Friday, May 1, 2009

World Peace Started January 1, 2008

What a remarkable statement! World peace started January 2008. How can that be?!

Everything works in cycles, and the cycles are lining up, just as in the story of Hercules when Hades could unleash the Titans when the planets lined up. Well, as the cycles line up, mankind can rise very quickly now. These unsettling events allow us to understand what we don't want in our life anymore and for us to address and resolve them. We know we don't want war anymore. Covert actions to gain control of natural reserves only lead to civil war rather than regime change. The games played by the powerful elite are leaving future generations in a state of chaos.

Mankind plays seven power games. We play the games to gain power and prestige, in an attempt to get the life we want. The games don't have the capacity to help us get our life. The pendulum swings out to its logical ultimate conclusion.

These are hard times, and as a planet we are going into the abyss. We must work together to draw our planet out of its crisis. Like a wave that goes down, we will turn this around, and if we stand on the principles of Universal Law--and our World Peace Plan--there is no limit as to what we can create.

The seed has been planted. It is time for world peace to come.