Friday, February 21, 2014

Genocide Watch

The purpose behind a genocide watch is to end the games of illusion. Revenge includes five games. When the power games reach their ultimate conclusion, and the pendulum swings back to the midpoint, the two of illusion--genocide and slavery--continue to swing the pendulum out. The games cannot be maintained when people are watching because in some way, on another level, every one of us has experienced a genocide. People recognize oppression when they see it. The truth will eventually come out.

The games continue on until an innocent person is crucified. Unfortunately, "innocent" does not include young children. Innocent is someone who is doing what is in everyone's best interest.

We are asking the ambassadors to Track Our Progress in creating the plan for world peace, and the first step is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, which was an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein. It created ripples after ripples of effects that are drawing in every person on the planet. It has evolved as a genocide, and because it was between world leaders, it can be considered a global genocide.