Friday, December 20, 2019

Calling for a Ban on Undersea Mining

Form email to the International Undersea Authority concerning a ban on undersea mining on December 18, 2019:

Our organization is calling for a ban on undersea mining. It is an existential threat to life on Earth. The minerals in the water function like electrolytes in a battery. The sunlight is stored in the oceans.

We believe the oceans must remain sovereign, that no one owns the oceans because they have a major impact on the entire planet. They must be under the auspices of an international body that has the authority to ensure they stay in their pristine condition. Our organization is working to create an international government based on the US Constitution, and it will have eleven departments, including the Department of the Oceans, that will be sovereign [autonomous] and made up of experts in their fields, which will take politics and corporate greed out of the equation. Many people are very concerned about global warming and see it as an existential threat. Undersea mining must be including in global warming.

Our plan includes an ocean symposium in our coastal town in Oregon, USA, and we will invite experts in the oceans from every nation. They will start the process to create the international Department of the Oceans, which will be formally established at a conference we will host in Europe. Already, world leaders are starting to work on the plan.

We ask that you reconsider undersea mining, and what impact it will have on the planet and on mankind. If you would like to learn more about our plan, please go on our website at President Obama is aware of our plan, also, and it has affected foreign policy.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lesson #1: Where Does True Power Come From?

The New York Times is running a story about the crisis in Lebanon. It is a lesson mankind is now learning.

"To Make Sense of Lebanon's Protests, Follow the Garbage: The country's perpetual refuse crisis is just one example of government corruption and dysfunction that have brought protesters into the streets."

In their power-sharing agreement, no one is assuming responsibility. True power comes not from vast amounts of money, or military might. The faction that assumes responsibility for solving their nation's problems will be the next leaders, because they will have the support of the people. Not through corrupt intent. Not through lining their own pockets with funds that have been set aside for the common good. Not through lies and deceit.

Their power sharing agreement seemed like a good idea at the time. It seemed the best way to end the conflict. It didn't address the root cause of the problem. Lebanon has seen decades of interference from outside forces and acts of terrorism, and it has left that nation on a far lower level . Our proposal to Lebanon can be found at, and it can help the people of Lebanon to rise out of its crisis. First, we must all address where true power comes from.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Iraqi Protests Are Not What They Seem

The eight year war between  Iran and Iraq of the 1980s, which was fought with chemical warfare, was one of the bloodiest in the history of mankind. Then came the Gulf War, which was more of a rout than a war, but it set the stage for revenge against Saddam Hussein. According to the CIA World Factbook, at the time of the preemptive strike on Iraq in 2003, 70% of the population of Iraq was under 17. The Iraq War resulted in countless deaths--many were fathers fighting to defend their country. Before the war started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists to Iran hoping to end any hard feelings, but Iran didn't defend Iraq's sovereignty. After the surge to end the insurgency came the withdrawal of US troops and the rise of ISIS. Iraq was defending itself against a new enemy. Iraqis who were children during the Iraq War and survived the conflicts have grown up in the internet age, but with an education in revenge.

At the time, I wondered why the United States established a parliamentary system of government in Iraq to replace its dictatorship. The United States has promoted democracy around the world, why not give Iraq an opportunity to function on a higher level? The answer is parliamentary governments can be more easily controlled from the outside, and when a government is created and controlled by an outside force, there will always be protests and possible military intervention.

But, as the protests continue, Iran is being blamed, and the Prime Minister of Iraq is resigning. Why?

The Iraq War, with Saddam Hussein gone, there has been the threat of influence by Iran, but what influence have they actually exerted during this era of the rise of authoritarianism around the world? In 2011, Ahmadinejad wrote his letter to President Obama in support of the plan for the creation of an international government, and in 2012, our planning for the creation of the international government was placed online. The first government proposal came about to stop the drive to war and then was amended after the assassination of Saddam Hussein.

The Iraq War devolved as a  genocide, not a war, and genocides are based on weaving an illusion, now no one knows who to trust. It created a schism around the world, separating the entire population into four segments, including those who stand on the  principles, those who are grabbing for power, those whose lives have been affected, and those who function for their own interests. When President Obama responded to Iran, he opened the door to Iran, which led to the JCPOA and a window into Iran's nuclear power program, but also sparked outrage from the people who have been grabbing for power.  Is Iran's nuclear program being used for peaceful purposes, as Iran insisted, or to manufacture weapons to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, as Iran threatened?

Now the United States has a new president that promised his supporters that he would work to undo everything Obama did while in office, and one of his first moves was to withdraw from the JCPOA and to use his policy of Maximum Pressure on Iran by enacting crippling economic sanctions.

Donald Trump faced the Mueller investigation that looked into Trump's involvement in Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and is now facing impeachment as a result of an alleged abuse of power for putting pressure on Ukraine to benefit him personally. In how many other nations has he done the same? In his first trip to the CIA, Trump "coded," or hinted or suggested, to the agents his intent to go back into Iraq to take their oil. Have there been covert actions to do that, and to cast blame on Iran to divert the attention away from him? Is this another example of abuse of his presidential power?  Is Iran actually to blame?

Our original government proposal, An Exit Strategy for Iraq, set into place a way to defend Iraq from Iranian influence. If it had been accepted at the time, the drain on the US economy would have been plugged and the Iraq War would have ended with negotiations with Saddam Hussein-- and the Iraqi people would have lived in an era of world peace. The United States did not accept that proposal. Saddam Hussein is not here to negotiate a resolution to the crisis in a way that benefits everyone. After Saddam Hussein's death, the amended Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal places the entire responsibility for undoing the damage caused by the Iraq War on the shoulders of the United States. That implies that the United States is responsible for paying for rebuilding Iraq. That proposal has also been shoved aside. Now the United States may have gone down deeper into the power games. It appears the US government is once again going into Iraq to take their oil, but this time using covert actions and possibly to benefit only Donald Trump, and to deflect the responsibility onto Iran--who supported the plan for the international government under President Ahmadinejad. This choice could lead to a global war. The proverbial demons are being unleashed.  According to a recent statement by Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union, we could end  up in a  hot war with Russia.

President George W. Bush was considered the most powerful man on the planet by many people, and he and Prime Minister Tony Blair were able to bring together a coalition of nations when they invaded Iraq. They failed. The Iraqis fought back with weapons they manufactured in their kitchens. It was an unlawful war because it went against the intent of the UN Charter. It went against Universal Law, and by taking away the unalienable rights of the Iraqis, Americans are now losing our rights.

This time, the stakes are far different. The US power base has collapsed. We are under the threat of Russian and Chinese interference in our elections. President Trump, a billionaire with no prior government experience, according to Speaker of the House Pelosi is "in way over his head," and under the threat of impeachment for abuse of power. The lies he has told have created a sense of illusion so that no one knows who to trust. Could he draw together a coalition of his fellow Conservatives who have risen to power?

Why did the Prime Minister of Iraq resign? Who will replace him?

In the United States, the Iraq War is fading into history and our children have also grown up in the internet age. Many have been educated in revenge and we are seeing kids lashing out on fellow students in school shootings. How many Americans will answer the call to go back to war with Iraq? Taking Iraq's oil will tear apart the United States.

Each of our government proposals help to end the crisis for a particular nation, and our planning stages address the principles of failed US foreign policy. Each proposal will be addressed in an issue of World Peace newsletter. The first issue focuses on the Exit Strategy for Iraq, but it is a supplement issue. The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is the US Constitutional Amendment proposal. The first proposal sets the stage for the creation of an international court system based on Universal Law, and the dispute between the Iraq and the United States is the first court case. 

The Prime Minister of Iraq has resigned. Why?

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Finding a National Identity

I saw a sign hanging in a shop once that said, "With every movement, at first there is mild resistance, then active resistance, and then everyone accepts it." At first, everyone is following his or her own plan for their life, and it isn't until that plan demonstrates it can't help him get his life that there is need to find a new plan. 

Imagine the Titanic sailing on course to America. No one would willingly climb into a lifeboat unless the ship was going to sink. 

The plan for world peace has gone through that same process. Not all have seen the necessity to make any changes. 

Now imagine the lives of the all the crew and passengers. Each went on board as an individual, either survived or perished, and they become known as part of a group identity. It followed them. For some, it was the end--living or dead, and others it was a burden to bear, and for others it became an opportunity to create a new identity--living or dead.  

People lose their identities when they become cancer patients, or alcoholics, or diabetics, or criminals, or elderly. They find themselves in crisis, and they must rise out of the crisis and then create a new identity. It is as if that person leaves behind what no longer works and must figure out what does work. 

The first government proposals focus on eight nations that have all been in crisis because of a sense of judgment. The first two proposals are US proposals, and the question is how to get out of it. To get out of our crisis, under Universal Law of Cause and Effect, we must enable others to get out of their crisis. The Exit Strategy for Iraq enables England to rise out of their crisis and find its national identity. It brings together England's entire history and who they are today and what crises they are facing to enable the English people to find their niche. That enables the United States to do the same thing. And then the focus shifts to Iraq, and that brings in other nations. By all the other nations participating, it enables every nation to rise out of its crisis and to find their own national identity.  

This is the same process every nation and every person on the planet must address over the next twenty years or so. Each nation will create a niche  based on natural resources and each individual based  on talents and gifts. 


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ending the Ideology Behind ISIS

With the announcement that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS,  is dead, there is a wide range of reactions, from relief and happiness, to shock and anger, and to skepticism, to pragmatic. The governor of Nineveh, Iraq, Mansour Marid, said "This is only one page of the situation, and we presume there is another page to it. The important thing is to end the ideology, otherwise with these kind of men, one leader goes, another will come in his place."
The rise of ISIS reportedly came as the result of a prophecy, but there is probably a much larger picture here. If you look at the root cause of the crisis, it was probably one of the ripples of effects that came out as the result of the revenge against Saddam Hussein. The Iraq War destabilized the Middle East. The preemptive strike on Iraq went against the premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it  is part of the US legal system because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. The judgment against Saddam Hussein was that he was Axis of Evil, which meant that the conflict devolved not as a war, but a genocide, and genocides are based on weaving an illusion. If so, ending ISIS involves addressing the prejudice and ulterior motives that motivated the founder of ISIS to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. This is a lesson mankind is learning, about how revenge works and why it doesn't work. This mankind will address it through the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. 
Back to the narrower perspective, what ends the ideology behind the prophecy of the rise of a caliphate in Syria and Iraq?
Prophecy is a potential future, and it can be either a warning or a promise. To understand how prophecy works, you must understand a bit about how time works. There are two types of time--Relative and Absolute. Think of Relative time as being a cycle, like a lifetime, with a beginning and an end, from birth to death. A good analogy is a spindle with many papers impaled in it, and each paper is an event in the person's life. Absolute time combines all the potential experiences in the person's life, and each spindle is one belief structure away. Which spindle you are on is dependent on your belief structure, so if the prophecy is a good one, and you would like it to come about, and if it doesn't come about, you must change what you believe. If it is a warning, and you don't want to experience what has been prophesied, then you also must change what you believe. Mankind has potential futures, too. Will we learn this lesson or continue on making the same mistakes? 
What you believe pegs you are a particular place. People who come from a sense of lack play compensatory power games, but games that compensate for lack of power don't work. Two power games are based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery--and both are associated with revenge. Terrorism is not based on weaving an illusion. Terrorists play the power game of Anger because they lack a voice and raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. Slaves lack their freedom. It is a power game that backs people into the corner because they cannot stay and they cannot go home. 
Is there a real prophecy? Is the source from our Creator, who stands on the principles of Universal Law, and therefore sees the widest perspective? Who received the prophecy? Is it a warning or a promise? Is it meant to make people change what they believe? How should the prophecy be interpreted?  Was the prophecy woven into an illusion to justify killing people, and destroying sacred places, or was this a misunderstanding based on how to interpret prophecies? Where is it written? Have the scholars studied it an confirmed it? 
No one can change what another believes. What people believe is the result of a lifetime of experiences, but a time comes when people decide "enough it enough," that change is necessary, and then they must make their choice. They are no longer in Absolute  Time, with unlimited potential. They change what they believe. 
If the rise of ISIS is  one of the ripples that went out from the Grand Lie to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, based on the revenge against Saddam Hussein, the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal will start to unravel the illusion, and the prejudice and ulterior motives. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Peace Must Come Slowly and in Perfect Order

Our organization has introduced the first set of government proposals, and the first proposal sets the stage for resolving disputes between nations in an international court system. Our letter to the US Supreme Court sets the stage for Universal Law to be the basis for the international legal system, because it can unify the planet. We have sent letters to ambassadors recommending responding to acts of aggression that are backing nations into the proverbial corner by doing what is in everyone's best interest--to take the offenders to court. There is now a diplomatic solution on the table, so acts of aggression can be considered unlawful under international law. 

Not all people recognize yet the legality of the plan for the international government. Many people rely on their old power games and see walking away from a dispute as an opportunity to advance their own agenda. Donald Trump is withdrawing US troops from Syria at the present time, and undermining security in the region. 

No one should let down their defenses during this time of transition. 

The plan for world peace, because it is based on Universal Law, pegs mankind on a very high level, but once the plan was introduced, it created a sense of duality. People either see it as the solution or the problem, with resistance to the plan from those who rely on the old structure for their security and support, and they fell back to playing their favorite power games to maintain control. There is always a backlash to the games, so this is why the first lesson mankind is learning--where true power comes from. Does it come from acts of oppression, or assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done? Those who assume responsibility rise in power and those who grab for power lose power and when they meet in the middle, that is when conflict resolution is possible.

Mankind is learning about revenge, how it works and why it doesn't. Revenge brings together people who play five power games--war, genocide, massacres, slavery and terrorism. Two are based on weaving an illusion. When the other three--war, massacres and terrorism--reach their ultimate conclusion, the proverbial pendulum starts to swing back again, but genocides and slavery continue to swing the pendulum further. The ripples of effects continue to go out until someone says stop. The two principles that are lacking are Liberty and Freedom. 

Universal Law stands on seven principles, including Liberty and Freedom. By basing the international courts on these seven principles, it starts to bring the pendulum back to the midpoint where disputes between nations can be resolved. 

World peace must come slowly and in perfect order. The next step is to address revenge, and the power games that swing the pendulum so everyone learns to recognize the games and the ramifications to the games. There can be no sense of judgment because everyone plays the games, and the games are bad, not the people. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Space Race? Turn Right Here Now

This month, thousands of people will be traveling to Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to the secret military testing base known as Area 51, as part of a Facebook post that went viral.  How many will show up to "see them aliens?" Yesterday I saw an SUV pulling a small white utility trailer headed south, a painted green alien with two red reflector eyes on the back doors and Area 51 on the sides, so I can assume they are part of the thousands who will show up.

Space is on many minds. Several nations have gone to the moon, a stepping stone to Mars and beyond. A new space race seems to have started, but will there actually be a space race? Is a space race between nations in anyone's best interest? Space travel is expensive. Can individual nations afford to divert funds to the race? How are corporations funded? How about redundant research? How about militarizing space?  Every plan must eventually address the glitches. 

In "A Manual for Peace," which will be recommended reading for the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, Seth tells us there are 80 aliens species on the planet. Of those who are here, how many are ambassadors from their home planet, offering the Earth--and mankind-- help based on Universal Law, that if they help us, they will receive help in return? How many function for their own interests, and so how can we trust them? How many are here as part of a hostile takeover of the planet or are working to stymie mankind or to prevent us from becoming an equal part of the galactic community? They will assist one nation but leave the others behind? If one nation becomes an "alien sympathizer," how can we defend ourselves from that? How much damage can be done before we solve that crisis? 

How can we know who to trust? 

Universal Law is based on seven principles--Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance. These principles create balance, but intolerance devolves into wars. 

These principles create a framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature where every part shares what is easy to share in win-win agreements, and gets in return 10x, 100x, 1000x what they invest. These agreements are not based on compromise, where each side must sacrifice, but give what benefits them to give, so they build very strong bonds-covalent bonds--that build trust and set the stage for future agreements. When there is shared research, there is no need to waste efforts. 

This framework creates a paradigm shift in how mankind functions. Instead of relying on power games of one-upmanship, which go against Universal law and always lead to backlashes, The old paradigm has led us all to reach the understanding that we cannot get our life by playing the games. The new paradigm is that we can get our life, but not by playing them games. The next step is to actually create the life we want. 

Our organization has three innovative inventions that are based on these seven principles. If you have Universal Law and the seven principles that enable mankind to make the paradigm shift, and then the application of these principles is the Space Race, where we are not controlled by an alien race but equal members of the galactic community and creating the life we want, these three inventions combine to create a space drive that can take mankind to the stars. We lift ourselves out of the paradigm gravity well of the old paradigm and into space. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Open letter to Senator Wyden concerning the space race

Donald Trump supports the creation of a US Space Force. China, Russia and India, and other nations are headed out into space. What appears to be a new space race has started. But, there is glitch in thatplan. Several glitches, in fact, but there is also a solution.

If nations compete in space without first addressing conflict resolution, our wars will just go off planet, and may draw into the conflict the aliens. Russia controls social media, and may be behind the Facebook stampede to Area 51. There are 80 species of aliens on the planet, how do we know who to trust? If they offer us innovative technology, but to put one nation over another, then we must not trust them. If they make agreements with one country, are they functioning for their own interests? Contacts have been similar to the way the White people moved west, supplying guns to tribes that are amenable to our ways, which led to the massacres. Before we can take our place out in the stars, mankind must unify the planet, and that unified government will have the authority to speak as one voice, and that involves the creation of the proposed international government, or we will take disputes between nations out into space.

Space travel must come slowly and in perfect order. The first step is to understand we are part of the Universe, too, and therefore subject to Universal law. My letter to the US Supreme Court explaining there is a misunderstanding in our legal system, that Universal Law has been left out, can be considered our first step into space. God doesn't work with anyone whose project does not stand on Universal Law. We need God's blessing to go out into space. God's blessing means we stand on all seven principles--equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance.

The aliens travel inter-dimensionally, so mankind must understand how the dimensions function. Seeing the dimensions as a point, line, circle and sphere, and then time is not going to get us into space, and using thrust from a rocket engine from a moon base may get us to Mars, but no further. Space is big. Real big.

Technology has a sense of duality, because it can be used as a tool or a weapon, but true technology solves problems. It is not dualistic. It cannot be used to harm others.

I am a channel, and in one of my books, my guide retro-engineers an alien space drive. Our three power source inventions will probably be the power source for the ship that allows it to travel interdimensionally. Our innovative technology can't be used as a weapon, and for it to work, must stand on the principles of Universal Law. No one can be left out of its creation. It must benefit everyone.

Scientists have yet to understand the true nature of atoms. Nuclear power must be banned,. on Earth and in space.  

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Global Immigration Reform

One of the rights people will have in the era of the international government is to be able to leave their nation if they believe they are being oppressed. This requires a solution for global immigration reform that allows mankind to function on a higher level because during the transition period, many people will be moving. 

This is not a new problem. It goes back to when our ancestors left Africa 60,000 years ago, according to present theories.  People generally prefer to live within their own culture, but leave-- or are driven out-- when they believe they are being oppressed. They leave with nothing but what they can carry and their skills--their talents and gifts and the wisdom they acquired over a lifetime of experiences. 

Because a nation's power will be based on population, if a government is oppressive to the people, that nation will lose power in the international House of Representatives.

Jared Kushner has a merit-based immigration plan, but it is based on skills the immigrants already have. It is like businesses hiring the top candidates for a job position, and the other applicants are turned away. Immigration reform must enable everyone to find a home that enables them to create the life they want, and not leave anyone out.

Governments are not in the business of teaching people how to create the life they want. Who is? Schools?  Motivational speakers?  Religions? Creating the life we want is an unalienable right granted to us by our Creator. There must be a spiritual path to teach people how to do that or no one would be able to pass the test of fulfilling his or her purpose in life.

The existing structure of organized religions is divisive, but each teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life we want. When unified into a university in conjunction with the proposed international government, it is possible for those who are leaving an oppressive nation to use their right to leave that nation by applying to the proposed international government and while waiting for a suitable opening, to become a student of our  Faith of the Pure Ray project.

It is the first project of the second row of our World Peace Marketing Strategy, focusing on those who have been financially affected. This row teaches people how to assume responsibility for their own financial foundation. 

Find out more at

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mankind at the Crossroads: Where will disputes between nations be resolved?

Our  proposal to reunify North and South Korea is the last of the first year's proposals, and it has demonstrated the potential of the plan to enable nations that have been backed into a corner to function on a higher level. Rather than continue to be backed into the corner with two untenable options, what is becoming apparent is that the way out of the corner is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and it is in everyone's best interest to join the debate on the plan for the international government. 

Is that what really happened? The talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were kept private. How do we know what these two men agreed to do to end the threat of nuclear war? Unless Kim confided in his advisers, no one else knows. With that in mind, is either government responsible for following through on their agreement?  Did their talks set a protocol for ending future disputes that drag mankind to the brink of nuclear war, or just obfuscate the solution? 

The question is still, how will disputes between nations be resolved? 

The Mueller investigation has ended after spinning off parts of it to other jurisdictions that are continuing on with their investigations, so while Mueller didn't recommend any indictments, the Trump administration is still not free and clear of any legal problems. Trump's victory lap is premature, and the Russians and Chinese are continuing to influence the US elections.

Nations are torn apart when other nations interfere. No one has the right to interfere. One of the unalienable rights we all have granted to us by our Creator is to be able to live our lives without interference. Power grabs are oppressive to the people. They go against Universal Law that says ""do unto others as  you would have them do to you," and it is because what you do to others will be done to you. The United States has interfered in the elections of other nations, and now our elections are facing interference.

The power games have seemed to work as successful foreign or domestic policy, but there is always a backlash to the games. How can a nation defend itself from prejudice and ulterior motives, and so then what if prejudice and ulterior motives appear to be successful policy? That brings mankind back to the beginning of the devolving global crisis, the Iraq War. It was based on prejudice and ulterior motives that appeared to work. The United States even interfered in Iraqi elections. The power grab backlashed on George W. Bush and Tony Blair, and it started a civil war  in Iraq. What was supposed to get control of Iraq's oil reserves and a strategic location in the Middle East to contain Iran's influence in the region didn't work. The policy of preemption is failed policy. 

Each of our government proposals ends the crisis but also addresses failed policy. 

If a policy doesn't work, what will work? 

Mankind has three options now for handling disputes between nations. Up, down or straight ahead. Up is to stand on the principles. Down is to wage war. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to unto the damage that has been done.

The historic talks between the US and North Korea have occurred, and the question is, do we go back to address the first government proposal--the  Exit Strategy for Iraq, which sets up a protocol for ending disputes in court? Do we watch Russia and China--and the United States--interfere in other nations, tearing them apart like Iraq, Syria and now Venezuela? Can disputes between nations be resolved in the existing international courts? Is the UN quickly becoming obsolete? What will take its place? 

Mankind is at the crossroads, and we have three options. We are no longer backed into the corner because there is always the option that allows mankind to get out of the corner, and that is to do what is in everyone's best interest. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Stepping Out of the Corner

Donald Trump is back from his second summit with Kim Jong Un with no clear objectives met. Maybe the reason expectations were not met was because their first meeting was based on a misunderstanding. They were not on the same proverbial page. Denuclearization at this point is not in anyone's best interest. What their first summit achieved was to demonstrate both nations are equal, and that may have been its greatest achievement, because equality is the first requirement for conflict resolution. Ironically, that sense of equality may cost Donald Trump his supporters. How can equality make America great again? 

Equated ideas get people into trouble, because if you lose one, you lose your power. If you equate military might and power, what if another nation or nations have greater power? What if Russia and China join forces, both militarily and economically? Putin has recently announced four "unstoppable" weapons systems--hyper-sonic missiles that can reach any location on Earth, a torpedo that can hit targets far inland, a drone, and a satellite killer. The United States is a debtor nation to China, and China manufactures vital components for US weapons systems. The United States cannot fight China and Russia. While Donald Trump has declared the refugees from Central America a national emergency, China and Russia are rising in power to become the next global superpower.     

Donald Trump's personal relationship with Putin will not keep America safe. The policy of Maximum Pressure from world leaders like Trump, Putin and Xi Jin Ping is failed policy. Kim Jong Un demonstrated how to step out of the corner by doing what is in everyone's best interest. Kim Jong Un has not backed Donald Trump into the corner so much as he has declared his independence from US interference. 

The reunification of North and South Korea is our last government proposal for the first eight government proposals. It pulled mankind back from the edge of the abyss of nuclear war. Now it is time to go back to the first government proposal and to address a better way to end disputes between nations--in a court that considers all nations as equal. The first dispute on the docket is the Iraq War.

The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is the United States must be willing to agree to the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. Until this time, with the Republicans in power, the US government had no reason to agree to the plan. Why would the US government agree to it now? Because Russia and China are rising in power, and both have the capacity to back the United States into the corner, just as Donald Trump backed North Korea into the corner, and as Kim Jong Un demonstrated to the world, the way out of the corner is not to fight or to cave in to the pressure, but to do what is in everyone's best interest, which is to join the World Peace Movement. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Lock Him Up?

Last week, the media reported that FBI counter-intelligence agents became concerned that Donald Trump's actions regarding Russia could be a threat to national security, and so they started an investigation. The FBI will not start such an investigation without sufficient cause. Is Donald Trump willingly working on the behalf of Russia, and if so, what can our nation do about it? 

The United States is in crisis. The Trump administration is demonstrating they 180 degrees from where they think they are. Russians interfered in the 2016 election, and yet Donald Trump wants good relations with Putin, and Secretary of State Pompeo is targeting Venezuela and Iran. Trump is using his Maximum  Pressure policy on the Democrats to build a border wall to protect the United States from an invasion of refugees, including many women and children, from Central America. They have a legal right to ask for temporary asylum, and yet they are treated as illegal immigrants. 

The United States is not the only nation in crisis. The schism that came as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq has separated mankind into four segments, and half of the people are going down into power games that are oppressive to the people. Those whose security and support were threatened at a Moment of Choice went down into the games,  grabbing for power, and those who function for their own interests were drawn into the conflict and are swinging the proverbial pendulum further out, making the conflict worse, resulting in the rise of authoritarianism around the world 

Our World Peace Marketing Strategy enables us to discern what people want. Twenty five percent of the people are standing on principles, another twenty five percent want power. The third segment have been drawn into the  movement because their lives have been affected, and the final segment function for their own interests. If you ask the people of the final segment who has what they want, they will answer someone who is 180 degrees from where they think they are. Donald Trump is demonstrating that Putin has what he wants. He is holding onto someone who cannot help him and pushing away those who can. 

It is a matter of revenge, which brings together five people or groups of people, and each plays a favorite power game. This is not like a party game, where they come together and each chooses a particular game. It is that they have played the games all their lives and their revenge on another gives them a common goal. The revenge against Saddam Hussein brought together George HW Bush and ISIS and al Qaeda! Oftentimes it is like walking toward a door, and once they open the door, on the other side is their dream life. The opportunity arises and they walk toward it, and they open the door, but on the other side is not their dream life, but a brick wall. They are using revenge as a tool to get their life, but revenge won't work. They are 180 degrees from where they think they are. 

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy then demonstrates how intolerance starts the pendulum swinging and the principles that bring the pendulum back to the midpoint. Our letter to the US Supreme Court, which can be found on our Purifying the US legal system blog, clarified the misunderstanding in our legal system that allows our elected officials to constitutionally justify power games that are oppressive to the People. It explains how seven principles enable a sense of balance to be re-established. 

The next step of the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is what happens if those principles are not addressed. It is the TorHana's Freedom project. 

Donald Trump called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up. If Donald Trump is undermining the security of the United States, creating tyranny and oppressing the people, Torhana's Freedom ends the tyranny and enables him to reconsider his actions. It is like a time-out for children, backing him into a proverbial corner so he can no longer create mayhem, but also enabling him to undo the damage that he has done. He is locked up, but with the opportunity to rise out of his crisis. If he doesn't assume responsibility to undo the damage he has done, he will stay locked up and die in prison. 

The last step of that row is the Time Machine project, and that is a very unusual project, because it may enable Trump to undo the damage he did in this lifetime after his death. 


Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Hostile Takeover of England and the World

Their names have been lost to history, but their dispute left a mark on history, and now history is repeating itself after five thousand years.

During their lifetimes, Stonehenge had risen to a global site for conflict resolution, and kings, or whatever they were called in their country, went there to end their disputes, leaving vast hoards of gold in payment for their services. That gold made Stonehenge a “giant peach ready to be plucked.”  What set the stage for the hostile takeover of Stonehenge is the same crisis that is devolving today. Armageddon. When one man stood on the principles, it affected the security and support of another, possibly a brother, who went down into the power games of revenge, and that grab for power and revenge opened the door to another individual who functioned for his or her own interests. The third man was not interested in ending disputes, but in plundering the gold.

Stonehenge evolved over thousands of years, but its rites were no match for Armageddon, and so it was vandalized.

The second book of the Power Series, “Grabbing for Power,” by Alexander Hamilton and me, includes a board game, called “Who Do You Admire?” When you admire someone, you deny your own capacity, and people who lack capacity start genocides.

In America, we have been watching the Mueller investigation about Russian interference in our elections, but Russia is not limiting its grab for power to the United States. The media is reporting that Putin is opening its military bases in Cuba. Two brothers had a dispute, this time in Cuba, between Fidel and Raul Castro. Raul grabbed for power and won.  That opened the door for Russia to return. It appears that another Cuban Missile Crisis is devolving.

Armageddon is tearing apart the planet. Putin has announced that he has four unstoppable innovative weapons that can reach every corner of the planet. Radio Free Europe has a video of them, Putin's 'Invincible' New Weapons

Armageddon started with the preemptive strike on Iraq, when Saddam Hussein stood on the principles and George W. Bush went down into the power games.

Since the final days of Stonehenge, mankind has evolved. We all still play the same power games, but one thing occurred that has changed the entire power game paradigm. In “A Manual for Peace,” the book that is associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, Seth tells us that for world peace to come, everyone on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law. That has happened. It will become the basis for the legal system of the proposed international government, where disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead.

Once again Stonehenge is rising, but this time it is to address genocides. The power games no longer work. Grabs for power always lead to a loss of power because they go against Universal Law. The plan for the international government allows mankind to have the third option, to go up and to evolve to a  higher level rather than to devolve into a global conflict. The plan for the international government has gone too far to be stopped. It is not Putin’s weapons that are unstoppable, it is the plan for the international government.

Rattling sabers no longer works. Putin’s weapons systems may have enabled him to be voted the leader of Russia, but they will not make him the emperor of the planet.