Friday, January 24, 2014

England's Historical Niche

Organization planning for the Exit Strategy for Iraq calls for a two events--at Oxford and Stonehenge--to enable England to withdraw gracefully from the conflict in Iraq. We are looking at the idea of unification and its counterpoint--conflict resolution.

We have offered England the chance to re-establish their historical niche.

In its colonization period, England conquered and colonized many nations around the planet. "The Sun never sets on the British Empire." This may have been oppressive to the people, but it also enabled a common language and a sense of unification to be established. That is not its only historical niche.

Thousands of years ago, kings and queens from all over the known world traveled to England--to Stonehenge--to participate rites of conflict resolution.

If you recall the Arthur legend, prior to his time, there were many small kings, and disputes between them could decimate their warriors and make them vulnerable to takeover by a third king. It was imperative to handle disputes without going to war. It makes no sense to wage war unless you are sure of winning.

The solution was a brilliant marketing strategy. Create an impressive venue of huge stones, and during the times when the Earth energy is the highest, you hold a rite of conflict resolution. Something like "dueling banjos." Or Riverdance. A competition, but only one person is symbolically killed, based on the premise that power games continue on until an innocent person is sacrificed.

The end of the power games occurred when Saddam Hussein was sacrificed. When the UN weapons inspectors did not find WMD, he was considered innocent of the charges made against him.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"We the People" Whitehouse Petition

The U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to petition our government, and President Obama has an avenue, called "We the People," to do so on the Whitehouse website.

Our petition reads:

We petition President Obama to...
Open to public debate the creation of an international government based on fair and equitable practices. 
The World Peace Plan involves the creation of an international government based on two proven concepts, the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. Under the plan, disputes between nations will be resolved in an international court system rather than on the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people instead. 
The principles of the cooperation of nature are based on making win-win agreements. Each nation will find a niche based on natural resources, and the economic departments of the international government will make fair and equitable trade agreements. 

If we can collect 100,000 signatures before February 12, 2014, President Obama will review our proposal, and decide whether to publicly open the plan to debate. To sign the petition, please go to

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Newsletters Open Plan to Debate

This week we are launching our first newsletter in our online store. "World Peace" newsletter will officially open the debate on the World Peace Plan, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. It will coordinate with the Track Our Progress planning.

While it is being introduced now to the general public, it has been already sent to the ambassadors in Washington, DC, and has had a major impact on the acceptance of the plan. Each issue includes a list of member nations of our affiliate members, which has helped us to leverage the plan amongst the ambassadors and then to the world leaders. Ambassadors function in a close-knit community in Washington, DC, and what better subject to talk about at parties than the World Peace Plan?

Each issue will contain a proposal, a survey and some commentary. New subscriptions start at the beginning of the series, and carry readers from the crisis to the point of resolution.

Purchase subscriptions through our online peace peace store.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Create the Life You Want

The principles our organization stand on create a framework of projects, based on the idea of making win-win agreements. Eventually, every person on the planet will be part of the framework.

This new paradigm is easier to see if you imagine the finished international government.

Just as individuals have talents and gifts, imagine that each nation has natural resources and other capacities, such as great harbors or strategic locations that make transportation from one place to another far easier. At the present time, the international structure is based on power games, where a nation's resources go to benefit the few over the many, or are plundered by the industrialized nations. The games are oppressive to the people.

As the old structure collapses as people stand in protest, it will be superseded by the new paradigm, which makes each nation sovereign, and the international government will handle trade agreements, and support the nation's as they develop their resources. Trade agreements will be handled by the economic departments of the international government through win-win agreements, which build trust and sets the stage for future agreements. This is the cooperation of nature. The international government will be based on the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the rights of the individual to create their life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government.

On the individual level, each individual will create a niche, based on talents and gifts.

There is a transition period. To get the concept started, we are learning how to apply these principles in our own lives, and we will demonstrate the potential of this, and then draw others into the process.

We introduced the plan, and the planning, and now we are working on introducing the projects. The project ideas for our initial projects went out to a group of people, potential members of the organization. They have been squeezed to let go of the old paradigm, and to turn around to see the benefits of joining the framework.

Some individuals have, by applying the oppressive games, have attempting to force their own agenda. They do not yet see the potential of the plan.

The projects are potentially very lucrative, but they cannot be retro-engineered. It has taken a period of time for this to be understood by the vast majority of the potential independent members. No one has been able to create a project without being part of the organization.

It is my responsibility as the director of the organization to open ideas to debate, and then someone must assume responsibility for the project.

The professional publishing team is the first to come in. To draw the team together, I have announced the availability of one of our mini-books, "World Peace Plan," by five of our spiritual guides--(in order of appearance) Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia--the female aspect of God. It explains the planning process to create the life you want.

Under the old paradigm, no one really understood how to create the life we want. We had plots, not plans, and our plots have been based on the power games, which always lead to a backlash. For every step forward, there were two steps backwards.

Our perspective today is to enable people to star thinking about what they would like to create. If you could wave a proverbial magic wand, and create anything you want, what would you create?

The new paradigm is based on applying your talents and gifts, and making win-win agreements, and because every person on the planet is born with talents and gifts, it is possible for every person on the planet to create the life they want.

The proposed international government will guarantee your right to do so.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Will the United States Participate?

The idea for the international government was first introduced at our prayer circle in 1999, and out of the idea came the proposals, books and ideas for innovative projects. It has gone too far to be stopped. Now it is time to prove that it can solve the problems that mankind is facing better than the existing structure.

Every nation will have the opportunity to make its choice. The invitation will go out to all the world leaders to join together at a conference to formally start work on its creation, by writing a constitution and planning for future conferences when individual issues are addressed.

What must come first is that the United States make its decision to participate, and that requires a constitutional amendment to create the additional layer of government. 

It generally takes up to seven years for an amendment to pass through all the steps, and so while this is occurring, other nations will be making their choices, also.

The principles this organization stands on create a framework of projects. We are the overview concept, just like a constitution creates a government and the framework for a legal system, but what is put into the framework is up to the individual. So, one individual must stand up to assume responsibility for the Constitutional Amendment project, but at the same time, everyone must be involved. The focus will continue to shift, with everyone participating in various capacities.