Thursday, March 27, 2014

Everyone Must See The Need To End the Fighting

Our organization has called for a genocide watch, but the illusion continues on reinforcing the conflict. For it to end, everyone must see the need for the fighting to end.

A genocide continues to draw in people until someone says "stop." That person must stand and defend the person who is being judged.

In our case, the lies were told, but because there was no way to defend oneself from prejudice and ulterior motives....

Imagine that you go on living your life, and suddenly notice that people no longer wish to have any kind of relationship with you. You have no idea what is going on. Covert actions are interfering in your relationships.

So, to end the fighting, one person sides with you, and suddenly people who know you return.

It is like dominoes falling.

One side must be going up in power while the other is going down. Those who are perpetrating the acts of revenge and violence are oppressing people, and people know oppression when they see it. They walk away from the bullies.

While the character defamation campaign is occurring within the potential members of our organization, we are standing up to defend Saddam Hussein, and the people of Iraq.