Monday, January 18, 2010

Kuwait's Vulnerability Sets the Stage for Court System

Our proposal to Kuwait entails the creation of a legitimate, internationally recognized court system. Their vulnerability to the drive of Saddam Hussein that led to the Gulf War, and now their proximity to the crisis in Iraq, sets the stage for the creation of a Local (continental) Court system.

Nations do not have to be a signatory of the International Criminal Court, and so disputes between nations are not resolved. For conflict resolution, both sides must be considered equal, and when one side believes it has all the power, and the other has none, disputes will continue, and even escalate.

Our January embassy newsletter offers Kuwait the solution to their problems. They do not have to fear entanglement in regional disputes, nor relying on "mercenary" defense. By participation in the proposed international government, there is a higher source to go to to end conflicts.

Karen Holmes,