Saturday, July 25, 2020

What Witches Want

No one can be left out of the plan for world peace, including the witches. If we leave anyone out, we are breaking Universal Law, and we will be left out, so it is time to get to know witches and what they want.

Donald Trump calls investigations into his actions a witch hunt, which is oftentimes interpreted as a campaign against him. Now a witch has not only been found, but she has backed him into the corner with two untenable options. He is not the only man to be backed into the corner. The case against Maxwell will play out in the courts, drawing many men into scandals.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused of luring underage girls as young as 14 into a scheme of sexual slavery. She and Jeffrey Epstein, long-time friends of the Trumps, offered the young women to a long  list of prominent men. Donald Trump has been backed into a corner. He cannot pardon Maxwell without losing Republican support, and that may include an article of impeachment for accepting a bribe, and he cannot allow her to bring out video tapes of his unlawful acts. His brand is important to him.  This scandal will hurt Donald Trump in the election and his bank account.

What is important is to understand the power games related to revenge, how they work and why they don't. This is not based on a sense of judgment because everyone plays the seven power games known as the Seven Deadly Sins. The games are bad, not the people.

Maxwell plays the power game of Lust, one of the five power games related to revenge, and of the five games, one of the two games that are based on weaving an illusion. People who play this game fear lack of intimacy--fear of getting hurt--and they believe their power game of revenge will bring them a combination of a voice and abundance. They hold people to them and push people away, like a bipolar mental illness. They believe they have capacity and respect, but they function outside of their capacity and you cannot get respect by outsmarting others and backing others into the corner into slavery. Related to revenge, they believe that if you can take something from someone, you can own them. Witches want abundance, and they take it by weaving an illusion. If they can outsmart others.... How did Jeffrey Epstein get his vast wealth?

How many of the world leaders are playing the power game of Lust? How did they get their vast wealth?

One of our projects exposes witches, and backs them into the corner, based on our own experience. It is our "You Will See" play, by William Shakespeare, It is the story of the covert and overt actions that are played behind the backs of the main characters, who come together to talk about world peace. The play's first performance ever will be on the first day of the conference in Europe as part of the cultural events. At this time, Shakespeare has only channeled the first act of the play, only enough to open it to debate. It is the last project before world peace comes, so the witches will be the last to come into world peace.

People go along playing the games, believing they can get their life by doing so. The problem is, you cannot get your life by playing the games. They go against Universal Law of Cause and Effect, so there is always a backlash from the games. The games continue on until an innocent person is crucified, and then there is an immediate backlash. Power grabs always lead to a loss of power.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Covid 19 is Unifying the People and the Nations

This morning, the media is reporting Russian hackers are stealing intelligence on vaccine research from the US, UK and Canada. If the hackers are indeed part of the Russian government, obviously Vladimir Putin is being squeezed to find a solution. Russia ranks very high on the nations that are facing rising numbers cases and deaths, and like Donald Trump and his sense of denial of the crisis, those world leaders who cannot solve the problems based on the root cause of the crisis are losing power. There is an immediate backlash to the power games.

A vaccine is valuable intellectual property. At first, the supply is low and the demand is high. Who gets the first doses? If Putin is losing power, are his fears warranted?

Some nations have been able to stop the spread of the virus through requiring masks and social distancing, and shutting down parts of the economy. Their response has been immediate and comprehensive. The problem is the Earth is a closed ecosystem, and what affects one place affects the whole world. In a world that depends on global trade and travel, it is impossible to shut down borders  to keep the virus out.

Wait for a vaccine? There are many viruses, including Ebola and AIDs,  that after many years still don't have a vaccine. Vaccines don't actually address the root cause of the crisis,* and the root cause of Ebola and AIDs are huge sociological factors that are therefore evolutionary.  Ebola has been mostly limited to Africa arising from the genocides in Sudan and the DRCongo, and the existing structure has no protocol for ending genocides. AIDS has been mostly limited to homosexuals and hemophiliacs, and it is only in recent years that same sex marriages are becoming legal and accepted, at least in the United States.  The root cause of the Covid 19 virus, as we have addressed in previous posts, is the schism that is tearing apart the planet. Armageddon. The chance of finding a vaccine for Covid 19 are actually very low until mankind addresses the world peace movement. 

Obviously, waiting for a vaccine is something mankind must leave in the past as we evolve. From the perspective of world peace, there must be a solution that is based on the root cause of the crisis. "Equation" implies a sense of equality.

The good news is that the pandemic is unifying the planet, and that is the first requirement for conflict resolution.

The four requirements for conflict resolution are:

  1. Everyone must be considered equal.
  2. Everyone must see it is time to end the conflict.
  3. Everyone must assume responsibility to come up with a plan.
  4. Everyone must work together to bring the plan about.

Putin is being squeezed. Has the #2 requirement been met?

*Polio is a virus that has been mostly eradicated after a global campaign, but there are still cases. According to Wikipedia, in 2017, there were 22 cases of polio in the United States. There is also a movement to stop the US government from requiring children to be vaccinated, so there is the potential for polio to make a comeback in the future. The disease will be finally eradicated when mankind evolves out of the crisis.