Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sanctioning North Korea Doesn't Work!

This morning, North Korea launched a missile that traveled over
Japan and landed in the ocean. The immediate reaction by Japan's Shinzo Abe was to demand more sanctions on North Korea. From the perspective of many people, North Korea is breaking international law and deserves to be punished.

Why aren't sanctions working? You don't back someone into a corner unless you are also offering a third option that allows them to function on a higher level.

By backing Kim Jong Un into the corner, with sanctions, six party talks that give North Korea no voice, by fly-overs by B-1 bombers and passages by aircraft carriers, North Korea has come to the point where they see only two options, and both are untenable. They can continue to pressured and to starve, or they can come out over the top of a far greater force and fight. Both lead to their death.

North Korea cannot get their life by shooting off missiles, but neither can their neighbors get their life by bullying North Korea to the point they see only two options.

The solution is the middle ground that allows all nations to be able to get their life, and that is the plan for the international government. It offers Kim Jong Un the opportunity to be equal to all the other nations, and equality is the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Being able to create the life each of us wants is an unalienable right granted to us by our Creator, and to deny another this right goes against Universal Law, which is immutable. Every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law, and when one breaks it, there is always a backlash. Grabs for power always lead to a loss of power.

Under the plan for the international government, disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead. The first dispute will be between Iraq and the United States to end the Iraq War. The conflict devolved from sanctions--which killed 500,000 Iraqi children--to what devolved as a global genocide when George W. Bush declared Saddam Hussein to be Axis of Evil.

Let's not repeat the same mistake with North Korea.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Someone Must Say Stop

Sometimes it is easier to share an anecdote to explain a complex concept than to give what makes me feel is a lecture. My problems with changing the fuel pump on my 1972 pickup truck can explain why the plan for the international government has not yet started to become a reality.

When you have a crisis situation, it can be compared to a large black cloud, and when someone sees it looming on the horizon and comes up with a plan, unless someone says "Stop," that person can drive right through the cloud and the plan is never created.

I used to take an elderly woman for occasional rides in her truck, and when she passed away, she left it to me in her will. It had sat in her garage for many years. When I inherited it and started to drive it more frequently, the truck ran well at first, but then it started to die at stop lights. I tried to figure out what the problem was, and decided it must be the fuel pump.  When I tried to remove it, one of the fuel lines was impossible to detach from the pump, so I removed both pump and line simultaneously.

I have a catalog for a classic auto parts store, but it doesn't stock that particular model of fuel pump, so I went to the local auto parts store and bought a new pump, and just bought the line online. When I put them both on the truck, they didn't match. The old line was a homemade copper tube that had been bent to fit. I was advised to just get another copper tube and the right tools and make a new one. Another man recommended I take the old pipe to a man down the street who could take the two apart. Another man suggested cutting the old pipe and splicing it with a piece of rubber hose, but another man said it could catch on fire if the splice came apart. My thought was, why would I have to do any of those things? Why couldn't I just find the right parts? There had to be a solution. The manufacturer didn't design it with bend copper tubes.

I could have driven right through the "dark cloud" of the problem, but instead I searched for the right pump online on the pump manufacturer's website and at the auto parts store, and found the model that was meant to fit that truck, and then informed the auto parts store and the online auto parts store about the misunderstanding.

For many years, truck owners had been bending copper tubes to fit. If the pump and line had separated easily, I would have bought the wrong size pump, but that was the point where I had to say Stop.

I have been working to introduce the plan for the international government, and the black cloud that is based on misunderstandings and past errors keeps getting larger and drawing in more people. It takes someone to say stop to make everyone realize that what is happening now makes no sense. Why should we have to put up with what is going on?

Then, which plan will it be? A viable solution must already be in existence. I personally couldn't manufacture a new pump and line to fit.

There are many people in the world who are making do with what is going on in the world and who still support the existing structure, with all the errors and misunderstandings. There are people who have no problems with coming up with quick fixes and are willing to take the risks. In regards to the problems we are facing as a planet, who will go searching for the right solution, the one the manufacturers meant to be the right fit so everything runs smoothly?