Monday, March 28, 2016

Dear President Obama: Fidel Castro's comments about empire building

In the news, there are reports that Fidel Castro lashed out at President Obama, and his protest includes the word "empire." I believe by using the word empire, he  fears that your attempts to build a lasting relationship with Cuba lean toward the establishment of a global empire rather than the proposed international government based on fair and equitable practices, and he doesn't have a voice in the matter.

Within governments, a polarization has formed between those who stand on the principles and those who rely on the power games. Those who stand on the principles are more inclined to see the potential of the international government, and those who fall back to the power games support the creation of an empire,  where one individual becomes the supreme leader of the entire planet. One example of a potential empire is the caliphate.

In Cuba, such as polarization has formed. Fidel Castro is a man of principles. He believes he is a virtuous man, and he would like to be considered equal to all the other world leaders. He sees himself equal to all others, and an asset to Cuba. Raul Castro's definition of "being good" means wealthy, and because he wants something, he is willing to make agreements to get what he wants.

The polarization is tearing apart nations. There has been a battle over the plan for the international government. Its introduction has threatened the security and support of those who rely on the existing structure, based on power games, and they are going down into the games.

The games don't work. There is always a backlash to the games. Grabs for power always lead to a loss of power, and the backlash is now immediate.

A series of battles, called the Battles of Armageddon, is occurring. You will see the battles playing out all over the planet. One person will stand on the principles and one will go down into the games. The games go against Universal Law, and so the proposed judicial system of the international government will be based on Universal Law, including our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, which leads to the creation of an international court system.  Its first case will be between George W. Bush and one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants.

I have a white paper on the polarization of Cuba, and a series of booklets about the Battles of Armageddon.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dear Presdent Obama, don't drop the flag!

My organization is working to introduce a plan for an international government based on the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature. As of today, people in 83 nations support the plan for the international government.

In the past, I recommended that our government stand on the principles of the international government because to continue on with power games after the idea has been introduced and debated will backlash on us. I also advised that the solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest. You cannot continue on playing power games of waging war. You will discover that the plan for the international government solves every problem we are facing as a planet.

In the news, it is becoming apparent that the US military is ramping up the conflict in Iraq, and you are sending in more troops. That will lead to a feud that won't end. You are dealing with a holy war concept and you can't win because any plan you come up with won't solve the problem. It is not your problem to solve.

In regards to the Radovan Karadzic genocide trial, by pointing fingers, it appears that our government is not willing to assume responsibility for ending the genocide that George W. Bush started with his preemptive strike. How can our government address the true definition of a genocide by upholding the false one? Genocides don't occur overnight. We are facing a global conflict that would have been so easy to stop by just standing on the principles of the international government, and standing up to defend Saddam Hussein--addressing the fact that there were no WMD found.

The US government does not have to participate in the creation of the international government. If we don't follow through on it, some other nation that values human rights more that we do will pick up the flag that our nation has dropped.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

World peace is likely

If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution.  The spiritual hierarchy has given us the root cause of over twenty major crises facing mankind. The root cause of wars, genocides, massacres, slavery and terrorism, plus two other crises, is the power games that people play. Our plan addresses the root cause of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The planning process is like going around in circles. Everything starts on the spiritual level , which makes it possible. It then progresses to the mental level, which makes it probable. Then it finally reaches the physical level, which makes it likely. We will continue to go around the planning circle over and over until the international government has been created. 

The plan for the international government is now in the likely level of the planning process. We are addressing the fears that have been generated by the collapse of the old structure based on the power games, and the resistance to the plan. As we walk forward, we bring with us those who will listen to us, and this creates a long line of people behind us. We have not yet reached the point where we can start to address the principles of creativity. Several more steps must be addressed before we can do that. 

To learn more about the planning circle, I recommend our Faith of the Pure Ray project and blog. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

John Kerry announces genocide in Iraq and Syria

After years of conflict that includes the killing of innocent people, targeting certain ethnic groups, the U.S. government has finally declared that the conflict in Iraq is a genocide. Just as President Clinton stood helplessly by and watched the genocide in Kosovo devolve, the conflict in the Middle East seems that there is no end to it.

There is a solution, but no one really likes the thought of it, because it involves assuming responsibility for one's own actions, and then working together to undo the damage that has been done--requirements for conflict resolution.

At this point,  the United States may or may not be willing to accept responsibility for starting the genocide. 

The dictionary definition of a genocide is "ethnic cleansing," and that is what genocides seem to be, but that is a misunderstanding. It is looking at one of the ripples of effects that go out from it instead of the entire devolutionary process that genocides go through. 

Genocides come from the power game of Envy--one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It starts as a simple misunderstanding when one person becomes fearful due to a lack of capacity. He or she has a hero in his life, and compares himself to his hero, and he can't compete. This creates a sense of judgment, of black and white. He compares everyone to his hero, and they are always lacking in some way. 

The Iraq War started when George W. Bush put his father on a pedestal.  When President George H.W. Bush invaded Iraq to defend Kuwait during the Gulf War, it turned Saddam Hussein from an ally--from the Iran Iraq War--to an adversary, and it set the stage for the character defamation campaign against him that devolved into the Iraq Genocide. 

To stop a genocide, someone must defend the person who is being defamed. The United States can stand helplessly by and watch the conflict from afar, or defend Saddam Hussein and the fact that because there were no WMD found, it appears that Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions, and therefore it was an illegal war.

The solution is for everyone to agree to the new definition of a genocide, assume responsibility for their own role in the conflict, and everyone meet at Oxford and Stonehenge to end the conflict and then mediation and then in a prototype international court that our organization will work to set up, and finally, all the stakeholder nations will demonstrate the potential of the international government to end and prevent wars at our conference in Europe. 

If the United States does not assume responsibility for our role in the genocide, our government will be shutting the door on England and leaving them to deal with the rise of ISIS, and the rest of the planet, because the ripples of effects have gone out from the conflict to draw in every person on the planet. 

The preemptive strike went against one of the main principles of the U.S. legal system, that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, which are tools of character defamation campaigns, and deny people the freedoms their governments must uphold, because the judicial system of a nation must defend the innocent when no one else will.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Technology Offers Solution to Whether US can Trust Iran

The plan for the international government has opened doors that have been closed for a long time. The plan opened a dialogue between the United States and Iran and also with Cuba. President and Mrs. Obama are about to visit Cuba-- a major historic event.

The plan for the international government also brings into focus the rationale for keeping the doors closed. Is Iran willing to stand on its agreement?  Can we trust them? Are Iran and Cuba ready? Is the United States ready?

There has been a battle over the plan for the international government.  Many people look at it as the simple and logical next step in mankind's evolution. Why didn't someone think of this before?! But, there has been resistance to the plan, which can be just from not making a commitment to those who don't see how it can benefit them to support the idea. Those who rely on the existing structure based on power games have their own agenda, and have been grabbing for power by playing the same power games that got them into power in the first place. They are taking their gamesmanship to the next level--the international level. It is as if the plan for the international government has offered them a great opportunity to rise in power, and they are grabbing for it, but without the understanding that it is in no one's best interest for them to have what they want. An example of this is the creation of the caliphate.

There is a prophecy about the rise of the caliphate, but prophecies don't always come the way they people think they will. It can be a matter of the letter of the law as opposed to the intent of the law, an optical illusion effect. The prophecy is that Muhammad and Jesus will work together, and the fulfillment of the prophecy is the unification of the religions through the Faith of the Pure Ray, one of our organization's projects that is associated with the World Peace Marketing Strategy. It helps to end the conflict in the Middle East, and ISIS is looking at the issue from the letter of the law rather than the intent of the law, which sets the stage for the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the creation of an international court system based on Universal Law rather than forcing the entire planet to accept Sharia law or be beheaded.

The World Peace Movement has started, and it will continue to progress through the series of battles that every movement follows, until world peace has arrived.

World peace is a very huge and general concept--the overview concept--and it separates into the technology segment and what opposes technology on the planning circle--conflict resolution. Once the overview idea has gone out and is generally accepted, the battles will shift to the battles over the technology and conflict resolution.

What if we can't trust Iran? What if their initial intent is peaceful, but circumstances arise where they believe they must defend themselves, and that is their best hope for defense? This is occurring with the use of chemical weapons, leftovers from the Iran-Iraq War, which have been banned, but are still being used by those who see their use as a way to rise in power.  The battle over the plan is still raging.

Nuclear power is third dimensional technology. There is a sense of duality about it, that it can be used for peaceful purposes or for creating weapons. The solution to this issue is to introduce fourth and fifth dimensional technology that offers the same benefits, but can only be used for peaceful purposes.

Our organization is working to introduce fifty innovative inventions and project ideas that will only work if world peace is in effect. The project ideas are being introduced and opened to debate, just as the plan for the international government has. The ideas cannot be pirated, because piracy is a third dimensional concept. Every aspect of the project must stand on the principles for them to work.

Our Free Power Source invention, for example, will replace third dimensional sources of energy that are based on concepts that can tear apart the environment, such as nuclear energy--look at Japan and the Fukujima nuclear disaster-- and even hydroelectric dams, like the dam near Mosel, Iraq that is in eminent danger of collapse, threatening the lives of many people. The Free Power Source invention combines three inventions--the Free Power Source invention, the Light Source Invention and the Intuitive Computer. Tow inventions are being introduced through our World Peace Marketing Strategy, and opened to debate. Mankind will create them on the mental level before actually building the inventions.

Each nation will create a niche based on its natural resources, but it will take the plan for the international government to demonstrate what a nation actually has as its niche. England, for example, has forgotten its historical heritage related to Stonehenge and Oxford, of unity and conflict resolution, and our reenactment of the ancient events will restore England's niche. Iran may choose to let go of its nuclear ambitions when offered the opportunity to build Free Power Source inventions, and work with two other nations who assume responsibility to build the Light Source Invention and the Intuitive Computer to run it.

Everyone plays the games, and for world peace to come, everyone on the planet will be squeezed to let go of the games and to work together based on the principles of the cooperation to build our future based on higher principles. To get your life on a higher level, you must function on a higher level.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A higher form of election process

Our organization is working to purify the US legal system, including the election process. If the plan for the international government is based on the US Constitution, laws and practices that have created chaos in our legal system must be purified to prevent chaos from spreading onto the international level. 

One of the practices is campaign financing. At this time, candidates must get contributions. A far higher way of electing our leadership is to make it possible for anyone to run for office, and the media post their statements free of charge. Then, the voting should follow a pattern where presidential candidates must be able to offer plans to solve the problems on the local level, then progress to the state level, the regional level and the national level, offering plans to solve problems on every level. There will be a national president and an international president and they will stand back to back, and the international presidential candidate must be able to solve the international problems. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Birth of the World Peace Movement

In his farewell speech, Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, declared George W. Bush had made the United Nations "irrelevant." The UN had proven it could not end or prevent wars. 

As the old structure started to collapse, mankind was faced with the major question of what would take its place? 

To continue on with the UN as the main global governmental body--whether it is considered a government or not--is one option, but untenable. Existing international structures, such as NATO or the EU cannot draw in the entire planet, and like the UN, cannot be reformed.  No one will let go of their existing power. This option is to ignore the crisis and to continue down the proverbial slippery slope, to pass the crisis on to future generations, and it will take seven generations of conflicts to undo the damage that has been done. 

Another option is for individuals of power, those who have managed to climb to their present position over the backs of others, to battle to the top, and become emperor of the planet. That is also untenable. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to dictate terms. 

The solution is the proposed international government. It is based on two proven concepts--the U.S. Constitution, which has maintained peace for over 200 years--except for our Civil War of the 1800s--and the cooperation of nature, which has worked perfectly to bring a sense of abundance to all parts for billions of years. 

Assuming that the only solution is for everyone to work together to create the international government, we have to start demonstrating to those who currently believe the creation of the caliphate is the solution. 

We will start by addressing how movements form. If we compare the World Peace Movement to other movements, such as the American Civil Rights Movement, or the fall of the Berlin Wall, or Apartheid in South Africa, we see that one group of people were standing on principles and another group was relying on power games. 

Once this schism forms, a series of battles starts, called the Battles of Armageddon.

Karen Holmes, a channel--a prophet--channeled a series of booklets, "The Armageddon Series," that explain how the battles come about. The booklets and other books and published materials are associated with each of our proposals, and explain the root cause of each crisis. This series is associated with our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal.

Each month, we are introducing a new proposal, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq. The proposals will be introduced and draw in our independent members, starting with the Professional Publishing team, who will assume responsibility for the books.

As the international government is opened to debate, people will make their choices. As mankind progresses through the battles, the plan for the international government must be drawing support while the caliphate loses its support.