Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ending the Deadlock in Congress

The failure of the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction (Supercommittee) to agree to a plan to cut the deficit demonstrates just how entrenched both parties are in furthering their agenda. Blaming the other side for refusing to "listen to reason" reinforces the futility of their coming up with a plan both sides will agree to, and therefore breaking the deadlock.

Our Founding Fathers included in the Constitution a tool to wield for just such a contingency--an Article V constitutional amendment convention. Many law professors and constitutional scholars agree that now is the time to drag the Article V convention out of the "toolbox."

Basically, Congress is no longer able to function and is losing power. Their approval rating hovers around 10%, depending on the poll. That figure is significant because with any movement, the first 25% to protest are standing on the principles. The second do so because it affects them financially. The third group protests because their lives are affected, and the final 25% who stand in protest are totally uninvolved.

At a 10% approval rating, you are bringing misery down upon those who tip elections. This is also the point where a flashpoint can trigger a revolution.

The Article V convention turns the power back to the States, and ultimately, the people. Thirty four States must apply to Congress to hold the convention, where the amendment is drafted, and then thirty eight States must ratify it before it becomes law. The president has an equal vote to every other American. It is not his or her plan. It comes from the people.

Many proposals have gathered sufficient support from the state legislatures to make it to Congress, but until this time, Congress has not been willing to turn over its power, citing the possibility of opening a Pandora's Box of frivolous issues or issues that are too volatile to address. This is also a Game Congress plays.

Politics has become Gamesmanship to gain power and prestige, but the Games have evolved, and they are now reaching their ultimate conclusion, which is the complete opposite result--a loss of power and prestige. At this point, if the player isn't willing to let go of the games, he loses all.

This is Christmas time, and various versions of "A Christmas Carol" are running on television. What did it take Scrooge to get go of the Game of Greed?

What will the bickering members of Congress consider enough incentive to let go of their power to the States? To address the long list of existing amendments, some that have sat gathering dust for almost 100 years?

No. The only one that will encourage Congress to let go of their power is one that benefits everyone, and solves all the problems at once. An overview plan that benefits everyone on the planet. A simple and logical plan that benefit everyone.

Time for world peace. Time for, not a revolution, but a grassroots movement that brings in all the people on the planet to stand in protest against the oppressive Games of War, Genocide, Massacres, Human Rights Violations and Terrorism. The Games are oppressive to the people.

Congress will not listen unless the people can produce a plan that benefits everyone.

Whose plan will it be?