Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Unraveling the first obstacle to world peace

Our organization has several blogs, and one is based on the fact that our organization is parallel to the international level, and those who are interested can apply the information posted there in their own lives. Today, I will cover something that is occurring within our organization here because it involves the first step in the creation of the international government.

The idea for the international government has been opened to debate, and the idea has gone too far to stop, but the first steps to make it a reality requires teams of people who are willing to share their talents and gifts to come together as part of the framework. We are unraveling the illusion based on power games that keeps everyone from working together. The parallel situation is also being unraveled, not from any action we are taking, but because of how the illusion naturally unravels.

The first team is the professional publishing team, and the misunderstanding started in 1999 when a book was rejected by a publisher--something that happens every day--but the event triggered fears in many people, and led to misunderstandings that were not easily resolved. For the misunderstandings to be resolved, a million people had to be in the right time, place and frame of mind.

The proverbial butterfly flapped its wings and that triggered ripples of effects all over the world.

On the international level, the act of revenge against Saddam Hussein is unraveling, and as it does so, mankind is learning how revenge works and why it doesn't work. As a planet, we are addressing where true power lies, and the power games and how they go against Universal Law, and why it is in no one's best interest for one individual to become the emperor of the planet. We are addressing the information that is covered in the book that was rejected by the publisher.

As the proposals are introduced, a huge amount of information about each will be released, enough to keep the associated teams busy for a long time. Projects and events will spin off rather than misunderstandings, and they will work to unravel the misunderstandings that have been rippling across the planet for a billion years.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Who Has What You Want?

Robert Mueller and his team of prosecuting attorneys are investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and possible federal crimes perpetrated by the Trump campaign, and any subsequent crimes they may have committed. Some people say Donald Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and someone with that mental problem functions for his or her own interests, so today, I would like to look at that related to the World Peace Movement. Our plan for world peace must enable every person to come into the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and that includes Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, he fits into the fourth row of our World Peace Marketing Strategy, which is for the Lightbearers on the planet. There are always at least 144,000 Lightbearers on the planet, and each Lightbearer is responsible for a culture, a religion, or other group of people. Mankind has been going through a difficult spiritual test, and even the Lightbearers are facing our tests, so many Lightbearers don't know what to say. The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy recommends Lightbearers ask "What has what you want?"

There is a continuum of frequency on the planet from those whose perspective goes from the widest to the narrowest. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder fit onto the narrowest end of the spectrum. Donald Trump functions globally with his hotel chain and golf courses, but he puts himself first. In regards to Donald Trump and the investigation, my question, then, is "Who has what you want?"

If Trump's answer to this question is Vladimir Putin, then he is 180 degrees from where he thinks he is. He is at the point of crisis, and to reach this point, he was kicked off course by a misunderstanding and not corrected early enough to put his back on track. He has taken many small steps based on the misunderstanding, to the point where they have accumulated to where he is headed away from his goal rather than toward it. To him, he is still on track, but to others, he is not, and no one can convince him what what he is doing is not working.

On our Track Our Progress blog, over the last few days I have talked about Charles Manson and the Sin of Lust, which leads to slavery. Manson's followers were offered the opportunity to get their life, and they grabbed for the opportunity. They were entirely loyal to him because he had what they wanted, but the problem was, he didn't. He wove an illusion and they were trapped in his illusion. This leads to a form of mental illness. The third dimension is called the Illusion, because we believe we can get our life, even when we have been kicked off course by misunderstandings. The difference between the third dimension and the fourth is the understanding that we can get our life, so when someone offers us the opportunity to get our life, we rise into the fourth dimension. If that opportunity is based on an illusion, we bounce back and forth from the fourth to the third dimension, like being bipolar.

The investigation is looking for evidence of collusion with the Russians, but from the standpoint of the Lightbearers, his history of business loans from Russians and his admiration of Putin is enough. It explains his actions since becoming president.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy explains the steps to get him back on track to his goal--without dependence on Putin.

The first step in this row is the question, and then we address the Light Source Invention, which is a demonstration of how the power games devolve. In three cycles, starting with intolerance, the games devolve into genocide and terrorism, and a failed state. The first cycle was the revenge against Saddam Hussein, then the second cycle was President Obama's administration, who were not able to stop the effects of the first cycle, and now the third cycle is the Trump, who is taking the same power games to the next, more extreme level.  Mankind is facing a full global genocide, and Narcissists and their followers can tear apart the planet when they are facing their fears and going down into the power games.   

Today is Thanksgiving in America, and we have much to be thankful for. We have the information on how to end the global conflict that is devolving and dragging everyone into chaos. We have the World Peace Marketing Strategy that enables everyone on the planet to become part of the World Peace Movement.

We will explain the World Peace Marketing Strategy and how it works, and invite everyone through it as part of our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal during our Oxford and Stonehenge event.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Enough is Enough!

Today, the Washington Free Beacon is running a story about ISIS calling for the assassination of  Barron Trump. Will this threat bring Donald Trump to a place of peace, or just create more feuding?

I am aware that the power games that governments play are oppressive to the people. I am aware that US foreign policy has left other nations devastated, but feuding is not the solution. The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone must be considered equal, and everyone plays the games. We all fall short. It is time for mankind to realize the games no longer work, and to find a better solution.

Muslims stand in protest when they see another who is not standing on the principles of equality, and no one should complain when Muslims do that. Muslims go too far when innocent people are dragged into the conflict. Under Universal Law, and every one of the world's seven major religions is an application of Universal Law, what you do to another will be done to you, so if you target an innocent person, you, too, will be targeted.

The power games seem to work for a while, but when played on an innocent person, they reach their ultimate conclusion. The game backlashes on the player. An example of this is the preemptive strike on Iraq. Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges against him, and it collapsed the US power base. He was attempting to comply with UN sanctions. The Iraq War was an unlawful conflict, and our organization is working to make that fact universally known.

By taking the rights of the Iraqi people to live their lives without interference, we lost our rights, and under Universal Law, to regain our power, Americans must offer to every person on the planet our unalienable rights granted to us by the Creator of us all, and guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

A plan for an international government is being debated, and its legal system will be based on Universal Law. Everyone on the planet is welcome to join the debate. The first government proposal is our Exit Strategy for Iraq, which sets the stage for an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.

Our plan for the international government will treat all people fairly and equally.

I have read the prophecy that is being used to justify the creation of ISIS, and I believe there is a misunderstanding about ISIS's interpretation of it. It does not give one man the right to become Caliph of the entire planet, to rule over every nation. It says Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad will work together in peace, and the fulfillment of that prophecy is the Faith of the Pure Ray. We are working to unify the world's seven major religions, too, and Muslim clerics are invited to become teachers in our Faith of the Pure Ray schools. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

World Peace is More Than Creating an International Government

The U.S. Constitution gives us a glimpse into how the international government will function. We know how it works. It is easy for many people to say they will vote for the creation of an international government that guarantees to every person on the planet our unalienable rights, but world peace is much more than establishing a government. It requires a paradigm shift--actually, two paradigm shifts that are like turning a ship around because mankind is 180 degrees off course.

We live in the third dimension, which is also called the Illusion. We go through life believing that what we are doing will help us to create the life we want, and when we reach the point where it becomes apparent that what we are doing isn't working, then we either must make a shift in our understandings or we will die.  That is the first paradigm shift. We step out of the Illusion that we can get our life by playing power games, because they backlash on us. We let go of the games, and we do what is in everyone's best interest. The second paradigm shift is to create a plan that benefits everyone. We go from doing what is in no one's best interest to what is in everyone's best interest. We solve a problem facing mankind. We fulfill our purpose in life.

Mankind is being squeezed to let go of what no longer works--the power games-- and to come together to figure out what will work. For some people, change is not easy.

The Earth is making its ascension out of the third dimension, into the fourth for a period of time, and then into the fifth dimension. We are learning how to overcome death, which is part of the Illusion.

The first government proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. It represents the end of the Illusion of the third dimension. In the Illusion, we hold onto what can't help us get our life and push away what can. We are not yet working to create the international government. Rather than nations waging war on each other, based on power games, mankind will decide we no longer wish to experience the horrors of war, and we will decide to resolve disputes in an international court system, just as the states do within the United States. It is a paradigm shift that will involve a period of time when everyone blames each other. The monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead, and trigger economic expansions, but they will not necessarily be based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Then another shift will occur when everyone starts to see how the international government will benefit them.

Our books explain the principles and application of the principles, and the planning steps, for each of the government proposals. They will do a far better job at explaining how to make the paradigm shifts.