisis so that everyone can walk forward to create the life they want.

The first concept is that someone must stand up to defend the individual who has been defamed, to be judged as evil. No one has the right to judge another. The spiritual teachings declare that, under Universal Law, he who judges will be judged. The problem with that is that the effects take a long time to be felt, and the ripples of crises go out from that first sense of judgment.

How do you defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives? The U.S. legal system is based on the premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty for that reason. You cannot. It takes someone else to defend you, even if it is a judge.

Throw that crisis in with an ultimate weapon, and the perpetrators believe they cannot be stopped.

Imagine now that the same crisis is facing our organization. The people who are perpetrating the crime believe  they are invincible, playing the games with such determination and zeal that they are also unstoppable. It takes a huge effort by many people, and the tearing action, the determined destruction, has taken its toll. No one has the energy to even stand up, much less wage a retaliation effort.

Now, how can this end?

Imagine that once the Lies have been told, no one knows who to trust. More and more people have been drawn into the lies, and they continue to reinforce the illusionary front by a small group of determined indviduals who believe this is their grand opportunity to get the life they want. Then, it becomes apparent that they are judging someone who never had any intent to do more than to benefit all people.

This occurred with each of the avatars--the spiritual teachers--of the seven major religions. They faced betrayal by those who believed they wielded more power and esteem. More capacity to create a movement. Jesus was betrayed, and was crucified. 

Today, the judgment ends. The backlash has occurred, and those who judged are being judged.

Tomorrow, the people whose lives were torn apart will attempt to drag themselves together and get back on track for getting the life they want.

The games continue on until an innocent person is crucified, but not all people who are dragged into crisis are innocent of the games, nor are the children considered innocent. The loss of lives is not incentive or motivation for ending the games. It comes down to the point where the innocent individual is the person you need to help you get the life you want.

If a woman relies on her husband for her financial support, it makes no sense to crucify him.

The last thing to address today is that for everyone who assumes responsibility to undo the damage they have done in their life, their "sins are washed away," purified by their intent to do what is in everyone's best interest.

This is when peace will come, and the power games will end. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

The First Requirement for Conflict Resolution

Why should someone attack another unless he or she believes he has the power to win the battle? No one attempts to attack unless the odds are on his side. The side with all the power wins, of course.

The problem that arises is the definition of power. Power comes not from a strong military, but from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done. Grabs for power always eventually lead to a loss of power, and they reach their ultimate conclusion when played on an innocent target.

This is what toppled the U.S. power base, and why the issue of no WMD in Iraq  is so important.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement, then, is that both sides much be considered equal. The side that appeared to have all the power must be coming down in power, and the targeted side must be rising in power.

Our organization has been going through a hostile takeover bid, and the prize--control of the organization and its lucrative projects--can seem well worth the effort. But, the World Peace Plan is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, where everyone shares his or her talents and gifts in a series of win-win agreements.

Where does military strength and the capacity to weave an illusion come into the equation in the matter of world peace?

As stated in a pervious post, the leap in understanding is immense for those who stand on the power games. They won't see the potential of the plan. For them it is like seeing an optical illusion from one perspective only, and never see the potential for them to get their life on a higher level.

When Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, said, "Father, forgive them for their know not what they do."

Those who stand on the principles must continue to walk forward, step by step, to bring about the plan, and eventually, those who stand on the power games and games of illusion will lose all their power, and see the potential to get their life, too, by undoing the damage they have done.

Karen Holmes,

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Don't Trust Anyone

The preemptive attack on Iraq was justified with a Grand Lie--a character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein. While many people consider the world to be better off without him, Iraq is a sovereign nation, and the Iraqi people have the right to choose their own leadership. 

The ripples have gone out from the conflict to drawn in every person on the planet in some way. The problem now is that once the Lie has been told, the Truth cannot overcome the Lie. It just reaches the point that no one knows who to trust.

Don't trust anyone. People are drawn into the lie based on prejudice and ulterior motives. The only thing you can trust is Universal Law.

Karen Holmes,
Principal of
The World Peace Organization
for the One World Government
Just as in Iraq, and with Saddam Hussein, I have been dealing with a hostile takeover bid on the organization--a character defamation campaign by a small group of people who see the World Peace Plan as their opportunity to get their life on a higher level, and who are perpetrating an act of revenge. They believe they have an ultimate weapon that enables them to avoid responsibility for their actions, and so they are unbeatable. 

To end a character defamation campaign, someone must stand up to defend the target. While I cannot defend myself, I can use this to end the genocide in Iraq, speaking from my own experience. 

Like dominoes falling, one triggers the next in a series of tiny steps. It is too big a leap of understanding to step out of the pattern without someone ahead making the leap much smaller for you. We are a product of the efforts of all those who came before us. We cannot expect to draw in all the world's leaders until they see the potential to solve their problems through participation in the proposed international government, but going to them to draw them into the process is to big a leap in understanding. 

The next step is for the United States to address the fact that if there were no WMD, Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges made against him, and we are responsible for undoing the damage that was done. That is the only way to regain our power we lost by grabbing for power.

Karen Holmes,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New International Legal Structure is Needed

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Saddam Hussein's capture. People around the world reacted with joy that the world was free of someone they considered to be evil, but it is not up to man to declare someone is evil. That is the providence of God, the Creator of us all, and God does not judge.

Ripple after ripple of effects went out from the wrongful judgment of Saddam Hussein, who, according to the UN weapons inspectors had no WMD. In the eyes of the world, it was an unlawful war, pushed through the United Nations with unfounded threats that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to kill millions of people with this nuclear weapons. The problem came for Saddam Hussein when no one stood up to defend him. No one considered the millions of protestors to have a voice.

This set the stage for the collapse of the existing international legal structure. Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, declared in his farewell speech that President Bush had made the United Nations "irrelevant."

So, what will take its place? If the United Nations is the solution to the crises mankind is facing, what can mankind do if it is no longer working?

Find a new international structure, one that functions on a far higher level.

I am pleased to say that the World Peace Plan has been debated and accepted by people all over the planet. People like the plan. Once the idea is opened to debate officially by the U.S. government, it will take off like a rocket. That time is coming because the opportunities are ending for any other solution to be found.

Last year, people heard about the plan, and debated it amongst the people of my organization. It reached the point where potential independent members heard of it and had the opportunity to have their say. The more they hear, the better they like it. But, it is a far cry to say you like it from rolling up your sleeves and to get "down and dirty" sharing talents and gifts. As their opportunities end, based on the old paradigm, it becomes apparent that the only thing left to do is to roll up your sleeves and make it happen in your own life.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coming Soon! "A Manual for Peace"

The Iraq War sent out ripples of effects that are drawing in every person on the planet. The squeezing actions are creating a great deal of fear. To overcome the fears, we are introducing our first book, "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and Karen Holmes. Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books with another channel, Jane Roberts, that they wrote in the 1960s and 70s. Together, they sold over 7 million books, which are considered to be classics of spirituality.

Seth and Holmes channeled "A Manual for Peace," the first of several books--actually manuals on how to create world peace--in 1999, but the publishing of the book was delayed by Seth until a "million people were in the right time, place and frame of mind for it to come." That time has arrived. Holmes was asked to draw together the organization's first team--the professional publishing team--to handle the trade books that accompany the introduction of the proposals. The professional publishing team will handle one book each month for the first eight months of the year.

"A Manual for Peace" first introduces the idea for the proposed international government, and offers prophecies for the next 1000 years--the Millennium. Seth tells us that it will be a time of peace, and that everyone on the planet must work to heal emotionally and work to create the life we want. He gives us the tools and the empowerment to create peace within our own lives.

The launch date is still to be announced, so keep watch here for updates.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"World Peace" Newsletter

"World Peace"
Read what the ambassadors in Washington, DC read!

Each issue of "World Peace" newsletter 
contains proposal for a nation and a survey.

At the present time, issues are available only in English. Proposals with translation capacity can be found on our website, at www.oneworldgov.org/proposals.htm.

All subscriptions start with Issue 1, Volume 1, and carry the crisis from start to finish. US$20.00 per volume.

Technology and World Peace

The World Peace Plan segments into six more specific parts, and the first relates to technology, which involves coming up with a solution, a plan, to solve a specific issue. World peace is very general, and not all people are concerned about the latest gadget, but everyone on the planet is concerned about solving the problems facing mankind, so today, Tuesday, we will look at the overview of Technology and how it relates to world peace.

We will turn this segment over to our technology team at the events at Oxford and Stonehenge (see our 2012 Track Our Progress planning.) For now, we will address our innovative project, the Light Source Invention, (See our Marketing Strategy) which demonstrates the evolution of the global genocide, step by step.

Intolerance breeds oppression, and the most horrific genocide on the planet started with the simple act of oppression. People who have been oppressed lack equality.

The solution to intolerance is simple, and that is to come up with a plan that treats all people equally. This is the basis for the World Peace Plan, that is treats all people fairly and equally.

When oppression is not stopped, it leads to the loss of rights on the individual basis. Every person on the planet was created by the same Creator, who grants to us our inalienable rights to be able to create our life (fulfill our purpose) without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government, and when those rights have been denied, the oppressor, under Universal Law, loses his or her rights.

To gain back one's power lost by denying another his or her right to live life without interference, the oppressor must come up with a plan that benefits everyone, and everyone must assume responsibility for their own actions that led to the oppression, and everyone must work together to undo the damage that was done.

The World Peace Plan is the solution because it guarantees to every person on the planet his or her inalienable rights.

Because other beings and kingdoms live on this planet, the same rights apply to all. One of our projects is the Animal Bill of Rights.

Karen Holmes,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Building Bridges by Demonstration

The plan for world peace is too immense for people in general to perceive, and so it must be done demonstration. Those who see the potential of the plan are drawn in first, and that allows others to come in. It is a small step rather than a huge leap. The idea was introduced and opened to debate to fix--secure--it at a very high level, but now the plan must grow, one tiny step at a time.  

It has been opened to debate on the government level through "World Peace" newsletter. Each issue contains a proposal and survey. By including the list of nations in which we have affiliate members, we leveraged the ambassadors to consider the plan. That allowed us to gain the attention of the U.S. government. 

World peace must come from the people, when the people are ready. The games that governments play are oppressive to the people. To get the governments to consider the plan, they have had to realize that the games no longer work, and be open to a new concept that will work. The Iraq War started to topple the U.S. power base based on military might. With the plan being supported by people in 72 nations, who are declaring they like the plan that guarantees to them their inalienable rights, the governments are listening now.

That bring us back to implementing the plan within our organization's potential independent members, who will become advisors to the governments, each functioning from his or her own area of expertise, and then opening the projects to debate. Each proposal has a "cloud" of events, projects, published materials and spin off concepts, and as each one is introduced, a team of independent members will assume responsibility for them and continue on with creating them until they reach their fruition.

Our first proposal is the U.S. Exit Strategy for Iraq, which enables the creation of a legitimate international court system to handle disputes between nations. The next is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, which requires us to take the plan for the international government to the state legislatures, and to leverage the plan on the state level, starting with the State of Oregon.

How we intend to do that is to open a crisis center to demonstrate how we solve problems in the individual level, and the community level, and then we will set up the same programs in eight Oregon cities.

Karen Holmes,

Sunday, December 8, 2013

“Dear Friends of Peace”

Our organization has been dealing with a hostile takeover bid for the last 6 ½ years, a character defamation campaign against the principal of our organization, Karen Holmes, and waged by a small group of people who believe they have greater capacity to bring world peace, but who actually are waging a genocide. 

Once the lies have been told, the truth does not overcome the lie. It must be done by demonstration. The first demonstration is that of intent.

To address the issue of intent, Holmes started a “Dear Friends of Peace” email campaign, and has sent daily emails telling readers about the World Peace Plan. No one knows how many people actually receive the emails or read them if they do. For those who do, the topics are now open to debate, and no one will accept anything less.

Proving intent does not draw in the people, because while the information concerning the plan may be considered valid and beneficial to everyone, the issue arises who is capable of making the plan a reality. 

"P.T. Barnum said "You can fool all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." Our projects cannot be retro-engineered because they are based on talents and gifts. No one can do someone else's project. For example, if we are working to purify a particular law, the one who has assumed responsibility for the project speaks from personal experience and the attorneys in the group understand the issue from the perspective of the law. Others won't see it as an opportunity to get their life on a higher level.

Only two people on the planet see the widest perspective that world peace is possible. Everyone else just sees the World Peace Plan overview as the opportunity to solve personal problems, or to win lucrative government contracts or the Nobel Peace Prize.

Karen Holmes,

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The First To Make A Choice

The plan for the international government has made it into the government level, and is being debated, but no one in power knows how to make it a reality. It is simple and logical, and the planning exists, but it is not the responsibility of the governments to bring world peace. It must come because the people have evolved to the point that they demand peace.

Governments play five favorite power games to gain power, prestige and control of resources and strategic locations, but the games are oppressive to the people. The games have been tolerated, but not condoned. Now they have reached their ultimate conclusion. Covert and overt actions have led to civil war, and no one has control of the nation’s resources. With the games of Greed, which lead to massacres, the people have thrown away their resources, but need them to survive, and as they stand in protest, their voices are not heard unless they can come up with a plan that benefits everyone and undoes the damage done by those who play the game of Greed.

Half the population of the planet has prayed for peace, and so it can come. The spiritual hierarchy is offering such a plan--the World Peace Plan--and it puts the power back into the hands of the people.

Because the United States is responsible for starting the conflict in Iraq, it is up to the United States to undo the damage we have done, which allows us to regain our power that we lost due to the failed policy of preemption, and regime change against a sovereign nation.

It is time for the U.S. government to make a choice.

The choice to go up is to stand on the principles of the proposed international government. This means no more power games. No more drone strikes. No more regime change. Turning inside our country and working to transition from a power base built on military might and instead to compete economically, making win-win agreements with third world nations rather than to see our competitors as our allies.The U.S. government will contract with organization advisors to end the war in Iraq and to rebuild it based on our proposals. We will start the process to amend the U.S. Constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists.

The choice to ignore the crisis passes it on to future generations, who will be far less capable of handling the crisis. It will take seven generations to undo the damage that has been done by the power games.

To go down is to go deeper into the games, which leads to a global war with the rest of the world against the United States.

While the U.S. government is making its choice, the people of the United States will be making our choice, too. We must decide if sharing our inalienable rights with the rest of the peoples of the planet is the price we are willing to pay to avoid a global war.

Friday, December 6, 2013

We Are Not One, We Are Backwards

With each proposal there comes a bundle of published materials, planning, projects and events. 
  1. The proposal opens the idea to debate. 
  2. The “Track Our Progress” planning enables readers to see that it is possible to bring the concept to fruition with a series of simple and logical stages and steps. 
  3. The published materials address the principles and the application of the principles, and explain the information in language suitable for the average person to understand. 
  4. The projects and events carry the idea forward, drawing everyone into the process. 
  5. The spin off concepts that come from these proposals must stand on the same principles for them to work, but anyone is welcome to take the idea further.

The proposals for 2012 are online, and for the last two years, the potential independent members of the organization have been dealing with the crises, doing their projects by default rather than by intent. They have not seen the proposals as the solution to their crisis yet, nor that by joining the organization they will be able to address their crisis by just applying their talents and gifts. The solution is simple and logical, but they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, and they don’t see it. What they are doing just keeps making the crisis worse.

The idea for the proposed international government has reached the world leaders, and has been talked about, also, but no one knows how to take it to the next level. It is the responsibility of our independent members to take the first step, to demonstrate the potential of the plan on the individual level, but all have been drawn into the chaos of the hostile takeover bid.

Our focus continues to be on ending the genocide within the organization, and the ripples that continue to spread out from it. It takes one person to stand up to say, “stop,” but he has been drawn into the chaos, and running around attempting to stop the chaos. Once he comes in to participate in the organization, he will draw in the next proposal, which is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment.

This is a movement, and the second person to come into the movement is just as important as the first. Eventually, every person on the planet will be part of the movement.

The Rationale for the U.S. Constitutional Amendment

President George W. Bush waged war against a sovereign nation against the intent of the U.N. Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks. In the eyes of the world, it is an illegal war, and the United States is responsible for ending it. To regain the power we lost, we must undo the damage we did there.

The Iraq War evolved not as a war, but a genocide. The conflict started years before with President George H.W. Bush and the Gulf War. That was the precursor for his son, George W. Bush, to judge Saddam Hussein to be “Axis of Evil,” and to take action against him with the preemptive strike. 

The judgment against Saddam Hussein was an act of revenge, which drew in the Coalition nations, who were offered lucrative contracts.  That drew in the world leaders to weave an illusion to maintain their power base, declaring they are allies in the War on Terror. That brought in the terrorists, which justified the war. With acts of revenge, all the parties appear to have the same goal, which was the attack on Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but the revenge is just a means to an end, and in fact, none have the same goal, and work to undermine the ones who brought them in.

The ripples of crises that flowed out from the conflict drew every person on the planet in some way into the crisis. The games are oppressive to the people. The power game of regime change was tolerated for a while, but once it was played on an innocent man—Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with U.S. sanction—the game reached its ultimate conclusion, which was the exact opposite result.  President Bush lost power, started a civil war and no one gained control of Iraq’s oil reserves.

The United States must start the process to end the conflict by offering to all the people on the planet what they lack, which is the right to live our lives without interference. To regain our power base, we must stand on the seven principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. How this is done is by supporting the creation of the international government, making all nations equal and guaranteeing to every person on the planet the same rights every American is guaranteed under our Constitution.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The First Battle and the Last Battle

To end the global genocide that came as a result of the Iraq War, we are standing on the concept that genocides occur on every level, and evolve the same way, and by addressing genocides that occur on the individual level and the family level that occur within our own lives, we can speak from our own experience as advisors to governments. 

Romantic attachments turn into genocides because neither party has the same goal, and as that becomes apparent, they rely on the power games learned during their childhood to coerce the other to go along with their dream-life plan. The first battle is when an event that demonstrates their diverging life-plans occurs, and one stands on the principles and the other on the games.

A series of battles occur until one overpowers the other, and he or she either dies or walks away. The battles are called the Battles of Armageddon, because they relate to the “end of life” crisis, and for some people, losing one’s family is the same as losing his or her life. Family relationships un-empower people, and so it is a matter of losing one’s power base.

Standing on the principles threatens the security and the support of the one who stands on the games, and the one who is relying on the games continues to draw in others in defense. It becomes a matter of revenge at this point. The last battle is when the family has been so torn apart that the one who stands on the principles is driven out of the family, because everything he or she attempts to do to resolve the conflict just makes things worse.

It is not always easy to know who is standing on the principles and who is standing on the games. Both sides may believe they are standing on the principles, and the one who is standing on the games may believe he or she lacks compassion, and looks from it outside the family. This can make the family vulnerable to someone who has prejudice and ulterior motives to undermine the family.

To end a genocide, someone must stand up and say “stop,” but if a potential advocate does not have the same goal, he or she can reinforce the conflict. A true advocate must defend the one who stood on the principles, and the family, because he or she is speaking from experience, declaring that it is time to stand on the principles of conflict resolution because it is a matter of rights to have a relationship with one’s family. 

What makes it possible to end the conflict is a sense of equality has come about, and an event has come along that makes conflict resolution necessary. It is a matter of a win-win agreement between advocates to end the conflict. One helps the other to regain family relationships.

Our Conflict Resolution brochures explain how to resolve this crisis, step by step. They can be found in pdf format at http://www.ontherainbowpeacestore.com/creativity1.htm

Karen Holmes,

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe As Allegory

The World Peace Organization for the One World Government has been enduring a hostile takeover bid for several years. The World Peace Plan includes fifty innovative and potentially very lucrative projects, and participation in the organization offers the opportunity for many people to function on such a high level that no one has ever achieved or even imagined before. This has made us a target for those who play the game of Greed, people who believe they have the power and capacity to function on a far higher level than the average people that we are.

We have been playing out the allegorical stories by C.S. Lewis. We believe he wrote the Narnia Series for these difficult times, but they are pertinent for any time to help resolve conflict in the family. Ironically, Lewis uses the name, Calormenes, in his books, and the majority of our potential independent members are from California and Oregon, and those who are relying on the games are mean.

The project ideas were introduced by a spiritual entity named Seth through me, Karen Holmes, the principal of the organization. I am a channel, and my gift from God is to be able to communicate with anyone “on the other side.” Some people took the project ideas and ran with them, but only enough information was offered to open them to debate and to demonstrate our intent not to leave anyone out of the benefits of the projects. There is no resistance to a plan if everyone is involved with its creation, and shares in the benefits.

They have made no real progress in creating their projects because it takes the full 200 independent members of the organization to create an organization project. Our projects cannot be retro-engineered, or even pirated, because there is always a backlash to the games. It just won’t work.

Seth at the present time is playing the role of the lion, Aslan, and I am Lucy, and the World Peace Plan is the Wardrobe, the doorway into Narnia. (Hint: We even have talking animals in Narnia!)  

It has taken a long time for the projects to come about because the White Witch has kept Narnia in a state of “always winter, but never Christmas.” She went to the potential members and declared the projects ideas are hers, and because people equate power and audacity, or power and money, they believed her. It is up to Aslan to stop the White Witch. (Lucy is just a little girl, after all!) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe story line has spun off into other stories. We are also playing out “The Last Battle,” as a planet to enable the planet to evolve to a higher level—world peace. It started at the same time as the Iraq War.

The Family Plan segment of our organization will continue to play out the allegorical stories for many years, working to undo the damage they have done by relying on the games, and each of us will at one time play the role of Aslan. Eventually, these books will be put back on the shelf and become just stories once again for children to enjoy, just as my children enjoyed them when they were young, and didn’t have to live through their roles to end the conflict in our family and within the organization.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Our first focus is ending the global genocide. The preemptive strike on Iraq sent out ripples of effects that are eventually drawing in every person on the planet. It was a character defamation campaign on Saddam Hussein, which is an individual-level genocide. We are applying the same steps and stages of the first column of the Track Our Progress planning for 2012 on the individual and family level to demonstrate its potential to end genocides on all levels. 

The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that enables the United States to gracefully withdraw from the conflict, and sets the stage for the creation of an international court system to handle disputes between nations, and for the United States to address failed foreign and economic policy, which leads to our second proposal, the Constitutional Amendment proposal.

Each of the independent members of the organization and his or her family is parallel to a country or an institution. I am parallel to Saddam Hussein, and my family is parallel to Iraq. I have been dealing with a character defamation campaign, also, and enduring covert and overt actions as he did. The purpose for this is that as I resolve the crisis in my own life and within my family, I can speak from personal experience to advise on the resolution of the global genocide that has come as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq.

The Crisis in Iraq was an act of revenge, which combines five power games—Pride (war),  Envy (genocide), Greed (massacres), Lust (slavery and human rights violations), and Anger (terrorism). When someone believes that he or she has the right to put another down, it draws in those who believe they have the right to judge another, and so on. Ripple after ripple of crises go out from the center point, just as in Iraq.

Acts of revenge come to a relative conclusion because inherent in the act, even on the global level, is the fact that none of the perpetrators has the same goal, and will eventually undermine the one who brought him or her into the act. But, as the power games of Pride, Greed and Anger reach their ultimate conclusion, the two games based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery, continue on.

The knee-jerk response that ends a war only makes a genocide worse. To end a genocide, it takes someone to stand up to defend the individual who is being judged, but that individual, if he or she stands in protest, must have a voice that is regarded, and therefore a plan that benefits everyone. 

The  U.S. legal system premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty is important because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, and therefore character defamation campaigns, and it is very difficult to discern the truth when so much illusion is being waged and reinforced as others are draw into the illusion. The crisis devolves and twists and turns as the perpetrators segue from game to game, such as slander leading to the game of Greed to gain control of resources and assets.

I am standing up to defend Saddam Hussein, and offering the plan for world peace, and setting the stage for the creation of the international Local Court system to handle disputes between nations, based on the creation of the proposed international government. As I do so, the man whose family is parallel to the United States has been dealing with the ramifications of the Iraq Crisis within his own life and his family, and his application of the solution sets the stage for the next family to come into the process, like dominoes falling.

The Track Our Progress planning takes the resolution of the crisis step by step, and we can see it is simple and logical steps to take, but also monumental efforts on the part of those who are attempting to resolve the crisis. 

For the family that is suffering from a crisis, the solution promoted in the proposal is the one opportunity to function on a higher level. Other may grab for the solution, but will suffer a backlash. Grabs for power always eventually lead to a loss of power. Those who are weaving the illusion through corruption are doing so to slow the progress of the inevitable.

In creating the plan for the international government, our focus will continue to shift from family to family until all of the 200 independent members of our organization have demonstrated the potential of the solutions offered in the proposals, and the planet is at peace.

Karen Holmes,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Leave No One Out

For world peace to come, there must be more than a plan. There must be a way to implement the plan on a global scale. How this is done is by demonstration, by first introducing the idea and opening it to debate, then by demonstrating the concept on a smaller scale and offering others the opportunity to observe, and finally turning responsibility over to those who have the credibility and power to take the idea globally and to make it an act of law.

Our organization does not have the right to do more than to introduce the idea and to open it to debate, but because the same events occur on the individual level and within families, we can demonstrate the principles to prove they are valid.

Our first plan is to end disputes between families because this is what is occurring on every level. To apply this, we are offering the idea first that by participation in the creation of the proposed international government, that no one will be left out of the benefits and everyone will be treated fairly and equally. The international government must be based on a flat hierarchy concept or no one will choose to participate. No one will agree to one individual or one nation having supreme power.