Monday, February 16, 2015

Your Excellency: Participation in the International Government is by invitation.

Recent uprisings are not necessarily the result of protests from the people that the power games the power games are oppressing. They may also be a result of attempts to topple the government as part of the drive to instate the caliphate, and combined to form a global government by one individual.

Ripples of effects have gone out from the Iraq War to draw in every person on the planet in some way. The first ripples separated the people into the same four segments that every movement does. The first people to come in stand on the principles, the second comes in when financially affected, and the third come in when their lives are affected. The final segment function for their own interests, and it is this group that has the capacity to topple governments. With the act of revenge, there is a sense of illusion, and the perpetrators are reacting as the results of lies that have been told, and truths being twisted.

The solution is to work together to establish the plan for the international government. Power games are oppressive to the people, and people know oppression when they see it. The final stage of the genocide is that the people walk away, but even just allowing the plan for the international government to be opened to debate allows people to walk toward something that functions on a higher level.

The proposed international government is based on seven principles that are so agreeable to the people that they will walk away from the old, oppressive paradigm. The principles are Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance. They help to create a sense of balance.

To stop the cycle of violence, we are declaring that world peace must come from the people, when the people are ready for it to come. There is a lack of trust of governments, and by putting the choice on the people, it empowers them to make the best choice. Rather than the governments agreeing to the plan, the people will invite their governments to participate.

Within the United States, the same crisis is occurring. Our government is based on "government by the people, for the people." The way our nation will address this is through an amendment to our Constitution. While we are doing this--it may take up to seven years--we will continue to address the issues related to Iraq.

Yours for peace,
Karen Holmes,