Friday, May 26, 2017

The Rise of Unifying Islam

Today marks the start of Ramadan, the month-long time for Muslims all over the world to turn from focusing on the cares of the world to studying the Quran. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, which creates a sense of equality.

Islam is based on the principle of equality, which is what people who have been dragged into a war lack. Muslims stand in protest when they see someone who is not treating everyone fairly and equally, someone who is not standing on the principles of Universal Law, which treats everyone fairly and equally.

For students of the Faith of the Pure Ray, Islam is a unifying force in the world. For those of us who were raised as Christians, and know Christmas is something that we must keep in our hearts all year long, we now know that Ramadan is also something that we must keep in our heart all year long, because equality is the first requirement for conflict resolution, and that the battle between Christianity and Islam can be resolved when all the religions are considered equal, which is what they are in the Faith of the Pure Ray. We are the rise of unifying Islam. We are unifying the world's seven major religions.

The Light Source invention demonstrates the devolution from intolerance to its ultimate conclusion of terrorism, which then leads to feuds and failed states. Ironically, how many failed states are predominantly Muslim nations?

It is the grab for power that leads to loss of power, because power games go against Universal Law. If you can't get power by playing oppressive power games, how can you get back the power you have lost? If you have lost everything, how do you get it back? The Light Source invention is included in the Power Packet, which is the first packet of information that students of our Getting Out of the Abyss classes study.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get the life we want. This is one of the inalienable rights granted to each of us by the Creator of us all. To deny another person their inalienable rights, they are fighting the Universe and therefore, cannot win. We cannot point fingers at others, we can only look inside of ourselves to see if we are standing on the principles of equality, and working to end oppression that comes from intolerance.

At the end of our Getting Out of the Abyss classes, we become the teachers, and we send out to family and friends a series of postcards to draw them into the Getting Out of the Abyss classes. We are demonstrating to others it is possible to do so. The first postcard explains that when you see oppression of any time, like Muslims should do, you stand in protest, but unless you can offer a plan that benefits everyone, your voice will go unheard.

What is the plan that benefits everyone? The overview plan is the plan for the international government, because it is based on the principles of Universal Law. We are focusing first on the principles that unify the planet.

Our first proposal takes disputes between nations off the battlefield and into court. The basis for the international legal system is Universal Law.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Is the case against Saddam Hussein unraveling?

Have you ever noticed that when something nags at your mind that eventually you figure out why? Some lesson emerges, and once you look at it, the nagging fades away.

What is nagging at the United States is the recent election, but rather than looking at why Donald Trump won, let's look at why Jeb Bush didn't. It wasn't that Trump was the superior candidate, because Jeb Bush is much more qualified for the job. He has prior government experience so he wouldn't have faced talks of impeachment in the first four months of his presidency. Jeb would never have made the simple mistakes that Donald Trump has made that threaten his presidency, not to mention the major mistakes that are becoming evident in the investigations.

George HW Bush's dream has been to have his two sons become president, but Jeb brought with him into the campaign the burden of the failed foreign policy decisions of his brother. For 41 to get his dream, this issue must be addressed. Power comes from working to undo the damage you have done.

What led to the schism in Washington DC is the revenge against Saddam Hussein, and to end the schism in our government and around the world, the United States must address the fact that Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges against him. 

 Let's assume that after the primary, the Bush family sat down together and tried to figure out why Jeb Bush lost, and that after some honest soul-searching, they came to the understanding that they cannot get their life by getting revenge on Saddam Hussein. 

If that actually occurred, they are now undermining the terrorists that stood in protest against George W. Bush's policy of preemption. The arms deal Trump just made with the Saudis was unnecessary. George W. Bush didn't understand the root cause of terrorism, instead believing that "some people are good and some are bad, and the bad people want to hurt the good people," and so his plan to end terrorism made the crisis worse. The root cause of terrorism is that people on the bottom are denied a voice in matters of grave concern, and raise their voices to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. Muslims rise in protest when they see someone is not acting fairly and equally, so if the Bush family is now seeing that the policy of preemption was failed policy, then terrorism will fade away. This will have more of an effect on the "rise of violent extremism" than a major arms deal. 

The next group to be undermined are those who declare their support for the War on Terror, who are using the United States military to target their own people to stay in power, and they undermine those who play the game of Greed, and they are undermining those who judged Saddam Hussein to be evil, which led to the genocide. That undermines the Gulf War, which was started by George HW Bush.

For 41 to get his dream, he will eventually assume responsibility to undo the damage he did during the Gulf War--which started to establish the Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein. 

The Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein is unraveling. Each of the five groups of people who came together with what seemed like a common goal--revenge against Saddam Hussein--are undermining each other because none had the same goal. Revenge is a means to an end. None of the people who were drawn into the act of revenge got what they wanted, but they did--they got revenge. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Global Economic Competition

In a letter to the diplomatic community, I mentioned the global power paradigm under the international government will shift from military might to economic strength, because the power a nation has will be based on population in the international House of Representatives, and it will benefit a government to enable its people to prosper. The world leaders will turn inside their nation and encourage a strong economy rather than to consider waging war, which is oppressive to the people.

One of the rights a citizen of the international government will have is to leave a nation if he or she believes he has been oppressed, so oppressive governments will lose power as their people petition the international government to leave.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to create the life he or she wants, and that is possible if the paradigm shifts from working at minimum wage jobs to where everyone is functioning based on one's talents and gifts, and makes win-win agreements to get what we need. People will buy more artistic items and this will help to encourage greater creativity. The first requirement for a global renaissance is that people function from within their own capacity.

Our Faith of the Pure Ray project unifies the world's seven major religions, which is based on the fact that each of the world's seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge that is necessary to know to create that life--which is to fulfill our purpose in life. What unifies the world is that every person on the planet wants is to be able to create his or her life without interference--which is one of our inalienable rights that is granted to us by our Creator. In the future, there will be Faith of the Pure Ray churches in every nation that will function like schools or universities, and its students will go there to learn how create their life on a higher level.

In each of the Faith of the Pure Ray buildings there will be offices of the international government to guarantee the people's right to leave, but can also function to help students find new homes where there is less oppression. This solves the problem of refugees who leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs.

What this all leads to is a world that is filled with people who are working at satisfying and fulfilling jobs in nations that support their people, and because the economic basis for the international government is based on making win-win trade agreements, there is the potential for a global renaissance.

The Silk Road is making the news again, recreating the trade route that made Asia the economic powerhouse it has been for millennia. One of the factors we, as an organization, consider important when creating something new is to consider the past--what worked well in the past-- and combining it with something from the present and the future. The United States brought many people here because we have been considered the "land of opportunity," but Asia may be the economic powerhouse of the future in the competition for power.

Our organization has its own economic plans--four of them, in fact. The first one is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which is a US economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on our economy by the creation of an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, ending the oppressive power games of the past--something that drove people away. Our goal is not just to make America Great Again, but to establish a global renaissance that benefits everyone on the planet. This proposals contingency is that America amend our Constitution to enable everyone on the planet to have the same inalienable rights we have guaranteed to us under our Constitution-- the factor from our past that made our nation great, like the Silk Road did for Asia.

This summer, we are introducing a second economic stimulus plan within our organization, and it, too, has a basis in the past. More on this in a separate blog post.

Good luck in this global economic competition!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

John Adams Defense of the British Soldiers

Yesterday I met an acquaintance at a store, and he said he was worried about Kim Jong Un firing a nuclear missile at the United States. I told him that Kim Jong Un is like a wild animal, and if the United States left him alone, we would have nothing to fear, that our government has backed him into the corner with sanctions and six party talks, and then parades air craft carriers past him to flaunt our superior military power. Who is the victim here? The United States or North Korea?

Genocides start when one person believes he or she has been victimized, and the one person in American history who clarified this question best of who is the victim is John Adams in his defense of the British troops after the event known as the Boston Massacre. His argument was that a guard's post is like his castle, and he has the right to defend it, and what man would not try to defend himself from an attack?

There is a kind of flip-flop effect, and that is the perfect time to take the case to court to decide. Who is the victim and who is the villain?

In the case of Captain Preston and his British troops, John Adams believed they were victimized by the crowd made up of angry colonists, not the other way around. At the time, the Revolution had not yet started, and the colonies were still subject to British rule, and the British troops had every right to be there, defending their post. It took the signing of the Declaration of Independence and a Revolutionary War to drive the British from our soil.

In the case of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has the right to defend his nation from what he sees as acts of aggression by the United States, yet we see ourselves as victims of his acts of aggression.

In the case of the Iraq War, the Iraqi people have had the right to defend themselves and their nation from the act of aggression perpetrated by the United States as a result of the preemptive strike, which went against the intent of the UN Charter, and was justified by a lie.

What man would not try to defend himself, his home and his nation?

Universal Law is what clarifies this in our minds. "Do unto others as you would have them to unto you." As a nation, do we want foreign governments to declare they have the right to invade our shores, or to topple our government because we don't agree to their policies?

Citizens who are uninformed about what is going on in the world, and who believe the justification to perpetrate acts of aggression against another nation because we are being victimized, like what occurred in Iraq, start genocides and play into the hands of those who function entirely for their own interests when they judge another person to be evil. No one has the right to judge another person as being evil, even governments.

The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and under our plan, disputes between nations will be decided in court rather than the battlefield. No one has to do more than to agree to turn responsibility for handling the dispute over to the international government and its associated court system to end disputes all over the entire planet.

The existing structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars because the UN Charter has five main flaws, including the fact that it does not treat all nations fairly and equally, which was proven by the fact that the United States was able to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq. There was no John Adams who stood up to defend the Iraqi people from the acts of aggression perpetrated by George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Now, to end this war and to prevent many others, it is time for this dispute to be decided in court.

But, what about the courts? How can there be a fair trial to decide a genocide, which is based on weaving an illusion? That is what we are addressing with our Exit Strategy for Iraq.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

We are all citizens of the Universe

The one unifying factor that brings every person on the planet together is that each of us wants to be able to create the life we want, and the one law that unifies everyone is Universal Law.

We are all citizens of the Universe. The application of that in our lives includes government and religion, and so the plan for the international government, and how it addresses religion, must stand on the principles of Universal Law for it to be able to unify the entire planet. For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law, and now that has happened. 

The focus to this point has been creating entirely different governments and different religions, which has created a sense of conflict. Now it is time to re-introduce the teachings that can unify the planet in both government and religion. 

A Constitution creates a government, and the planet has watched nations, such as Iraq, struggle to create a new government by writing a new constitution. But, what are the factors that must be addressed when you write a constitution that end the conflict and bring a sense of unification? 

Who could imagine that it is possible to unify the world's seven major religions, but we are doing that with the Faith of the Pure Ray. We take nothing from any religion, and respect each of them for what they are.

If mankind works to create an international government without basing it on Universal Law, only conflict can come from it. There are institutions, such as the United Nations, that seem to be in everyone's best interest, but any that does not treat all people fairly and equally will eventually fail. 

There is a prophecy about the rise of a caliphate and a prophecy about a Thousand Years of Peace. Prophecy can be a warning or a promise. Which stands on the principles of Universal Law, or does the caliphate promise that mankind will live in peace for that thousand years? Is there an interpretation for either or both that is based on misunderstandings? 

The Universe has three levels. There are the Principles, the Power and the Project, or in religion, there is the Father, the Mother and the Son. 

Which is based on "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? Which stands on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance? 

Mankind always has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. 

This weekend, the French people are voting for their new president, and at the last minute, there was a huge attempt to hack the election, just as there was with the US presidential election. Is this an attempt to create a global government where one individual will become the emperor of the planet? Will there are 200 dictators subservient to one emperor?

During this time period, with instantaneous global communications, it is possible for one individual to reach every person on the planet, and therefore to perpetrate a hostile takeover of the entire planet. It is possible, but it is also not probable or even likely that it will happen, and that is because no one is in agreement for it to come about. 

No one is in agreement for one individual to become emperor of the planet. No one is in agreement for one individual to become the caliph of the planet, and the global legal system to be based on Sharia Law.  Only conflict can come from that. 

The proposed international government will have no say in how a nation chooses its leaders. Every nation will be sovereign and autonomous. It will not attempt to dictate on culture or religion. Change must come from within the culture, when the people are ready, and never forced to change from an outside source. The unification process will take what exists to the higher level by focusing on what unifies all the nations and all the religions and all the people. 

Each nation will send an international president to the international government, and they will vote to decide on whether legislation passed by the international legislative branch is executable. At this time, there is a question about what role the US president plays, and that question must be addressed and must be purified before the international government is created. The US president is not a king. He or she is subject to all three levels of the US legal system, and also international law. 

Mankind is creating a new international government that must stand on the principles of Universal Law, and because it does, there will be no resistance to the plan. When we stand on the principles of Universal Law, we are able to apply the principles of Creativity in our own lives. We are "endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."