Friday, May 15, 2020

Covid 19 and Children's Inflammatory Response

At first, children seemed to be immune from the Covid 19 virus, but then cases of Kawasaki-type symptoms started to appear. The virus is following a logical progression. Children are generally not caught up in the cares of the adult world of politics and economics. They are getting dragged into the dramas the adults around them are facing, and they have no way to defend themselves, not from the virus but from their parent's reactions.

The virus was first manifested when a human equated people with snakes then progressed to the next stage when it started new strains in different locations depending on each location's definition of snake. It then transitioned into how people responded to the snakes, and was found in different animals, like bats, which hang high out of the reach unless the snakes can climb trees, pangolins, which carry their own armor, and a tiger, with its teeth and claws. Then the virus started to appear in children in the form of an inflammatory disease, mostly on the legs.

The legs represent the person's progress, going from spiritual steps and then the application of that on the physical. Inflamamation is an attack on the body that triggers the body's defenses.

When there is no security, that is the point where the person reaches the end of life crisis.

In "A Little Angel Told Me....", which is one of the Crisis Series booklets, for people who are facing their end of life crisis, Archangel Michael says the end of life crisis is like playing poker with the devil. You believe you have only a pair of sevens, but the devil doesn't even have that. That is a description of the Covid 19, and why the pandemic is so deadly. The good news is that there is a solution to the crisis because God, the Creator of us all, never said we have to die of this virus.

At this time, our books are amateur-quality only, available only to the independent members of the organization. The professional publishing team must come in before we can sell our books to the general public. Our On The Rainbow Peace Store catalog is a resource in itself. You can get the general idea of each booklet by clicking on the title of the book which links to a more detailed synopsis of each book. Half the income from each sale goes to support the World Peace Organization for the One World Government, and its projects, which benefits everyone. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Updated: Building Immunity to the Covid 19 Virus Will Probably Take Twenty Years

At our prayer circle, we were taught all healing is instantaneous but sometimes it takes 20 years for it to come. What does it take to be healed of the Covid 19 virus, and to build immunity to the point of a complete cure?

The root cause of the pandemic is the schism that is tearing apart the planet, and it started when someone equated people with snakes. The existing structure doesn't know how to solve the problem, and so their plans don't address the root cause, so they are making it worse. We are in a dilemma because there are many people who have gone down into the power games and are at the point where they are fighting for their lives. The sociological circumstances play a major role in the disease. One person won't be completely cured until the sociological circumstances are resolved unless that person puts it in his or her heart that people are not snakes, but the problem with that is there is such  overwhelming evidence in the world to prevent that from happening. 

People must evolve out of the crisis. If you are an alcoholic, and go through a treatment program, you know you are cured if you can look around and see that you have evolved out of the circumstances completely, so none of the people around you are alcoholics. You must resolve the misunderstandings that kicked you off course to the point where you are 180 degrees from where you think you are, and then you can find you are back on course to getting your life again. The problem is, no one can convince you that what you are doing won't work. It must be done through demonstration, mentored by someone who has already resolved the crisis, but who can do that when it is a novel virus? 

The crises we are facing as a planet have sent out ripples of effects that are logjamming, including, according to the United Nations, a global famine next year. In "A Manual for Peace," Seth tells us we will know world peace is here when the biggest news story of the day is the sale on peaches down at the store. We may take sales on peaches for granted now, but what will it take, as the global economy collapses, for everything to return to that normal? 

By turning the crisis around, that the schism is actually the start of the World Peace Movement, we can know the prophesied Thousand Years of Peace has started. We are just letting go now of what we no longer wish to experience, and holding onto what we wish to take forward with us into the future.
We know we don't want to experience pandemics in the future, so we can now come up with a plan that addresses that issue. If we know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process we can find the solution.

To know the root cause of the crisis, we must work with the spiritual hierarchy. They are willing to make this win-win agreement with us because it benefits them to do so. 

Update: 12 May 2020

Yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell criticized Barack Obama for his comments that are critical of Donald Trump's policy on the pandemic. McConnell believes former presidents should not comment about the policies of the present president. Most people would agree with McConnell, but in this case, Obama is right to criticize because neither Trump nor McConnell nor the Democrats has a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis and so their plans are making the crisis worse. Of all the existing and former world leaders, the only person who has the right to criticize is the person who has a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Hard Truth

Donald Trump has pivoted away from the Covid 19 pandemic because the economy is in crisis. He is aware that the pandemic has created a sense of equality in the world, but he believes the United States is the most powerful nation on the planet, and that he must keep it that way, so he has gone back to maximum pressure against China and Iran.

He and his supporters hope to win the November elections, and they are fighting for their lives. People lie to protect their security and support, but it is time to face the hard truth about the crisis, and let go of the failed policy. His plan doesn't address the root cause of the crisis. There is no proof China manufactured the virus in the lab. He is making the economy worse because the Middle East is a drain on the US economy, and the problem with targeting China is the United States is a debtor nation to China and China manufactures vital munitions parts for the United States military.

Enough is enough. The games are over.

Soon, everyone will be fighting for his or her life, so this is not a judgment on  Donald Trump. This is the point of the Brick Wall for many people, and at this point, people are 180 degrees from where they think they are, holding onto the people or things that cannot help them get their life and pushing away people who can.

Today, we will pivot, too. We are splitting our focus to address failed policy through the government proposals. When you create a plan, you must have a rationale, and that is the existing structure is based on power games, and the games no longer work.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is not our first government proposal, we are addressing the global genocide that started as the result of the Iraq War, which sent off ripples of effects, and we will work to stop the ripples. Every plan must have a contingency, and the contingency is that the people of the United States agree to assume responsibility for our failed policy and work together to amend our constitution to create an additional layer of government over what exists to enable the United States to participate in the creation of the international government.

This is Armageddon, and the schism that was created by the preemptive strike on Iraq has divided the people into four segments. Donald Trump's overall approval rating has never gone above 50%, and so he cannot win a second term without cheating. He will continue to lose power because the next segment of the population is being dragged into the crisis, too, because their lives are being affected. Why attack China and Iran when our troops are getting sick, too? The virus was not manufactured by China, it was manifested when someone in China equated people and snakes, and if this is true, maximum pressure during a pandemic will make this pandemic much worse. It will not magically go away over the summer. With so many people in circular thinking patterns, we can expect a summer with many hurricanes and tornadoes,, not a magical return to normal.

The need for an international government that takes disputes between nations off the battlefield and into the courts is becoming apparent. An international government that can react to a novel virus immediately with little impact of the lives of the people, spinning off no ripples of effects, is vital.

The United Nations is predicting a global famine. In mankind's history, this would have led to mass migrations, but where can anyone go if it is a global crisis? Our Light Source Invention is predicting a global famine followed by acts of domestic and international terrorism, and both will set off another series of ripples that make the logjammed crises worse. The world will become a "failed planet." Mankind will be kicked back to the Stone Age again, or we will become extinct.

The Light Source Invention also demonstrates that the seven principles bring the swinging pendulum back to the midpoint to create a sense of balance again, and we will go into that later.

The governments must respond to the ripples of effects, but whether their success depends on  creating plans that address the root cause of the crisis. The power will continue to shift from the world leaders to the people as the governments cut social programs and the people step up to assume responsibility.

And that brings us to the first two government proposals--the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the US Constitutional Amendment. Our focus is shifting to the government proposals. We are publishing World Peace newsletter, and each will address the executive summary of one government proposal. There are associated books that cover the principles, the application of the principles and the planning stages that carry readers to the next proposal, and explain the associated projects. As the people watch the events unfold, everyone will understand why the projects help to solve the problems.

If the pandemic gets worse over the next six months as Donald Trump ramps up pressure, more and more people will join the World Peace Movement, and that applies to the people in China and Russia, too, and the other 197 nations, too.

World peace will not come because the world leaders sit down together at a summit and write a treaty. World peace will come when the people from every nation invite their leaders to a conference where the delegates will sit down together and write a constitution.   

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Time to Move Forward

As the world leaders have jockeyed for power to see who will be the next superpower, three things are becoming apparent. 

The first is that the world leaders are losing power because they aren't able to solve the problems. They have taken their power games, the ones that gave them all their power, to the next level, but their games can't solve the problems associated with a pandemic, and the ripples of effects that have gone out from each of the crises. 

The second is that the existing structure isn't able to solve the problems, either. The existing structure is based on misunderstandings, compromises, and grabs for power, and because the plans do not address the root cause of the crisis, the crises are getting worse. 

The third thing is that this is a global crisis and it is creating a sense of equality in the world. Everyone is in crisis, whether it is health, economic, support, family, security or tolerance. That sense of equality is what enables mankind to move forward out of the abyss, because that is the principle that ends conflict, and it also opposed the plan segment on the planning circle. The Crisis in the Family segment of the planning circle creates the rationale for a plan. 

The first step in moving forward is conflict resolution, and that is where we are with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and the first stage in the planning process for this proposal is to bring together the professional publishing team.. 

The global economy is in crisis, and opening it too soon only places more lives at risk. Which business can be safely opened? How about a business that publishes channeled books from God on how to overcome any crisis? That sets the stage for all the channels--the prophets-- to come together to establish crisis centers, which is the first stage of the US Constitutional Amendment proposal planning. The books explain the principles, the application of the principles and the planning stages for each of the proposals. 

Before the professional publishing team comes together, the bridge between the government proposals and the books are the newsletters, and the first is World Peace Newsletter. Each has a government proposal.

As the world leaders have jockeyed for power to see who will be the next superpower, the question mankind is facing is where true power comes from. Does it come from having money? A secret weapon or the world's strongest military? No. It comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, so now the power is shifting from the world leaders, to the people. Will they wage war on each other to prove their power? Power games are oppressive to the people, and the power any government has is derived from the people. 

The plan for the international government will come slowly and in perfect order. Step by step and stage by stage around the planning circle. Everyone is welcome, and no one will ever be left out, except by their own choices. 


Friday, May 1, 2020

Turning Around the Global Economic Crisis

If your plan doesn't address the root cause of the crisis, it makes it worse, and the problem we are facing today is that the effects of the bad plans are accumulating and, as a planet, we are at the edge of the abyss. The schism has separated the people into four parts and the battles between those who stand on the principles and those whose financial support has been threatened are raging. The people are now being dragged into the crisis.

Putting this crisis into terms we can all understand, Dad and Mom are having trouble paying the bills, and the kids are watching the marriage break apart, and are now being dragged into the crisis. Soon, the social programs will be cut, and a form of stagnation will start. But, it is not just one family. The entire planet is in the same crisis. There is no where to run to.

Each time a global crisis occurs, it follows the same stages, which include economic issues, but because the plans to solve the problems are based on power grabs or an existing structure that is based on compromises or power grabs or misunderstandings, each time a crisis hits, it takes the entire structure to a lower level.

When you have backed yourself into a corner, and see now way out, that is when many people get down on their knees and ask the Creator for help. In 1999, over half the population of the planet had prayed to the Creator of us all for help, and we got a plan that enables everyone to function on a higher level. We got a plan for world peace.

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone must be considered equal. The global economic crisis that is devolving as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic has created a sense of equality, and a sense that we are all in this together. The world leaders who have jockeyed for power, taking their power games globally, are now losing power. What about the owners of huge corporations? What if no one has the money to buy the latest gadget, and people are too sick to manufacture it? The economy must flow, but the flow is slowing down and becoming stagnant.

The way to turn it all around starts with an idea, that instead of seeing the schism, we look at it as the World Peace Movement. Every movement separates people into four segments. We stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature to create the flow, which has worked perfectly for billions of years to create a sense of abundance for all.

I have a packet of heirloom tomato seeds. I can plant the seeds and keep 25% of the tomatoes for myself to eat, save 25% for next year, sell or barter 25% of the crop to people who want to buy them, and turn 25% of the seeds over to a seed bank to be shared with others. Working based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, we can multiply our resources. The stagnation occurs when people act out of fear and keep everything for themselves.

Each of us on the planet is born with talents and gifts, given to us by our Creator, and that is what we share with others because it benefits us to share it. We share what is easy. The same with nations. Each nation has natural resources, but don't necessarily understand what they have. What resource does the United States have that benefits us to share? The Constitution. How about England? Stonehenge. So, that is what we will start to address, is what people have that benefit us to share, and we can make win-win agreements to get what we want.