Wednesday, January 21, 2015

His Excellency, Sir Peter Westmacott: The Chilcot Report

Your Excellency:

Our organization is working to introduce a plan for an international government based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. As of today, people in 78 nations support the plan.

Once the Chilcot Report has been made public, it will become difficult to demonstrate your nation's intent to prevent further damage that was done by the foreign policy decision to invade a sovereign nation. Our organization is offering to assist you in starting to undo the damage and to save the reputation of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The preemptive strike on Iraq went against the intent of the U.N. Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks. What seemed like a good idea at the time, when seen from the wider perspective was not in anyone's best interest. As people slide into a crisis situation, their perspective narrows, and oftentimes it takes looking at the issue from the wider perspective to see the solution. Our perspective is very large because we include sources that are generally overlooked.

The simple solution is to make all wars obsolete, and transition the power base a nation has from military might to financial strength based on a nation's resources. I am selecting the nation of England and separating it from the U.K. because each nation has a separate and unique niche. England has forgotten its traditional niche and its historic niche of conflict resolution and unification. To return to is traditional niche allows England to regain its power base.

Our plan to create the international government is based on every nations finding and returning to its niche, and in the process, regain its sense of identity. The Sykes-Picot agreement robbed Iraq of its identity, and our plan is to restore Iraq to its rightful place as sovereign, once they are allowed to be so.

Please look into our plan for the international government. While we do not yet have a separate proposal for England, we do for the Middle East, and our Exit Strategy for Iraq affects England as part of the overview concept. It can be found online at

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes,