Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear Friends of Peace: Celebrating Tolerance

Dear Friends of Peace,

On November 9th, the Faith of the Pure Ray calendar moved into the Taoism segment of the year. Taoism teaches tolerance and empowerment. Today Taoists celebrate Tolerance Day, but it is an official UN holiday for the entire planet.

The Taoist holidays would seem rather odd to most Christians, but Christians are not that different. There is a story of a wise man who advised his emperor not to wage war, but the emperor didn’t listen and instead got into a bloody war. The sage was so distraught that he committed suicide by jumping into the river, and the people threw rice balls into the water to keep the fish from eating his body. To this day, they celebrate tolerance by eating rice balls, and maybe going so far as to feed the fish in the river.

I can’t help but think we are in the same situation now, with the response to the events in France. I advised President Obama not to wage war, but should he not listen, I won’t jump into the river.

Today, to celebrate tolerance, I plan to hand out my Tolerance brochures to people I meet. All of my brochures are channeled messages from God, and this brochure is quite remarkable, just as they all are. It says that Tolerance is something that must come first, and that when confronted with a mob-mentality--you demonstrate tolerance when you say “this is not right,” and then walk away.

As shown by the Light Source invention diagram, intolerance is what leads to all the crises mankind is facing. I hope you will respond to intolerance when you see it by standing on the seven principles, and by doing what is in everyone’s best interest.

 Yours for peace,

Karen Holmes