Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Peace Deal That Leads to Peace

A peace agreement between Israel and the UAE has been announced, supported  by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. There has been resistance to the plan by the Palestinians, who feel betrayed, and the Iranians, who very likely see a House of Cards being build against them, and from others, such as Saudi Arabia.  Jared Kushner commented yesterday when asked about silence from Saudi Arabia on the Israeli-UAE agreement, "You can't turn a battleship around over night."  

Saudi Arabia is a battleship? What does it take to "turn the Middle East ship around?"

The Middle East brings together diverse cultures and religions. It has been a crossroads of civilization since our distant ancestors left Africa. Most of the time it is a land where people tolerate each other, other times it is a place where the power games create chaos for a long time. One of our projects is the Catholic Church in America project, which works to undo the damage done by the Christians during the Crusades, when they went into the region and attempted to take it through military might.  

In our Faith of the Pure Ray project, we place the world's seven major religions into a pie-shaped circle based on the planning process. Each of the religions teaches the principles of one of the stages of the planning process, but each also plays a favorite power game. Christianity teaches the principles of creativity, but plays the power game of Pride, which leads to wars.  Christianity and Islam oppose each other on the circle. Islam teaches the principles of Equality, but its favorite power game is Anger, which leads to terrorism. When Muslims stand in protest that they are not being treated fairly and equally, if the Christians don't listen, and instead put them down, the proverbial pendulum starts to swing. Judaism teaches the principles of Productivity, but plays the game of genocide--based on judgment--because many Jews believe they have been victimized by the Arabs, and it pulls the pendulum into the depression, and causes the pendulum to revolve, bringing in the other religions. The Fourth Element counters the rotation and brings the pendulum back to the midpoint. The Fourth Element is Buddhism, which focuses on the principles of prosperity. The Faith of the Pure Ray project enables anyone to start the process to create a solid financial foundation. 

Ironically, the conflict in the Middle East is based on lack of prosperity. 

The Trump family are real estate developers who have invested in properties all over the world. Israel has disputed lands, and the UAE are wealthy Muslims who would see investing in Israel to create a sense of prosperity and to end the regional disputes a wise investment, but the principles of prosperity taught by Gautama Buddha are not the same as the principles taught by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. Opposing Buddhism on the planning circle is Confucianism, which teaches the principles of functioning from your capacity. China is focused on the principle of capacity, but is not a shining example of everyone functioning from his or her own capacity because of the power game of Greed.  The sense of creating prosperity in the Middle East region to create a lasting peace comes from enabling the people to prosper based on their own capacity, not being offered jobs working at Trump hotels. The first principle of a global renaissance is that everyone on the planet must function based on his or her own capacity, not working at jobs that are second best.

One of our organization's goals is that everyone is able to have satisfying and fulfilling jobs, meaning to apply one's talents and gifts to create a cash flow. The same applies to nations based on natural resources, and the benefits go to the people. 

In a recent post, I focused on how world peace requires a paradigm shift in one's thinking. We are all living in a world that is based on illusion rather than truth, facing 180 degrees from where we think we are, so peace is elusive. You cannot bring peace by waging war, yet nations spend billions on national defense. This week's agreement between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and  Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak moves US troops from Germany to Poland. It is not a peace agreement. It is meant to be a defense agreement, but Donald Trump has attempted to undermine NATO. What are the principles associated with defending your nation? 

Our Light Source invention demonstrates that the seven principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance make a nation unbeatable. It is not military might, because wars and genocides are based on power games, and the games go against Universal Law. They are meant to compensate for lack of power, and so power grabs always lead to a loss of power. 

This time period is known as Armageddon, which means the silly things people do, so the illusion is very strong right now. This is the prophesied time of "wars and rumors of wars." The schism has divided the people, so before peace deals will lead to lasting peace, the schism must be healed. Mankind must turn around.

What will turn the ship around? 

Our organization is introducing eight proposals each year, and several for the first year focus on Middle Eastern nations. Israel is not among the first eight nations, but Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait are, and so is Cyprus, if that is considered a Middle Eastern nation by the people of Cyprus. All eight nations fell into crisis based on a sense of judgment.  Each proposal functions like sophistry to turn people around, or lessons mankind will learn and then apply in our global society as the plan for world peace becomes a reality. 

The first lesson is where true power comes from. Does it come from a strategic location in the world, a strong military or having vast wealth?  True power comes from assuming responsibility. Contingent on the first lesson is understanding the power games no longer work. The strongest military in the world collapses its power base when it attacks an innocent person, as demonstrated by Rome when it crucified Jesus of Nazareth and by George W. Bush when he crucified Saddam Hussein. 


Monday, August 10, 2020

World peace is a paradigm shift, and the same for everyone

 The plan for world peace has been introduced and opened to debate, and people all over the world like the plan. Some have become affiliate members of the organization, and that has allowed the plan to be leveraged to the world leaders. But, the plan for world peace is not just an idea to be introduced to the world leaders and then left to them to create. World peace is a 180 degree paradigm shift in how we all think and believe and function. It takes everyone working together to bring world peace. 

Why change anything that is working. It is only when the existing structure no longer works that the people who are responsible go out looking for a new plan, then they must address which plan it will be. It must already be in existence, on even a minimal level, for it to be accepted. 

When people are in crisis, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, in circular thinking patterns, that they must do something, but they don't know what to do. They have turned their life over to something or someone who they believe will help them get their life but that thing or institution or person doesn't have the capacity to help them. They must assume responsibility for their own life, and just can't see how they can get their life. People die when they reach the point where they believe they can't get their life. 

No one gets into a crisis overnight. What you believe is what is, so crises start with a belief structure that seems to be valid, and then unless someone sets the person straight, the misunderstanding devolves. We address this in our books, and we are applying this with our government proposals. 

The United States, for example, believes we are good people, but our foreign policies are based on these misunderstandings. Each of our sixty government proposals addresses a misunderstanding that has created a crisis in the world, and each works to undo the damage that has been done.

People rely on power games, believing the games are working, but they don't have the capacity to help us get our life. People have to be squeezed to join the movement, and it is the same for everyone. 

Once the existing structure collapses, then a new plan must be addressed. Which plan will it be? The plan for world peace exists, and it is competing with the existing structure, which continues to demonstrate it cannot solve the problems, and also with the plans of the people who have gone deeper into the power games, which also are demonstrating they don't work.

The planning process starts with the plan, and stage by stage progresses through the stages, like our Track Our Progress planning, but it has also separated into a kind of duality, one side addressing the plan and then progressing into bringing in the people, and the other side addresses crisis in the family issues and then progresses to security issues. This is demonstrated in our Faith of the Pure Ray project. We can see how Christianity and Islam oppose each other, but also have much in common. One addresses the plan, and the other addresses the rationale for the plan--the Crisis in the Family. 

Imagine what happens if a crisis like the pandemic is raging across the planet, and it is caused by the schism that is tearing apart the planet--a worst case scenario pandemic. The virus was manifested into the physical when someone in Wuhan, China equated people and snakes. With the Battles of Armageddon devolving, the schism continues to separate people, and there is a vast need for conflict resolution--which is the security segment of the planning process.

Basically, many people are reaching the point where they are facing their end of life crisis. The "snakes" are playing oppressive power games and people believe they cannot get their life, so the covert and overt actions by the "scoundrels of the world" are denying the people our unalienable rights. Our Liberty. The snakes are interfering in people's lives, and people are reaching the point where they believe they cannot get their life. 

At this point, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, holding onto what cannot help them and pushing away the people who can help them. They have turned their lives over to something that cannot help them get their life. They cannot see how they can create the life they want, and they are dying. They are being squeezed.

It is the same for everyone, including the people on ventilators in the hospital. They believe no one will help them get their life. 

This is where the plan becomes a personal paradigm shift. This is not a plan where the world leaders sit down and write a treaty for world peace. It is a plan that requires people to create the life they want, which is what everyone wanted in the first place but just didn't know how to do because we all thought the power power games were working to help us get our life. We overcome death when we come to the understanding that we are responsible for creating our life, and no one can stop us from doing it because anyone who does that is breaking Universal Law.

That brings us to our first government proposal. 

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is like a deep dive into how the power games of revenge work and why they don't work. It starts the paradigm shift that mankind must take to turn around. The preemptive strike was oppressive, and it denied the Iraqi people their unalienable rights, and therefore went against Universal Law. Americans lost out unalienable rights, and now for Americans to get back our own rights, we must enable everyone on the planet to be able to have their unalienable rights. That is what we address in the US Constitutional Amendment proposal. 

Once we do that, the next step is to enable the Iraqi people to create their own identity.....

Monday, August 3, 2020

Covid 19: Healing the Lungs

Scientists are finding the Covid 19 virus has a devastating effect on the lungs, even in people who are asymptomatic. One of our three power source inventions gives us insights into how to heal the lungs.

The Free Power Source Invention is based on lifepartnerships. Imagine a twelve story building, and each floor of the building represents a different kind of relationship. On the twelfth floor live our Creator Parents, who are twelfth-dimensional beings. We make a win-win agreement with them when we stand on the principles of Universal Law. We are part of All That Is. Each floor is associated with a chakra, an energy focus. There are seven chakras within the body, and five outside the body, which represent the kingdoms. For us to be able to create the life we want, all the chakras must line up. Basically, all our relationships must be based on win-win agreements, which build trust and sets the stage for future agreements. When our chakras are lined up, we have the power to create our life. 

To create the life we want, we must resolve 144 relationships. We must make win-win agreements, but that can be very difficult to do when there is conflict, when people are functioning like "snakes," which is what is occurring now with the Covid 19 pandemic. The world is facing a schism that is tearing apart the planet, known as Armageddon, and it is separating people. Many people are choosing to go down into power games. 

For a minute, consider the potential of the economic structure of the international government, which will be based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Trade agreements will be made by the economic departments of the international government, win-win agreements. It will be possible to procure anything a nation needs by making win-win agreements. Compare that to existing political and economic policies that are based on power games of one-upmanship. That comparison gives us a clearer understanding of Covid 19, and the effects it has on the lungs. 

The Heart Chakra is at the level of the heart and lungs, and it is called the Flower of Life level. Physiologically, the virus attacks the lungs, and they become infected, fragile, filled with stuck energy, energy that is not flowing, and the economy is doing the same thing. 

US economic policies are backwards, and based on power games, particularly now with Donald Trump's maximum pressure policies. Traditionally, instead of making win-win agreements with nations that have what we need and need what we have, we have made trade agreements with competitors and considered third world nations, which have vast amounts of natural resources, to be more like bank accounts.  Trump's policies were supposed to resolve this crisis, but maximum pressure is undermining the global economy as the pandemic spreads. Our first two government proposals create a win-win agreement between Iraq and the United States. Both share what benefits each to share and gets much more in return, and as trust is established, the "return on the investment" grows, too, 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times. This will be established on the individual level, also, and lead to the creation of a global renaissance. 

Each nation must understand what they have to share, just as individuals don't always know what they have. That is where our organization comes in, and once the international government is in existence, it will help nations understand what they have to trade, also. That is one of the benefits of participation in the international government. 

The lowest level of the twelve story building is the family level, and it is based also on a lifepartnership relationship. We all learn power games within the family, so it can be considered the power level. Our family relationships are not Flower of Life levels. Health issues of the reproductive organs demonstrate problems in the family, but there is also a connection between the two. 

This has been a very unusual perspective on how to heal the lungs from Covid 19. We can understand that when we believe the power games others play is tearing apart our life, then it is important to understand that no one can prevent you from getting your life. There are no obstacles when you are doing what is in everyone's best interest.