Sunday, July 31, 2016

We are stronger together

America is counting down to election day in November for our next president. What we decide will affect us for a long time, especially if we factor in the possibility of one or more Supreme Court Justices. Many people around the world are watching.

America has three candidates that will appear on all fifty state ballots.

The entire planet is also deciding on our our future, and what we decide will affect the entire planet for the next thousand years.

We have three options: We can ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage. We can devolve into a global conflict, and create an unending feud with the potential to wipe mankind off the face of the planet. Or, we can all work together to create the international government that guarantees to every person on the planet our inalienable rights.

Hillary Clinton stood with Bernie Sanders and declared "we are stronger together." Let's not let any out of the debate for the international government.

Where true power comes from

This month, we have looked at a synopsis of the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the issue of where true power comes from.

We haven't yet looked at all the parameters of this crisis. This proposal is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain to the Middle East on the US economy, and we won't address all the parameters of this proposal until we look at each step and stage of the planning process, the events and projects.

We are building a foundation for the international government. Each step is like a brick that is being laid, and once you have laid two side by side, then you can start to build up to the next level.

Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done. Power grabs no longer work.

Next month, we start to look at the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. If the United States lost our power by preemptively striking Iraq, what will it take to get it back?

Our goal at this time is to start to introduce the root cause of the crisis, and to look at a plan that addresses the root cause. We appreciate that the vast majority of the population is dependent on the old structure, and so we must introduce a "preponderance of evidence" to prove what we are saying is actually true. Our first statement is that "you cannot get the life you want by grabbing for power."

We want people to watch for power games, but not to judge them, because we know everyone plays the games.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The dark cloud on the horizon to the end of the storm

John Adams was an attorney in the 1700s in the colony of Massachusetts. When England put a tax on all legal transactions, because he had to deal with it every day, he recognized the unfairness of it and saw the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon.

He understood the "Father, Mother and Son" concept. He understood the historical setting where England was building its empire, waging war and taxing its colonies to do so, and that the colonies had no recourse to change what was unfair, because the king's government didn't recognize the colonists to be equal to England and the crown. The Stamp Act was a form of taxation without representation, and as an attorney, he understand that the laws didn't always defend the underdog.

He saw this long before others did. He joined a group of people who were trying to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. He was part of the first segment of the population to come into the American Revolution Movement.

What was going through his mind was, "What can I do?"

Today, there is a solution when you see a dark cloud on the horizon, and that is to be drawn into the World Peace Movement. As part of the framework based on the cooperation of nature, all you have to do is to be willing to share your talents and gifts with others who see the same dark cloud on the horizon, and to become part of a project that benefits everyone.

The top row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy  is for those who stand on the principles of the movement, the first 25% of the people to come in. They do because during a Moment of Choice, as they stood on the principles, it triggered the fears of someone who relies on the individual for their security and support, and that person went down into playing the games. A series of battles, known as the Battles of Armageddon followed. To rebuild your financial and family foundation, you go through the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and you are drawn into a project that benefits everyone.

The end of the storm for John Adams was when he was the second president of the United States, and he enacted the Alien and Sedition Act, which was what to do about the last bits of conflict as the people were united as the new nation.

The Alien and Sedition Act wasn't very successful. The conflict ends when everyone is able to get their financial support and security. It took Alexander Hamilton to set up the financial structure of the nation, sharing his expertise to build a solid financial foundation, just as he built his own when he was young. Hamilton was part of the second group to come into the Movement. He came into it when he was affected financially. He was a founding father of the American Revolution Movement, but he fit into the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy.

The idea for the international government has been introduced and opened to debate, and at this time, the population is segmenting in four parts--five, if you include the children, who are our future.  At this time, there is the paradigm shift that involves the understanding that it is still possible to rise out of the abyss as the storm hits. It is not necessary to wage a revolutionary war. The war is against the power games that people play as they grab for power.

As people see it is possible, they are drawn into the Movement, but they have not made the commitment to participate. It is like a large pool of people who will be drawn into the movement by sharing their talents and gifts. Once the plan becomes policy, one step at a time, the storm will be over.

As the projects are introduced, the ideas will go from the widest perspective to the narrower, from global perspective to the individual. Each project will be like building a huge skyscraper, from an empty plane to a major city. It will continue to grow and expand until every person on the planet is part of the new paradigm.

On the international level, we are first introducing a way for disputes to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. The foundation is being laid for the end of conflict and for global prosperity.

Next month we will look at the legal basis for the international court system. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton would approve.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Walking forward to create the life you want

Many people think that if they could just come up with some innovative project idea, they would be able to function financially on a far higher level, but what does it take to do that? People come up with new ideas all the time, but most ideas are not that different from all the others. In "Becoming a Student," Seth explains how to bring together the past, the present and the future to create something that no one has ever done before.

This month we are looking at the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and while the creation of the international government and its projects seem simple and logical, the foreign policy experts around the world have not seen the idea before, or if they did, they didn't know how to bring it all about.

The books associated with this proposal are found in the Technology/Power/Plan/Orange segment of our catalog. Technology involves coming up with gadgets, but it is also the application of the plan in the planning process, and technology doesn't necessarily have to be lucrative. Technology can be used as a tool or as a weapon. Does having a secret weapon make you more powerful, or will you face the backlashes of Universal Law?

All of these ideas are wrapped together in this proposal. We haven't even come to the point where we are creating something, but looking at where true power comes from.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Overcoming the fear for the future

Traumatic events leave rifts, which are tears in the energy pattern of the planet. There is a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the people, and the rifts last long after the event has been forgotten. Any efforts you pour in the people, until the rift is healed, are wasted. With all the traumatic events that are occurring all over the planet, this is a major crisis.

There must be a way to overcome the sense of helplessness and hopelessness, and the first is to know that it is still possible to get the life you want.

Seth, a seventh dimensional entity, is famous for his books through a channel named Jane Roberts. Together, they wrote books in the 1970s and 80s about the fact that you create your own reality. Seth has returned with a new book through Karen Holmes, called "A Manual for Peace." He carries his teachings forward now with the understanding of how to create the life you want.

Seth is the source of the government proposals, and many trade books and series booklets on how to create world peace in your own life.

In "A Manual for Peace," he first introduces the idea of an international government. He gives prophecies for the next 1000 years, and explains how to bring world peace in our own lives, within our family and society. He explains the tools that enable us to bring world peace, and empowers us to walk forward to create world peace on every level.

The series booklets offer the principles associated with each of the proposals, and the trade books explain the application of the principles.

The application of the principles

We have talked about the Battles of Armageddon, and that during a Moment of Choice, one person stands on the principles and it triggers fears in another person for his or her security and support. A series of battles occurs until the ultimate conclusion, when they go different directions.

In the era of world peace, the first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone functions from his or her own capacity, and must not rely on another individual.

The next step is to understand the principles, and to differentiate between the principles and the power games.

One of the "mantras" for businesspeople is to "walk the talk."

Parents run into problems if they expect their children to do as they say, but are not good role models.

The application of the principles is what is important.

This month we are addressing the principles associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. George W. Bush justified the preemptive strike on Iraq, believing he was standing on the principles, but the U.S. legal system is based on the premise that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. You cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, and while that foreign policy may have appeared to work to gain power and prestige and control of natural resources and strategic locations for the United States, the anger it generated from people around the world created a backlash. It went against the Universal Law of Cause of Effect.

The international court system will be based on Universal Law.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

As the old stops working, the question becomes, what will work?

When it becomes apparent that what you are doing not only isn't working, but is making the crisis worse, then you must stop and figure out what will work. This goes on forever as we address the glitches segment of the planning process, but for the next ten years or so, mankind will be doing the same thing over and over, letting go of what no longer works on the international level.

There are no international institutions with the capacity to end or prevent wars. Does this mean that mankind is doomed to fight an unending feud?

We always have three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead. To go up is to stand on the principles. To go straight ahead is to ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. To go down is to rely on the power games, and there is always a backlash to the games, because the games are oppressive.

But what are the principles? We have the right to defend our bodies, our family, our home and nation. The preemptive strike was supposed to be an act of defense from someone who meant us harm. Did it do that?

President Obama is fighting ISIS, trying to support the Iraqis with drones and airstrikes, advising them and turning responsibility over to them for their own defense. That seems to be slowly working in Iraq, but mission creep is getting in the way as he sends in troops to defend our own interests, and the directors of the CIA and the FBI have declared they have found sleeper cells in 90 nations and in every state.  Can the United States juggle 90 conflicts like Syria and Iraq, and protect our own country from internal uprisings? No. We are backed into the proverbial corner.

When we let go of what isn't working, then the question becomes what will work?

The United States is facing another presidential election, and each candidate has a plan for keeping America safe, but will their plans actually work?

Your plan must address the root cause of the crisis or it makes the crisis worse. The root cause of all the crises mankind is facing is the power games that are being played. The games are known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and they are called Deadly because at the ultimate conclusion of the games, someone dies.

No one yet has been able to overcome death. Everyone on the planet plays the games.  The games are oppressive to the people, so rather than to place a judgment on someone, and to wage a war, let's start to battle the games rather than each other.

There is always a backlash to the games. If you grab for power, under Universal Law of Cause and Effect--karma--the Golden Rule---you lose power. This is what we learned from the preemptive strike in Iraq. The power games reached their ultimate conclusion. What should have worked, didn't.

Iraq is a sovereign nation. They have the right to defend themselves from invasion and occupation. They have the right to defend themselves in court.

There is an international court system, but is it working? The problem is that nations do not have to be a signatory of the courts. The United States is not a signatory, and while that strategy may seem to protect us from facing countless cases against us, the anger is rising as the disputes are never resolved. The solution is to address the "overview" court case, which is the preemptive strike on Iraq, and to let go of everything that isn't working based on power games, and create what will work.

Mankind must understand what got us into the crisis. We start with the principles associated with the Battles of Armageddon, which start when one individual stands on the principles and it affects the security and support of another individual, who goes down into the power games.

All of our planning starts with the Exit Strategy for Iraq. No one can bring peace by waging war. War comes from the power game of Pride, which comes from the belief that you lack respect.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The United States must start the process

Readers have heard many times that our organization is a microcosm of the international level, and that each family is parallel to a nation. We have 200 independent members. The first two to come into the framework based on win-win agreements are Iraq and the United States. The first two proposals are actually for the United States. One is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, and the precursor for it is the Exit Strategy for Iraq.

At the beginning and the end of any cycle, there are two people or nations. One stands on the principles and the other is the application of the principles. In the Catholic Church, for example, the first two popes were Jesus of Nazareth and Peter. At the end of the cycle, once again there are two popes--actually, this is the first time in history that there are three living popes! (More on that later. This will resolve the question about the prophecy of St. Malachy, and the question of who is the Olive Pope?)

 At the end of any cycle, before you can move on, you must undo the damage that was done or it will come back to haunt you. Issues are coming up to be cleared. If you plot this out on the planning circle, if you have a plan for an international government, the opposite side of the circle addresses issues related to security.

In our Faith of the Pure Ray project, there are diagrams of how one side of the circle must be addressed.

Mankind must address the issue related to Iraq, and the character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein before we can move forward. The Chilcot Report came out and Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed his regret, but he did not seem to understand the root cause of the anger that was building up against him. For him it was a small, logical step, but for others, it was a major leap--into the abyss.

The Chilcot Report declared the Iraq War was an illegal war, so does that imply? Can it be swept under the proverbial rug and ignored?

The plan for world peace has been introduced, and opened to debate. Many people around the world know about the plan. Now, in this election cycle, we have two presidential candidates who supported the war, and are known as hawks. Are these the principles and the application of the principles that the United States will stand on for the next thousand years?

Monday, July 18, 2016

World peace requires a paradigm shift

I am sure that most first time readers to this blog come thinking that these posts will announce great steps in the creation of the proposed international government, watching history unfold, and are disappointed that nothing seems to be happening. The fact is, history is being made not in large steps, but in tiny ways that no one even knows are vital to the peace process.

It is being made as choices on the individual level, and when one person makes a choice, it triggers others to make their choices, also.

As mankind comes to the point where the choices that we made to this point reach their ultimate conclusion, the energy that propelled us forward is expended, and that is the point where we must make another choice.

An example of this is occurring within the Catholic Church. There is a prophecy by St. Malachy that this is the last pope, and with it the Catholic Church is coming to its end under very dire circumstances. Is the prophecy true? Is it really ending, or reaching the end of the cycle, and ready to make changes?

The end times is a time when many fears arise and must be addressed. It is not that the Catholic Church is ending, or the world is ending, it is that the cycles are reaching their end, and change only occurs easily at the beginning or the end of a cycle, so this is a time of great change. Pope Francis is setting the course for the next cycle, and his choices for the future of the church are triggering others to make their choices, too.

Consider that Kofi Annan in his farewell speech to the United Nations declared that George W. Bush made the United Nations irrelevant. He was saying we should not depend on it for solving the world's problems, and implied that mankind should start looking for something that will work.

All the institutions that do not treat people fairly and equally are coming to an end. As the old structure based on power games collapse, mankind is going through our end of life crisis as a planet. The energy that propelled us forward through this cycle that is reaching its conclusion has almost been expended. As we reach our end of life crisis, to overcome it, we must come to the understanding that we can get the life we want, then let go of what is dragging us into the abyss, and walk forward to create the life we want. It is the same on every level.

The plan for the international government replaces the United Nations, and allows mankind to function on a higher level. It is our opportunity to get the life we want, and that alone is enough to enable us to rise out of our end of life crisis. This paradigm shift mankind is making with affect every part of the planet.

Now it is time to consider what we must let go of that is dragging us into the abyss.

The old structure was based on playing power games. The new structure is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature--on win-win agreements.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The past comes back on us again

How easy it is to forget the past when we honor men and women who have taken mankind forward in our evolution. We honor people like Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks and Mohandas K. Gandhi for their part in instigating evolutionary changes in their nation, but forget that at the beginning there was a huge resistance to the change by those who relied on the old for their security and support.

And, how easy it is to forget those who were dragged into the conflict because of the sense of judgment, and how not having a solution that benefits everyone kicks mankind off course for a long time.

This morning, I am going to refer back to an event that occurred in a previous movement. It has been mostly forgotten, but it enabled one of the biggest movements to start--and for mankind to go off course for two thousand years. Now mankind is reaching the end times of this cycle--a loop in history--and we are replaying this event in preparation for the creation of the international government.

At the beginning of any movement, the idea is introduced, but the founding parents are no different than the general population. They are a microcosm of the entire planet, divided into the four--no, five--segments of the population that apply to every movement. The fifth segment consists of the future generations that are dragged into the crisis and who form the loop that takes seven generations responsible for undoing the damage that has been done by previous generations who ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations. Those seven generations have spawned other cycles, so it has taken 2000 years for the cycle I am referring to this morning to reach its end times.

Two thousand years seems like a long time, but with all the cycles that spin off, mankind is also playing out a billion year cycle, and during the end time of previous billion year cycles, Earth's inhabitants were wiped off the face of the planet. Change only occurs easily at the end or the beginning of cycles, so as all the cycles lined up during the 2008-2012 time period, mankind has been in a time period of major changes. We could function on a very high level, or devolve into a global conflict. Seth talks about this in "A Manual for Peace."

Stephen was a very spiritual man who lived during the time of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a wealthy man, kind and generous, one of the men who assumed responsibility for taking care of the poor widows and the children of the men who died in the movement's battles of Armageddon. The Romans occupied the region, and could be very brutal, but it was men from Stephen's own church who judged Stephen, and it was Saul of Tarsus who participated in his execution. Saul was also wealthy and powerful.

When Stephen stood on the spiritual principles during a Moment of Choice, it affected Saul's security and support, and it triggered the Battles of Armageddon in that church.

There was a difference in perspective between the two men of where true power comes from. Stephen believed true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, and so he had no problem with helping the widows and the children. It enabled him to rise in power in the church. Saul equated ideas about power than should not be equated, such as power and money, or money and brutality. His belief structure was based on the fear of the lack of respect, which leads to the power game of Pride, and he believed he had the right to put Stephen down. He waged war on Stephen, which was an act of revenge, and it led to the act the judgment against Stephen, which led to the other power games of revenge, including genocide, slavery and terrorism.  The conflict in the church drew in others, such as the Romans, who tried to put down rebellions.

Stephen was spiritual--an overview concept--and Saul--who became the Apostle Paul, was religious. Paul was not part of the original disciples-the twelve pointed star that represents tolerance and the cooperation of nature, but he also became a teacher when he stopped persecuting those who came before him and who had the wider perspective, including Jesus of Nazareth, whose perspective was wider than the rest.

Many people believe Jesus had twelve disciples, but he was actually one of the disciples,
one of the twelve pointed star that represents tolerance and the cooperation of nature.
Each of the twelve has the same goal, and each assumes responsibility for one role.
Jesus was the teacher, and during this time period, is the world teacher.

A schism formed within the church, with some following Jesus and the new concept of Christianity, and others staying with the old structure related to Judaism. Christian's power game of choice is to wage war, and a Jew's game of choice is based on judgment which leads to genocide. At the cycle reaches the end times, it is time to unify the religions again into one body of spiritual teachings. Today, we can learn from the past, let go of the power games based on revenge, and return to the spiritual teachings based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Unravel the revenge to end the war

The preemptive strike on Iraq was an act of revenge, which brought together people who play five power games. They all had the same goal, which was to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. 

Starting with the Gulf War, George H.W. Bush believed he had the right to put Saddam Hussein down. He waged war to prevent him Saddam Hussein from taking over Kuwait. What seemed like an act of aggression on the part of Saddam Hussein, according to the Wikipedia article on the Gulf War, could be also seen as a way for Saddam Hussein to defend his natural resources. Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields, and Saddam Hussein responded by invading Kuwait.

(In the era of the international government, this conflict would have gone to the international court in the Middle East. None of the other nations would have been involved. A third, impartial nation would have settled the dispute, and if it wasn't able to, it would have gone to a higher court on another continent.) 

The Gulf War set the stage for the Iraq War, when George W. Bush and Tony Blair judged Saddam to be Axis of Evil, and they chose to invade Iraq preemptively to topple Saddam Hussein. Their justification was that he had WMD and the intent to use them at any time. This is being scrutinized again this month with the release of the Chilcot Report. The conflict, because it was based on a sense of judgment, devolved as a genocide, not a war. The reason it has been so difficult to stop is because the knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse. 

George W. Bush and Tony Blair drew in the Coalition nations, and offered incentives to participate. 
The third power game with every act of revenge is based on the game of Greed. 

The incentives for financial gain drew in those nations who declare themselves to be allies in the War on Terror, and target their own people for personal gain. These leaders play the power game of slavery and human rights violations. They weave an illusion to entrap people.  

The power games of Genocide and Slavery are both based on weaving an illusion. The power games of War, Massacres based on Greed and Terrorism reach their ultimate conclusion and the proverbial pendulum starts to swing back to the midpoint, but those that are based on weaving an illusion continue to swing the pendulum further out. That is why the entire planet is now facing the rise of ISIS and a global genocide. 

Those who play the power game of slavery bring in the terrorists, who rise in protest when they are denied a voice in matters of grave concern. 

The conflict in Iraq devolved as a genocide, and because it was between world leaders, it can be considered a global conflict. Ripples of effects have gone out to draw in more people. When Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan gave his farewell speech, he declared that George W. Bush had made the United Nations irrelevant. There are no existing institutions that can end or prevent war, so this can be considered the worst case scenario for the planet. 

Each came into the Pentacle of Power because they believed they would reach their goal by doing so. People who play the game of War, lack respect for example. Genocides are based on lack of capacity. Greed comes from lack of abundance. Slavery comes from lack of intimacy, so they bind people to them and push them away. Terrorism comes from lack of a voice.

The problem with revenge is that no one has the same goal, and they undermine each other. 

Rather than to fight the War on Terror, the root cause of terrorism is that people on the bottom have no voice in matters of grave concern, and they raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence. The solution that unravels the Pentacle of Power is for the Bush family to support the plan for the international government, and to encourage open debate on it by every person on the planet. Give people a voice.

People who are enslaved need a place to go, and even if it is not a specific location, the Earth is our home, and the creation of the international government benefits everyone. Many people fear the creation of an international government that will enslave people, and so by supporting one that treats everyone fairly and equally, people declare what they will no longer tolerate.

This stops ISIS and the rise of the caliphate. No one is in agreement for one individual to back everyone on the planet into the proverbial corner.

The plan for the international government is based on each nation and each individual functioning from its own capacity, finding its niche based on natural resources or talents and gifts, and the international government will make fair and equitable trade agreements. Rising to the top by grabbing for resources won't work. The departments of the international government will help each nation to find its niche, starting with the United States and England. The U.S. niche is our constitution, which guarantees to each citizen our inalienable rights, and England it is Stonehenge and Oxford, which represents unification and conflict resolution. This is what drew people to each nation.

Each nation finding its niche, and having the economic departments of the international government, made up of experts from every nation to advise, allows every nation and every individual to create a sense of abundance. This is what everyone wanted, the underlying cause for the revenge. 

Third world nations oftentimes have an abundance of natural resources, but they become "bank accounts" for the industrialized nations. The ultimate conclusion of the grab for resources is that it started a civil war, and no one got control of the resources. The hell of it is that everyone got what they wanted, which was to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. 

This ends the war. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Step off the Wheel

The World Peace Plan involves the creation of an international government, so many people will sit back and imagine it to be all about summits and treaties, but it is much more than that.

Mankind is evolving out of the third dimension and into the fourth, and this requires mankind to make a change in our belief structures. We all had to reach the point where mankind will no longer tolerate what we no longer wish to experience.

This is an individual journey, too, where we reach the point where the power games each of us plays backlash on us, and we must let them go. By assuming responsibility to undo the damage we have done, we make our ascension out of the third dimension into the fourth and fifth, where people live by a different set of rules.

Buddhists and Hindus will think of what mankind is doing as stepping off the Wheel of Karma and achieving Nirvana.

Mankind is at the point where we can create Heaven on Earth.

The difference between Heaven and Hell is that there in Heaven, there is a solution to your problems.  
In the news now, the Chilcot Report has been released and Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing the backlashes from the power games he played that got the UK into the Iraq War. For him, it was one small step, but for the peace protesters, it was a major leap. The United States and the United Kingdom were invading a sovereign nation against the intent of the UN Charter. Based on his comments, Tony Blair still doesn't understand what he did was wrong. For him, he was doing what was in everyone's best interest by removing from power a cruel dictator, and he believed he was justified to do it.

This created a schism. Many people believe the same thing.

Under Universal Law, by toppling Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair and George W. Bush lost their power.

Because the conflict was based on the judgment against Saddam Hussein that he was evil, it devolved as a genocide, and because it was between world leaders, it became a global genocide that the existing international structure cannot end or prevent, and so it has placed mankind into the worst case scenario for the planet.

In a time of crisis, our perspective narrows to the point where we see only two options, and both are untenable. If we ignore the crisis, we pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage that has been done. The other option is to go down deeper into the power games, which always leads to backlashes. What is unseen is the third option that allows mankind to function on a higher level.

Mankind no longer wishes to experience this type of conflict. Our Exit Strategy for Iraq involves the creation of the international government, and its international court system based on Universal Law so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead. Wars and genocides are oppressive to the people, and now there is no more need for governments to wage war and genocide.

We are offering Tony Blair and George W. Bush the opportunity to undo the damage they have done--to step off the Wheel of Karma. Mankind can look at this and say all those people did not die in vain, that this conflict allowed mankind to understand what we no longer wished to experience.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our Free Power Source Invention offers insights on Universal Law

The idea for the international government has been talked about for years now, and has opened doors for diplomacy that seemed forever locked. The Free Power Source Invention offers insights on why any kind of agreements at this time won't work.

Technology is not just a progression of useful gadgets. Technology is coming up with a plan that solves problems. The Free Power Source Invention is one of three inventions that will work together to function as a source in free energy. Together, they are the application of the principles of the cooperation of nature. When two people make a win-win agreement, a burst of energy is given off to propel both forward, based on the Fibonacci numbers. Once these inventions come together, mankind will evolve out of burning oil in internal combustion engines (we are making oil consumption sustainable with another invention) and nuclear energy will come to an end.

The Free Power Source invention is like a twelve story building and on each floor resides a different type of relationship, and the idea is that you make win-win agreements with all the entities on each of the floors, a total of 144 win-win agreements. The top floor is your relationship with our Creator, and standing on the principles of Universal Law. That is your first win-win agreement.

Many agreements are based on power games, which will backlash, or compromise, which will break apart when both sides discover their goals are different. Win-win agreements are the strongest form of agreements, because both sides offer what benefits them to offer, and get something far greater in return. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements. Your returns are 10 times, 1000 times or 1000 times what you offer, and you are unlimited as to what you can create.

An understanding of how Universal Law functions is very important, not only for this reason, but because the international government's legal system will be based on Universal Law. How these Laws function is the lessons mankind will be learning forever.

Each of the three inventions can be manufactured in one country, and this can the beginning of unbreakable bonds between these nations. Why would any nation pull out of such an agreement, and why would they choose to go to war if they understood that power games always lead to a loss of power?

Today, if every nation and every individual on the planet had the final functioning version of these three remarkable inventions, how many would be producing power?


The United States declares on our currency that "in God we trust," but the application of the principles is what is important. You can't bring peace by waging war.

Each of our government proposals focuses on the principles that are necessary to understand, so let's start with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and we will work toward creating a legal system that is based on Universal Law. Let's allow the United States, Iraq and England to start to regain the power everyone lost by waging war. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Countering the Ripples of Effects

Once the Grand Lie has been told, the truth does not overcome the lie. Ripples of effects go out to draw in more and more people into the conflict and into the crisis.

To counter the effects, we have the Pass It On booklets. 

These booklets draw people into the movement by addressing different crises--

  • The Battles of Armageddon series by Seth and Jesus of Nazareth and Karen Holmes cover the series of battles that occur when one person stands on the principles and the other goes down into the power games. In the Bible, this is the parable of two people sitting in a field, and one is taken and the other is left behind. Christians call this being "left behind," and it is a sign of the end times. Eventually every person on the planet will make a choice, to go up, down or straight ahead at a Moment of Choice. These booklets explain what triggered the Iraq War, and started a global genocide.
  • "A Patch of Heaven" is the first booklet of a series written by soldiers who died in Iraq. The soldiers tell their story about what made them vulnerable, last messages for family members to say they have gone on and are fine. This booklet is very healing for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. 
  • "We Are One" is by Seth and Karen Holmes, and it offers the Grand Unification Principle, which Albert Einstein sought all his life but didn't find. He called it the Unified Field Theory. Unification is the counterpoint of conflict resolution. The technology team will go into this in greater depth at Oxford, when we channel a new trade book, "The Grand Unification of the Universe" and answer questions from the professors of mathematics. 
  • "The Crisis Packet" by Archangel Michael, Lady Gaia and I AM That I AM, a three booklet series, is for people facing their end of life crisis. "A Little Angel Told Me..." by Archangel Michael is like having an angel come to you when you pray for God to help you. Michael deputizes readers to ask for a catalog and to "pass it on" to others who are also facing their end of life crisis. 
You can probably see how these booklets can be vital to readers who are facing these crises, and the potential they have to overcome the effects of the ripples that have gone out from the Grand Lie. 

But, they are also controversial because they are not scholarly booklets. Anyone who is not in crisis won't see their full potential. What is their full potential? 

The books have been pirated, so the readers have three choices. They can buy books from existing self-help authors, the pirates or the legitimate books that are published through On The Rainbow Peace Store or the books that will be published through the professional publishing team, which at this time has not yet come together to handle the books. Half the income from the sales of the legitimate books goes to support the organization and its projects, so by purchasing the pirated books, they may get cheaper books (which may at first be better quality) but customers are undermining their own economy and the global renaissance, because the pirates function only for their own interests.

The person who will bring together the professional publishing team is also a Seth channel and he will bring together the two sides of the organization, the inventors and investors, to be the customers of the legitimate books and the independent members of our organization to prove the books work.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

To the government of the UK

In regards to the historical Battle of the Somme, which occurred 100 years ago.

Reflecting on World War I is wise, but England's historic niche--what brought people to England from all over the known world--was Stonehenge. Our organization believes Stonehenge and Woodhenge combined was a large venue for conflict resolution. Recent archeological findings support our theory.

What has made the U.S. unique is our constitution. Our organization is working to create an international government based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. Under the plan, disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, making war obsolete, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people. The future economic structure will be based on nations finding a niche, and the international government will make trade agreements.  We would like to help England re-establish your niche so you can also be part of the framework based on the cooperation of nature.

The solution that ends the conflict is our Exit Strategy for Iraq.  We would like re-enact an ancient rite of conflict resolution at Stonehenge to end the Iraq War, and address unification at Oxford with their math professors.

Please read about the plan at

World Peace newsletter

In 2003, when the war was starting, I sent copies
of the executive summaries for the first eight proposals to the stakeholder diplomats, but everyone had their own agenda, and so they were disregarded. Looking back, it was naive of me to expect any kind of response. I put the proposals on our website and started to collect the names of people from all over the world who like the plan for the international government. The people on the list are considered affiliate members of our organization.

Then I created a simple newsletter and included a list of the affiliate member nations, and this caught the attention of the diplomats, who passed this fact on to the government level, and they leveraged the plan for the international government into the Whitehouse.

"World Peace" newsletter has evolved to include the executive summary, commentary about the root cause of the crisis, the planning stages, which include events and associated projects, and a detailed survey. All of these can be found on our website, but having the newsletters in hand allows the reader to have the background to understand what is occurring in the news. The surveys will be collected and turned over to the respective government should we get a government contract.

All of our newsletters start with the worst case scenario and addresses the root cause of the crisis, and then each subsequent issue carries readers through to the resolution of the crisis. Each subscription starts with Volume 1, issue 1, and there are eight issues per volume.

"World Peace" newsletter will be sent free of charge to the embassies in Washington, DC. The independent member who is parallel to the nation will sponsor the subscription to their parallel embassy. Income from the sale of subscriptions will fund organization projects.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Conference in Europe

The one thing that will make the international government a reality, besides all the work, is the conference of world leaders.

To fix our destination firmly in everyone's mind, we created a separate blog and we are starting to speak about what to expect.

It can be found at

Ten years to our goal of world peace!

This week marks the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

 It takes up to seven years to amend our Constitution, so by our 250th anniversary, the international government can already be in existence.