Sunday, May 27, 2018

Open letter to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan

Mr. Speaker:

Russian interference in our elections has backed the United States into the corner. We cannot continue to be squeezed nor can we fight Russia. Our government doesn't have a solution to this crisis. Other nations are also facing Russian interference, such as Ukraine, and their sovereignty is being undermined.  Both options are existential threats for our country.

When you are backed into the corner, there is always only one solution to get out of the crisis, and that is to do what is in everyone's best interest. What does that entail?

It is not up to our government to solve this problem. The power any nation is derived from the people, and the people must assume responsibility for the solution, but not by resistance. No one wants a civil war.

Our organization is working to establish an international government based on the US Constitution and the economic foundation is the cooperation of nature--two proven concepts. It allows everyone to function on a higher level.  As of today, people in 85 nations support the plan for the international government.

Congress can open debate on the plan and support the idea by agreeing to hold an Article V amendment convention once the required number of state legislatures petition the US Congress.

Putin was recently re-elected, but without opposition, and so we open debate on the highest form of elections possible, where anyone can run for president so long as they can solve the problems, no money, no contributions. Imagine our founding fathers in a convention deciding what our nation can become, and building on each other's efforts to achieve the highest possible end result.

If Congress cannot do that, then what are they willing to do?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

It's Over. It is Starting.

This afternoon, President Trump announced he is canceling the June summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un, and that he and the US military stands ready should North Korea initiate hostilities. The reunification of North and South Korea is over. Trump de-certified the JCPOA agreement with Iran, and the United States is closer to war than ever before, and this time it is us against the World.

Now that Donald Trump has demonstrated the failure his maximum pressure policy to bring peace, it is time to open debate on a plan that can bring peace.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The End Times

The battles of Armageddon are raging across the planet, and in just a few generations, they could bring mankind to its end. There is a simple solution that can elevate the entire planet out of the abyss.

Armageddon is known as the end times, the complete destruction of the planet, but the end times are occurring all the time on a smaller basis, such as in marriages and between siblings. The end times on any level start when one person stands on the principles and makes a choice, and that choice affects the security and support of another individual. It isn't necessarily the end of the marriage or the family, it is the end of the cycle, and it is possible to transition to a higher form of relationship.

The schism that started the global battles of Armageddon began with the preemptive strike on Iraq. Saddam Hussein stood on the principles that he was the leader of Iraq, and that the sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, and when he did so, it threatened the security and support of George W. Bush, who went down into the power games. When George W. Bush invaded Iraq, and there were no WMD found, it collapsed the US power base, and it created a schism between those who realized that the United States has lost our power base by invading Iraq and those who still believe the policy of preemption works. Those who believe in the policy and see the loss of US power, blame President Obama for the loss of power, and support the policy of regime change.

If US foreign policy is failed policy, what will work? The United States has three options: stand on the principles and function on a higher level, ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage, or go down into the power games, such as war.

This is how movements start, when someone introduces a plan that benefits everyone, and is the solution to the dilemma, but there is always resistance to the change. This same process is occurring in every nation. The World Peace Movement has started. The plan for the international government has been introduced and has the capacity to solve the crisis, but until it has been created, there will be resistance from those who are grabbing for money and power. The resistance will end when they see how the plan can benefit them financially.

And, until the planning for the creation of the international government has started, agreements based on the creation of the plan are not permanent or sufficient because those who are grabbing for power are controlling the agreements. An example of this is the agreement that opened the door between the United States and Cuba. Fidel Castro stood up and declared his support for the plan for the international government. His definition of the word "good" was based on principles, but it was Raul Castro who made the agreement, and his definition of "good" is wealthy.

The power games go against Universal Law, and so there is always a backlash to the games. If you grab for power, you will eventually lose power. Those who rely on the games will face the backlashes from the games, just as George W. Bush did, and those who stand on the principles, and assume responsibility will rise in power, and when they meet in the midpoint, that is when that nation will be open to joining the proposed international government. That is when the people will be willing to invite their government to join the debate.

Let's focus now on the battles that are raging within the United States. Donald Trump was elected in 2016 by his supporters because they see him as a man who can make America prosperous again. His supporters equate money and power, which are two things that cannot be equated because if you lose your money, you lose your power. Equated ideas get people into trouble, and today, I would like to explain how that trouble comes about.

Trump and his supporters are not necessarily the majority of the American people. It is hard to say how many people actually support Donald Trump. Many people don't vote. The majority of the American people understand that they are responsible for their own financial support, and that small businesses are the backbone of any economy. These people don't need Trump to make them prosperous, but, Trump has gone down into the power games, and is dragging many people toward the edge of the abyss, whether by his policy of maximum pressure on North Korea, which nearly triggered a nuclear war, or his economic policies that benefit the top 1% and will place a burden on the lowest economic levels, or his plan to dismantle the EPA, and many other social programs, including immigration and the travel ban.

There will now be generations of people who are dragged off course by the battles that are raging within the United States. The first generation is in it for the money, and are playing power games, like Donald Trump and his cabinet. The next generation will be further off course, and their focus will be on the finding the support they need. These people admire Trump, but when you put someone on a pedestal, you deny your own capacity. Trump surrounds himself with people who rely on him for their support but they function outside of their capacity. This generation  will not function on a very high level, and there will be much frustration and blame. The next generation will have an even more difficult time, with sociological problems that tear apart the communities, such as gang violence. The next generation will have no security, and this generation will be the last generation unless they can overcome this crisis.

This progression of crisis follows the stages of the planning process. You can overcome the crisis by creating a plan that benefits everyone.

The solution is that everyone must function from his or her own capacity. This is the first principle of a global renaissance. It  brings everyone to the same level. The focus must be  on sharing talents and gifts, which are easy to share and even benefits you to share. Everyone on the planet is born with talents and gifts, and that fact allows every person on the planet to be able to make win-win agreements, which builds trust and sets the stage for future agreements.

On the international level, rather than waging war to get control of another nation's natural resources, or making unfair trade agreements so that a nation's natural resources become a curse to them rather than a blessing, the international government will take disputes off the battlefield, and will make win-win agreement trade agreements between nations, and even help nations discover what natural resources it has. The Middle East, for example, relies on oil resources, but ignores other potential resources.

Our organization has a program, called "Multiply Your Resources," which enables everyone involved to discover what resources they actually have. The principle that is lacking for people in poverty is abundance, and this program will reinstate that principle into their lives. In the future, our advisers will travel to various nations and assist the governments and the people to understand what they have, in terms of nature resources, and this is one benefit of being a member of the proposed international government.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Don't Expect Iran, Cuba and North and South Korea to be at Peace Yet

May 12th is the deadline for the JCPOA agreement to be re-certified, and Donald Trump has everyone wondering which way he will go. Will he tear apart the agreement, and stop the underlying plan, which is the plan for the international government, from coming about?

The letter from Mahmoud Amadinejad to Barack Obama opened the door between the United States and Iran, but the JCPOA is not the final agreement. The plan for the international government has gone too far to be stopped, and that was so long before Donald Trump knew the plan existed. Cuba and the United States have re-opened diplomatic ties, and North and South Korea have marched together in the Olympics, but none of the nations that have received proposals based on the plan are considered members of the proposed international government.

The power games have reached the point where mankind has been dragged to the edge of the abyss of nuclear war. Kim Jong Un was backed into the corner, and he saw only two untenable options--both existential threats. He could continue to starve or come out and fight a stronger force. Instead, he took the proposal and turned around, and chose to reunify with South Korea. But, there is a major factor that has been ignored. The World Peace Movement has started.

A schism has occurred in every nation as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq, and everyone on the planet is being sorted into one of four groups--those who stand on the principles, those who have gone down into the power games because their security and support has been threatened, those whose lives have been affected, and those who function for their own interests. Before nations will be at peace based on the plan for the international government, the schism must reach its ultimate conclusion. The "Battles of Armageddon" must play their way to their end. The World Peace Movement has started, and the people of every nation are separating into four segments, and the segments are separating, again and again, down to the individual level, and that is when each of us on the planet must choose whether to be part of the plan for world peace.

Like what occurred between Donald Trump and Kim Jomg Un, backing another person in the corner doesn't mean you will win. That person now has three options, not two untenable options. The power games no longer work.

The 200 potential independent members of the organization are parallel to the 200 nations. When the plan was first introduced in 1999, only 7 or 8 people knew about the idea, and then the idea started to spread. People who believed they had greater capacity attempted to steal the plan, but a plan based on everyone sharing their talents and gifts is impossible to steal. The conflict devolved as a character defamation campaign, and some people went down into the power games of revenge.

If you look at my planning for the creation of the international government, you will see that the very first step is to bring together the professional publishing team to publish the books, but the books are channeled messages from the spiritual hierarchy. These are very unique books. For a channel, channeling God, writing a best selling book each month for eight months on subjects you know nothing about is not hard to do. For anyone else, it is impossible.  How can someone find information that even the world's leading experts don't know about?  We are taking the information from the spiritual hierarchy and teaching the world's leading experts, and they will teach the rest of the world. How can only who knows nothing about a subject fool the world's leading experts that they know more about the subject than they do?

While the power games have raged on, those who seemed to have the power demonstrated their intent and their lack of capacity to do another's project, and those who seemed to have no power, started to rise in power as each of us assumed responsibility for our projects.

The same conflict is devolving on the international level. Character defamation is an individual form of genocide. The preemptive strike on Iraq devolved as a genocide, and because it was between two world leaders, it is devolving as a global genocide, the worst case scenario for the planet.

Mankind is learning the lesson of where true power comes from. The protocol for ending a genocide must be addressed. The first requirement for conflict resolution is that both sides must be considered equal.