Monday, November 23, 2009

Saudi Arabia's Role in World Peace

Our fourth newsletter to embassies involves the role Saudi Arabia will play in ending the War in Iraq.

The war started a schism between peoples and governments, with the people standing on their rights to create their life and express their cultures as they desire, and the governments have been working to create an international presence by working with the United States.

Saudi Arabia's depends on its relationship with the United States to market its oil, and so it seemed counterproductive to stand on the principles of autonomy and sovereignty for Iraq. Instead, they joined with Kuwait to form a "House of Cards" against Saddam Hussein.

It is the people who are most oppressed by war. In fact, this choice lead to increased terrorism by those who protested their rights to create their life without interference.

Because this crisis is technically a genocide, which evolves differently from a war, it will continue to draw in more and more people, just as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned President Bush. Eventually every person on the planet will be affected in some way.

The first group of people to be drawn in stood on the principles, understanding the United States does not have the right to invade a sovereign nation. The second have been financially affected. Imagine how much easier it would have been to make a win-win agreement to procure oil reserves than to invade Iraq and ultimately start a civil war! The next group of people to be drawn in are those whose lives are affected. The global financial crisis, cut foreign aid to other nations that depend on the United States, and many other reasons, including health and general welfare, are destabilizing the entire world.

The solution is the introduction of our proposed international government, and to allow Saudi Arabia to host the mediation process. This week, November 15-21, 2009, we sent out our embassy newsletters introducing this concept.

This is the next step following the introduction of the Grand Unification Principle in England, along with the ancient sacred rite of conflict resolution at Stonehenge.

This proposal allows Saudi Arabia to prove its intent to end the conflict in the Middle East, to join the debate on the creation of the proposed international government, and to turn its attentions inside the country to enable the Saudi people to function on a higher level. It will make terrorism obsolete because the people will have a voice in their government.

Karen Holmes,
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government