Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Open letter to Senator Wyden concerning the space race

Donald Trump supports the creation of a US Space Force. China, Russia and India, and other nations are headed out into space. What appears to be a new space race has started. But, there is glitch in thatplan. Several glitches, in fact, but there is also a solution.

If nations compete in space without first addressing conflict resolution, our wars will just go off planet, and may draw into the conflict the aliens. Russia controls social media, and may be behind the Facebook stampede to Area 51. There are 80 species of aliens on the planet, how do we know who to trust? If they offer us innovative technology, but to put one nation over another, then we must not trust them. If they make agreements with one country, are they functioning for their own interests? Contacts have been similar to the way the White people moved west, supplying guns to tribes that are amenable to our ways, which led to the massacres. Before we can take our place out in the stars, mankind must unify the planet, and that unified government will have the authority to speak as one voice, and that involves the creation of the proposed international government, or we will take disputes between nations out into space.

Space travel must come slowly and in perfect order. The first step is to understand we are part of the Universe, too, and therefore subject to Universal law. My letter to the US Supreme Court explaining there is a misunderstanding in our legal system, that Universal Law has been left out, can be considered our first step into space. God doesn't work with anyone whose project does not stand on Universal Law. We need God's blessing to go out into space. God's blessing means we stand on all seven principles--equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance.

The aliens travel inter-dimensionally, so mankind must understand how the dimensions function. Seeing the dimensions as a point, line, circle and sphere, and then time is not going to get us into space, and using thrust from a rocket engine from a moon base may get us to Mars, but no further. Space is big. Real big.

Technology has a sense of duality, because it can be used as a tool or a weapon, but true technology solves problems. It is not dualistic. It cannot be used to harm others.

I am a channel, and in one of my books, my guide retro-engineers an alien space drive. Our three power source inventions will probably be the power source for the ship that allows it to travel interdimensionally. Our innovative technology can't be used as a weapon, and for it to work, must stand on the principles of Universal Law. No one can be left out of its creation. It must benefit everyone.

Scientists have yet to understand the true nature of atoms. Nuclear power must be banned,. on Earth and in space.