Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What?! We don't recommend any changes?

The crisis we are facing as a planet devolved as an act of revenge, which is based on five power games, including war, genocide, massacres and human rights violations, and terrorism. Two of the games are based on weaving an illusion. The truth cannot overcome the lies that are going out, it just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

Win-win agreements overcome the lies, but before the illusion collapses, how do you know who has what you want? What if someone is dragging you deeper into the illusion?

This is why we are opening the plan to debate amongst the diplomatic community.

We are looking for the world's statesmen and women who will participate in creating the international government, and people prove their intent by what they say and do.

Once they get to the conference, they will take debate to the next level, and that is to do what our Founding Fathers did, they "stormed the mountain," and built on each other's input to achieve the highest and  best for all people, an institution with the capacity to last for 1000 years.

Karen Holmes