Monday, October 24, 2016

The Collapse of the Pentacle of Power

Five groups of people came together, all with the same goal, to get revenge on Saddam Hussein, and all are facing backlashes to the power games they have played. The games no longer work. The Pentacle of Power is collapsing, and none of them got what they wanted. They did get what they wanted, but not what they hoped to get.

People who play the power game of Pride do so because they lack respect. They play the game of War. George H.W. Bush waged war against Saddam Hussein in the early 1990s to stop his invasion of Kuwait. Bush believed he had the right to put Saddam down, but Saddam Hussein was attempting to stop Kuwait from slant drilling into his oil fields.

The Gulf War set the stage for the Iraq War--which devolved as a genocide, not a war. People who perpetrate genocides believe they lack capacity, and do so because they deny their own capacity. George W. Bush and Tony Blair judged Saddam Hussein to be evil, and now they are facing judgment.

George W. Bush and Tony Blair brought in the Coalition of the Willing, who played the power game of Greed, which comes from the lack of abundance. They were promised lucrative contracts for their support of the invasion but got nothing.

The Coalition nations brought in those who play the power game of Lust--particularly President Saleh of Yemen. Lust comes from the belief in the lack of intimacy and the fear of loss, and this game has elements of lack of respect and capacity. People who play this power declare themselves to be allies in the War on Terror, but at the expense of their own people. He has faced rebellion from his own people.

President Saleh drew in the last group to get revenge on Saddam Hussein, those who play the power game of Anger, lashing out at others because they believe they have no voice. Saddam Hussein refused to allow his people to play the games of terrorism, and so they were drawn into the Pentacle of Power. Their terrorist organizations--al Qaeda and ISIS-- have been hunted down, degraded and destroyed.

This U.S. presidential election has been particularly unusual because it started with three people of power walking into the election, each with sense of entitlement, almost a sense that they were too big to fail. At first it appeared it was going to be a battle between the Bush and Clinton dynasties, but many people feared four or eight more years of the same policies that have dominated U.S. politics since the early 90s.

How many people walked away from Jeb Bush because of his brother's failed foreign policy decisions? The sense of his lack of capacity? What happened to George H.W. Bush's dream to see two of his sons become president of the United States? Was it a lack of respect?

You can't get respect by waging war. Respect only comes from others who understand how difficult it to do what you are doing, like how Olympic athletes look at other Olympic athletes because they know how much time and effort it takes to make it to the Olympics.

The hell associated with perpetrating acts of revenge is that you do get what you want, but it is not what you hoped to get. Each of the five groups got what they wanted--revenge. It was the means to an end, but none have the same goal, and so they undermine each other. All are facing the backlashes from the power games they played.

The power games no longer work. You cannot get power by grabbing for it. You cannot get the life you want by getting revenge. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that you and others have done.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq allows the Bush family to regain the power they lost by playing the games. The entire planet will function on a higher level because the proposal leads to the creation of an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. What may have appeared to lead to a lack of respect--meeting one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants in court-- will actually lead to both nations being able to get respect. Both nations will attend the conference in Europe and demonstrate the potential of the plan to end disputes between nations.

You can get what you want, but you can't get it by playing the games.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blasting the Logjammed Ripples

Confucius said "the longest journey starts with the first step," and the first step in the planning stages in the creation of the international government is to bring in the independent members of the organization.

That is not as easy as it would appear. This is not just being offered a job. This is more like being dragged into a war and when the bullets are flying all  around you is when you get down on your knees and pray to the God you never believed existed, but what is more remarkable is that you actually get a response to your prayers!

People must be squeezed to participate in the plan for world peace. The old structure must be collapsing for people to let go of it, and the new must be rising for people to reach for it. As the old structure is collapsing, people hold onto it with all their might, but eventually reach the point where everything they do only makes things worse. (This is how many people become Lightbearers-- how people transition from organized religion to spirituality. Or, how people let go of addictions and join 12 Step programs.)

There are people who are perpetrating acts of mayhem to prevent the plan for the international government from coming about. Those who rely on the power games are taking the games of Envy and Lust further. Envy and Lust are two of the Seven Deadly Sins, and they lead to genocide and slavery, which are based on weaving an illusion. Their victims are in crisis, but the perpetrators of the crimes are also in crisis when they face the backlashes from the games.

Everyone plays the games, and everyone is in crisis. This is what is unifying the entire planet.

The first step to bring everyone into the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature is to bring in the professional publishing team. But, as I said, it isn't as easy as it would seem.

Many people can publish books, and that is how the illusion can spread. The publishing team consists of specific people who by participation benefit on all three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project (The Father, the Mother and the Son). The professional publishing team must be able to see that by participating they can solve their problems. They must be ready to participate to the point where whatever they do makes things worse. For the right people, it is the opportunity to function on a higher level. For the wrong reason or the wrong people, they lose power.

The books are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. That allows people to know that there is a solution to every crisis.

As Archangel Michael told the prayer circle, the difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis.

The books demonstrate to everyone that it is possible to rise out of the crisis, and to create a cash flow by working with God and sharing one's talents and gifts, and that applies to everyone, but it also brings in the channels who will share their specific talents and gifts. Once again, three levels. 

This first step is associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. The Iraq War devolved as a genocide, not a war, and ripples of effects have gone out from it to draw in the entire planet. The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is contingent on the U.S. Constitutional amendment proposal being accepted, and the first step of that is to bring in the other channels to help at the crisis center. 

All of the channels-- the Lightbearers-- will work at the crisis center, which will separate the people and filter people in crisis into projects. Once it has been created, we will expand the concept to other towns through the tent tour and other nations through advisory aspect.

The entire planet in crisis. No matter what people do, they are making things worse. The ripples of effects went out from the Grand Lie and each ripple reinforced previous ripples until they log-jammed. This process works to undo the illusion and reinforces the truth.

The first lesson mankind is learning is that you cannot get the life you want by playing the games. The games go against Universal Law, and there is always a backlash to the games. As the ideas permeate throughout global society, they set the stage for future institutions, like the international government and its court system, which will be based on Universal Law.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Contingency for Peace in the Middle East

With every plan, there is a contingency, and in the case of the Middle East, the contingency for peace is that the United States must amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists. The United States of America must choose to join the proposed international government. 

The United States has relied on regime change as a way to gain control of natural resources and strategic locations in various parts of the world. That power games has seemed to work, but there is always a backlash to the games, and the ultimate conclusion of the game came when George W. Bush attempted to topple Saddam Hussein with the preemptive strike. The ultimate conclusion of every game is when it is played on an innocent person. 

Rather than to gain control of Iraq's oil, the United States started a civil war and no one got control of the oil. Ripples of effects have gone out from this crisis to drag every person on the planet in some way into the crisis. 

This put us into a dilemma. We have been backed into a corner, and the two apparent options have been to continue to be backed into the corner or to come out fighting, and both options lead to a devolving global conflict. When you are backed into a corner, the solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to join the growing number of people who have seen the international government as the solution to every crisis facing mankind, and become part of the international government.

In America, we must amend our Constitution.

First, our government must agree in theory to the plan for the international government rather than to wage war. All we must do is to let go of the power games that got us into trouble in the first place. 

Regime change is the first to go. 

In Syria, do we have to topple Bashar al Assad? Is the intelligence we got valid? This is what got us into trouble in Iraq. The intelligence was faulty. Under the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, if we topple a government, our own government will be toppled. The solution is to turn to the international government and to agree that every nation has the right to be sovereign and to choose its own government. 

Can we win in the Middle East? Yes. The first person to walk away from the conflict is the winner. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Basis for the International Legal System

Several years ago, I sent letters to the eight ambassadors to receive proposals and asked them to open ideas to debate amongst the diplomatic community. 

If a nation is in crisis, it is because that nation has been backed into a proverbial corner, and is in the dilemma of circular thinking.

Mankind always has three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. Up is to stand on the principles. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations. Down is to rely on the power games, and face the backlashes to the games. The games of waging war or fomenting terrorism don't work because they go against Universal Law, and so there is always a backlash to the games.

If you are in the corner, only two options are obvious, and both are untenable. You can either continue to be squeezed or you can come out over the oppressor and fight. Either way you lose.

All it takes is the wider perspective to see that you are 180 degrees from where you think you are, and that all you must do is to turn around. People must be ready to listen to the advice, because logically, when you turn around, there is nothing there but the corner. The corner is not logical. You cannot convince someone that what they are doing doesn't make sense. It goes against everything you believe--a lifetime of experiences-- but, when someone offers the plan that benefits everyone, and leaves no one out of the solution, in the corner there is a small door, and all you must do is to walk through the door.

This is where mankind is now. Backed into the corner.

The idea for the international government has gone out to draw in people from 85 nations, but even in 2003, when mankind was first backed into the corner because of the preemptive strike on Iraq, the solution was there--the door appeared in the corner-- but only a few people realized it was there. The people know oppression when we see it.

When the plan for the international government was introduced, it triggered fears in those who rely on the old structure for their security and support. The old structure based on the power games was collapsing, but if they could just shore it all up, they could make it to safety, and so they resisted the plan by playing power games, but, true power comes from undoing the damage you have done, and so they were losing power while those who saw the potential of the plan to solve the problems were rising in power.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be considered equal. The victims must be rising in power, not by waging war against the oppressor because that just starts a feud, but more like a genocide watch, where those with the wider perspective debate about how to solve the problems and they function on a higher level than those who are grabbing for power. There can be no judgment, because everyone plays the games, and the games are bad, not the people.

The lesson mankind is learning is that the power games don't work. There is always a backlash to the games because they go against Universal Law. Therefore, the basis for the international legal system will be Universal Law.

What set the stage for world peace is that over half the population of the planet prayed for peace, and so it can come. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect--the Golden Rule, or "do unto others as you would have them do to you"-- was disseminated to every person on the planet, but it has taken time for people to come to understand that there is always a backlash to the games. If you break the Law, you face the backlashes, but you can also use it as a tool. To get peace, you must give peace. To keep your inalienable rights, you must guarantee them to every person on the planet.

The problem has been, for example, that the dictionary definition of a genocide is ethnic cleansing, and so people don't recognize a genocide as it is devolving. As the global genocide is devolving, world leaders stand by helplessly and watch.

The first step was to open debate on the plan to see how people react, and then to realize the plan for the international government is the solution. Then, to understand what causes the existing structure to collapse.

In the United States, disputes are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war go to support the people instead. But, during a genocide, which is based on weaving an illusion, the legal system fails. How can you have a fair trial when no one knows who to trust? 

Think of the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein.

One of the basic premises of the U.S. legal system is that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. It is up to our federal government to defend its citizens from character defamation because the Constitution guarantees our inalienable rights to be able to live our life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government.

The issue of no WMD found means that Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with UN sanctions, and therefore was innocent of the charges against him. He did not receive a fair trial. His execution was not justified. Is it accepted Iraqi protocol for him to be dragged to a place of execution by people wearing black hoods? How could he defend himself from prejudice and ulterior motives?

There is no international structure at this time with the capacity to end the global genocide that is devolving. Mankind has three choices now, and the third choice is the plan for the international government. The door is there, but mankind must turn around and walk through the door.

Mankind will be addresses the glitches for a long time. This is how the legal system of the international government will evolve.  Imagine, millions of people fly on airplanes every day, and if an airplane crashes because of some glitch, inspectors examine the black box and remains of the plane in an attempt to find out what caused the crash to insure that the glitch is resolved to prevent it from causing any more crashes. Aviation evolves.

At the same time, as the plan goes through the planning stages and steps, after the glitches are resolved, the next stage is to address security issues, because glitches can be causes by human intent to grab for power.

The plan for the international government is progressing as people begin to understand how genocides devolve and how you cannot get the life you want by playing power games. You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

Step by step, with each proposal, we are addressing the glitches in the system, and if we ignore the crisis, we pass it on to future generations, and if we go down into the power games, there will be backlashes to the games. People who have been dragged into that crisis will continue to address the issues and stay in the process while the rest of us move on--once the lesson has been learned.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Creating Prosperity

Donald Trump portrays the image of prosperity, which is something that many people admire. People put him on the proverbial pedestal, but the problem is that when you put someone on a pedestal, you oftentimes deny your own capacity. The first principle of the global renaissance is that each of us must function from within our own capacity.

The backbone of every economy is small businesses. Rather than to try to convince Donald Trump admirers to assume responsibility for their own prosperity and to start a small business, we are starting to focus on creating a sense of prosperity  for every person on the planet--a global renaissance-- by helping people to understand what their capacity is, and what resources each has to rely upon.

This is more difficult that you can imagine. Many people start small businesses. During difficult times, more patents are registered than at any other time because people fall back on their own talents and gifts, and that is what we are hoping to inspire. But, it goes far beyond that, because we are not just creating small businesses, we are addressing overcoming our own natures, which include fears, insecurities and misunderstandings that lead to conflict. We are encouraging people to find a niche based on talents and gifts and many people do not know what their talents and gifts are.

Our organization will work to enable nations to create niches, also, but based on natural resources, and then turn responsibility over to the departments of the international government.They will make trade agreements between the nations.

If you put someone on a pedestal. the real problems start when you judge others because you compare them to your hero. That intolerance leads to genocides--which happen on every level, including within the family as marriages are torn apart. No one functions on a higher level if there is conflict. Creating a sense of prosperity for everyone is what helps to end the conflict, because conflicts generally start when someone makes a choice and it affects another person's security and support.

How do you convince someone who places another of a pedestal how to find those qualities inside of himself or herself? We will do this by demonstration, and after a little while, people will catch on to the idea and then the global economy will soar to a very high level.

Our first year's proposals focus on the crises eight nations are facing, and all fell into crises because of a sense of judgment, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which looks at where true power comes from. People get into trouble by equating ideas, and if you equate money and power, if you lose your money you lose your power. Each subsequent proposal looks at one concept that must be addressed to create a sense of prosperity in your own life or nation.

We are helping each nation to find a niche, based on a hidden resource that makes that nation unique--and great. For England, it is unification and conflict resolution. If you ask 100 people what makes England great, how many people would say unification and conflict resolution?

Our proposals allow each nation to create a sense of prosperity by creating a niche concept based on that hidden resource. Then, the principles of the cooperation of nature allows us to multiply our resources by creating win-win agreements.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why is it taking so long?

The planning for the first eight--nine--government proposals was first placed online in 2012, but we are still working to bring in the professional publishing team for the Exit Strategy for Iraq.

The most important thing in the world can be considered the choices each of us makes, and in 2012, one individual made a choice, and that triggered others to make choices, and people are still making choices. At a Moment of Choice, people chose to go up, down or straight ahead. If they were in a crisis, only two choices were obvious, and some ended up on a slippery slope and others went down into the abyss and now face the backlashes from the games.

People are being squeezed. Many people are in crisis.

Now it is time for people to allow the books--channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis--to be published, and to agree to the creation of the crisis center. It is time for everyone to see the potential for the first two proposals to be the solution to the crises we are facing.

The solution has always been there, but we just didn't see it.