Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Pentacle of Power Against Saddam Hussein is Over

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone must be considered equal, and what better way for that than for everyone who got revenge on an innocent person to face the backlashes from their power games, and for the Pentacle of Power to be undermined?

The revenge against Saddam Hussein brought together five very different people or groups of people, some who are mortal enemies, all with a common goal-- to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. They have all gotten what they wanted, but their power games did not lead to what they assumed they would get or to achieve. They got revenge. Along with that comes a certain degree of Hell.

This week, Ex- President Saleh of Yemen  was assassinated. He demonstrated that he could not be trusted to stand on the principles of any of the factions that are fighting in Yemen. He switched sides in the conflict, which led to a sense of betrayal. He was considered an ally in the U.S. War on Terror, and he used the funds that he got from the United States to oppress his own people. When Yemen's Arab Spring movement started, Yemenis begged the United States not to support President Saleh because they were protesting his oppression.

Ali Abdullah Saleh played the power game of Lust, which leads to slavery. People who play the game of Lust fear being hurt in relationships, and so they hold people to them and then push them away when they fear getting hurt. Lust, like Envy, is based on weaving an illusion. He believed he could outsmart others so he owned others. He outsmarted the United States, and other world leaders. He was drawn into the Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein not as part of the Coalition of the Willing during the Iraq War, but as a result of the other nations entering into the Coalition.

Saddam Hussein's daughter believed President Saleh was a friend of the family, but that was not so. Lust combines elements of Pride and Envy, and so he believed he lacked respect and capacity. Being in power for so many years, they had to get along, but Saddam Hussein had more respect and capacity to rule his nation than Saleh. That triggered resentment, and it became the major factor in how Saleh wove his illusion after he was driven from power.

If you look at a map of the Middle East, Iraq is between Iran and Syria, and because there is a continuum of frequency, those three nations have things in common. The leaders of all three leaders have stood on the principles of fairness and equality, and have been targeted for doing so. 

Standing on the principles triggers the fears of others who fall into the power games, so the Battles of Armageddon are raging in the Middle East. People are fighting for their lives, and eventually, the schism will reach the individual level, when they will turn around and see that the plan for the international government is the solution.

The collapse of the Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein within our organization allows a misunderstanding about the channeled books to be resolved, and triggers the first step in ending the global genocide.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Alternate Facts Weave an Illusion

When presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway says statements coming from the White House  are based on alternate facts, she puts the media on notice not to expect the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and so the media keeps asking questions to find out what is the truth of the matter. When the President Donald Trump talks about fake news, the entire world is put on notice that there is either a genocide or slavery devolving because both are based on weaving an illusion--on alternate facts, and so the investigations continue to ask the questions from different perspectives to find out what is the truth of the matter.

There are several investigations going on now, and it will take time for the investigators to wade through all the alternate facts and fake news. Robert Mueller has years of experience in dealing with similar cases, and it is up to him and the other investigators to come up with the truth. We are not going to judge anyone. We are going to do an end run around the investigations and unravel the illusion by looking at the larger perspective.

Why the end run? Because the crisis is much wider--spread than what can be uncovered by the investigations, and the investigations won't end the crisis once the truth is uncovered. We all need to understand the root cause of the crisis, and then apply the planning process to overcome the entire crisis. We need to understand what caused it in the first place so it never happens again. The games are bad, not the people, but many people are perpetrating horrific acts of violence, believing they will get their lives on a higher level by doing so, and the games must stop.

People lie to protect their security. If your plan reaches the point where it undermines your security, then you must either come up with a better plan or you hit the point of the Brick Wall, and that is your end of life crisis. Yesterday, Ali Abdullah Saleh, the past president of Yemen, reached the ultimate conclusion of his power games, and he couldn't pass the security segment of his plan. His plan was in no one's best interest. He was reported to have been killed at a checkpoint while attempting to flee to a place of safety. We would like to offer the better plan option to anyone whose plan can't pass security.

Alternate facts are very difficult to identify because there is an element of truth in them. They obfuscate the message and the intent of the message. The liar makes the statement sound like something that is honest when it is not. It is a statement that can be taken two or more ways, and  when you give that person the benefit of the doubt, you are pulled deeper into the illusion. Many people have believed the lies.

Once the Grand Lie has been told, the ripples of effects go out from it, and draw in more and more people, to the point where people are relying on the alternate facts, and then betting their lives on the alternative facts, and then losing their lives, and the existing paradigm has no solution to the crisis, and it keeps getting worse and worse. There is not accepted definition of what constitutes a genocide, and so mankind is facing security issues now, which is leading to a global end of life crisis because the games being played by world leaders are reaching their ultimate conclusions.

Genocides are based on the power game of Envy, which starts with a sense of judgment. The player of the game is coming from a belief in his or her lack of capacity. There is a spiritual law, called One Mind, that says what you see in someone else is what is inside of you. He or she sees in others a lack of capacity, and plays the compensatory game of Envy. One individual in his or her life becomes a hero, and is placed on a pedestal, and can do no wrong, and then everyone else is compared to the hero. It becomes a sense of judgment, and every judgment becomes a matter of "black and white."

This occurs on every level, but when played by world leaders, it draws in the entire planet. If Donald Trump is judging Kim Jong Un to be evil, and he pulls in other nations as part of his plan, he can create a nuclear war that affects the entire planet.

Is Kim John Un evil? No one has the right to judge another to be evil. As I said, the games are bad, not the people.

As with every power game, unless the misunderstanding is resolved soon after it starts, it continues on until an innocent person is crucified. Because the games go against Universal Law, there is always a backlash to the games, but when played on an innocent person, that is when there is a major "shift in reality" for the player of the games. It becomes the end of life crisis for the player. what if you judge someone to be evil and that person is innocent? It backlashes on you.

What if you build a coalition of people who will stand with you and give your judgment a sense of validity? The game of Envy is one of the five power games associated with revenge, and we will go deeper into how revenge works and why it doesn't work in our books.

To reach the wider perspective, we must step back and look again at the Iraq War and the run-up to the preemptive strike on Iraq. The same series of crises is occurring now that occurred then. The Iraq was started with intolerance and misunderstandings that led to power games.  Many people didn't get dragged into the illusion because they know the truth because they have seen it before, but many people have been dragged into the illusion that the preemptive strike was justified, and the ripples of effects keep going out.  We all know what to expect because we have seen it before.

The power games are oppressive. Enough is enough. Any of the Seven Deadly Sin power games are oppressive, but governments play their favorite five games that lead to wars, genocides, massacres, slavery and terrorism.

There is always a backlash to the games because they go against Universal Law. For a long time the solution was to obfuscate that fact by leaving Universal Law out, and it worked for a time, but then it made the crises worse. When you grab for power, it may work for a while, but then it stopped working when played on an innocent person.

We have been working to introduce the concept that the US legal system is based on three levels, not two. When laws and practices are based on two levels, they create chaos in our legal system, and they can be used in court to justify taking away our unalienable rights that are given to us by the Creator of us all. People who have been dragged into a genocide lack is our unalienable rights. Our unalienable rights are given to us by the Creator of us all, and no one has the right to take them away. Universal Law is immutable, and every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law. It stands on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. Laws that are considered legal can be unlawful based on Universal Law.

We are introducing the solution for this crisis through our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal and the associated events and projects, including our event at Stonehenge. When anthropologists look at the standing stones, the one stone that sends shivers up our spines is the sacrifice stone, and we look at that as being barbaric. How could they sacrifice someone to end a conflict? It was a symbol that was supposed to make those who, for the most part, care only about themselves and their own agenda to stop to consider the ramifications of their games, and to understand there is always a backlash to the games. Power grabs lead to a loss of power.

The United States has relied on regime change as foreign policy for many years, but that game no longer works. There is always a backlash to the game. When no WMD were found in Iraq, the games ended because Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with UN sanctions.

For Donald Trump to swagger into the White House, and to use alternate facts to weave an illusion to draw others into his plan to get revenge on President Obama--who had the lawful right to do what he did as president of the United States--goes against Universal Law. The pentacle of power against him will collapse because no one has the same goals, and so they will undermine each other, just as the pentacle of power that was built against Saddam Hussein collapsed. The disputes will go to court, through our proposed protocol that has the capacity to unravel the illusion and to allow everyone to come up with a better plan for getting the life each wants.