Friday, February 21, 2014

No One Owns a Project

Our organization has been addressing how to end a genocide. Karen Holmes, the principal of the organization, offered friends and family members the chance to assume responsibility for a project idea, based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and instead of accepting, they took the ideas and ran. When it became apparent that no one can achieve success based on the games of one-upmanship, they reacted by building a wall of resistance and games of revenge.

It should work. Every experience these people have ever had reinforced the idea that the bid should work. It could not fail. But, it did fail.

Imagine that the opposite concept is what is logical. An opportunity to function on a higher level, but because everything is backwards, it fails. Taking an idea is a simple and logical step. A small step for the person who perpetrates the revenge, but a major leap for everyone who is watching.

The same thing occurred with President George W. Bush. His reaction to the 9/11 attack was a classic example of how genocides start. His response was to go after someone who he believed was the villain, when Osama bin Laden was the perpetrator of the game. 

The final stage of a genocide is when the villains believe they have been victimized by the events, and it leads to a form of mental illness based on torment. They are tormented by their actions, and see no solution.

Today, our offer to President Bush is to end the genocide through the events of conflict resolution at Oxford and Stonehenge, to free England from the onus of being drawn into the genocide and to enable that nation to function on a higher level by giving them their historic niche of conflict resolution at Stonehenge.

Our goal is the summer solstice. We would like to take other steps first within our organization in preparation.

Genocide Watch

The purpose behind a genocide watch is to end the games of illusion. Revenge includes five games. When the power games reach their ultimate conclusion, and the pendulum swings back to the midpoint, the two of illusion--genocide and slavery--continue to swing the pendulum out. The games cannot be maintained when people are watching because in some way, on another level, every one of us has experienced a genocide. People recognize oppression when they see it. The truth will eventually come out.

The games continue on until an innocent person is crucified. Unfortunately, "innocent" does not include young children. Innocent is someone who is doing what is in everyone's best interest.

We are asking the ambassadors to Track Our Progress in creating the plan for world peace, and the first step is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which was an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein. It created ripples after ripples of effects that are drawing in every person on the planet. It has evolved as a genocide, and because it was between world leaders, it can be considered a global genocide.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ending the Character Defamation Within the Organization

Our organization is parallel to the proposed international government. This sets the stage for our independent members to be able to speak from our own experience. The same crises are played out on every level, and so we are dealing with family genocides and character defamation campaigns on the individual level, and this allows us to demonstrate the potential of the solution to solve this crisis on the international level.

Our first focus is on ending the conflict in Iraq, which came as the result of the character defamation of Saddam Hussein. As he faced his judgment as being evil, it triggered anger and protests.

Our planning for the first year, 2012, addresses the ripples that have gone out from the Iraq War--Iraq Genocide--based on the sense of judgment
While the game of genocide is considered to be defined by ethnic cleansing, that is the end result on the international level, based on the premise of the lies that have gone out to defend one's judgment.

The lies twist and turn, drawing people in, including many innocent people.

This is what is occurring amongst the potential independent members of this organization.

A mailing list was created years ago, and many people were approached with invitations to participate. They received insights for this time period, but no one really recognized the potential of the plan. We had to do an "end run," working on the international level with people around the world who have been oppressed.

Solutions are Easy as 1-2-3

Our organization does not have the credibility to advise governments, but because the same crisis is played out on every level, we can solve the crisis on the individual and or the international level, and apply the same solution on the international level. We keep the Whitehouse informed of our plan and have been sending letters to the ambassadors in Washington, DC and asking them all to Track Our Progress.

We call this concept, 1-2-3. We declare we will solve the crisis. We solve the crisis. We draw people into the solution.

The first solution that we are offering addresses the worst case scenario, the global genocide that has come about as the result of the Iraq War. Ripple after ripples of effects have gone out to draw in every person on the planet.

Our organization has been going through a hostile takeover bid in the form of a character defamation campaign, which is a form of genocide.

Because the governments are Tracking Our Progress, they will not announce their support for our plan. We have been introducing the idea for the proposed international government, but for the news media to cover the story, it must be newsworthy, not just a plan. Our plan, therefore, is to demonstrate the solution within the organization, and turn it into a media event.

Oxford and Stonehenge will be played out in California and Oregon before it goes to England.