Thursday, April 2, 2015

Your Excellency: The Rise of ISIS

2 April 2015

Your Excellency:

As of today, people in 78 nations, including Muslim nations, support the plan for the international government.

Recently, CIA director, John Brennan, declared there are ISIS sleeper cells in 90 nations. With Muslims in nearly every nation, that statistic may be low. Understanding how to prevent the rise of ISIS is vital to the security of the entire planet. Creating a coalition of nations to fight ISIS may seem like the solution, but it back the coalition into a corner. By overpowering ISIS, it will rise in another location, or several locations simultaneously.

A schism has formed between governments and people, with one side standing on principles as the other side falling back to power games. Schisms go through a series of stages--"battles"--until one side walks away. Schisms make nations vulnerable to outside influence.

ISIS is one of the ripples  that have spun off from the preemptive strike on Iraq, a judgment against Saddam Hussein. Each of the nations that are part of our first year's proposals fell into crisis because of the sense of judgment. ISIS is not a terrorist organization, where it will fade away once you offer them a voice. ISIS is also perpetrating a genocide, a power game that continues to draw in people until someone says "stop."

What people who have been in a genocide lack is their inalienable rights, so the solution is to guarantee the inalienable rights to all the people on the planet, and the application of that is to support the plan for the international government. We ask that you open debate on the inalienable rights people have to create one's life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in one's government. The United States will guarantee inalienable rights as we work to amend our constitution to create the additional layer of government.

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes,