Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your Excellency: How the seven major religions can end the conflicts

24 June 2015

An open letter to the diplomatic community

Your Excellency:

In a recent letter I touched on the economic race that will supersede the military power base. Today I would like to look at four of the world’s largest religions and how they can actually help to end the conflicts that are spreading around the planet, and how the conflict in the Middle East can end by creating an economic foundation in the region and for the entire planet.

Each of us is born with a blueprint in our heart for our ideal life, and we may rely on power games to help us get our life. The seven spiritual teachers of the world’s seven major religions came to their cultures when they were ready to listen to teach one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create your life. The overview concept is called the Faith of the Pure Ray and it draws all the religions together to teach the knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn. In the future, all the religions will be united in one building, which will be more like schools than temples. The segments are based on the planning process: the plan, drawing in the people, then the support, addressing the glitches to bring it about, security, capacity and then tolerance and empowerment.

Each of the seven major religions also plays a favorite power game. In the case of the Middle East, when Christians wage war, Muslims stand in protest, and their power game of choice is terrorism. It starts to swing the proverbial pendulum. When the Jews believe they are being victimized, it motivates the pendulum to revolve, bringing in the rest of the planet.  It takes a fourth element to be brought in to stop the revolutions and the swing of the pendulum. In the Middle East, the fourth element is Buddhism, which teaches the principle of getting the support you need to create the life you want. Establishing an economic foundation through the creation of the international government and its Department of Commerce will stabilize the Middle East, because small businesses are the backbone of any economy. The other departments will also advice on issues such as defense and natural resources.

The solution to any dilemma is to do what is in everyone’s best interest. It is in no one’s best interest for a military solution to any crisis, because wars and genocides deprive people of their rights to get their life.

Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes,
Copy: Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR)