Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dear Congressman DeFazio: Our solution for ISIS

I would like to offer you a solution for dealing with ISIS that does not involve fighting and drawing together a coalition. The problem with fighting ISIS is that you create a feud and risk being toppled, and by drawing together a coalition you jeopardize your allies when their own sleeper cells rise.

ISIS is not a terrorist organization. The root cause of terrorism is that people on the bottom are denied a voice and must raise their voice to be heard, oftentimes to the point of violence.

ISIS is a ripple of people who were brought into a genocide--genocidaires. They were told lies and made a life-choice to participate, and because they were unaware of the truth, they are angry that their lives have been torn apart. They are trapped in the illusion and see no way out of it, and are getting revenge. They lose all hope that their life will ever return to normal, so it is a form of mental illness and depression.  They may breaking the law, and have no legal recourse. People are trying to kill them on both sides. It is a form of slavery.

Think of the Vietnam War, where US soldiers lived in hell because they could be shot by the Vietcong or fragged by their own side as a victim of criminal behavior or by rogues who were mentally ill and getting revenge on everyone.

Another example is the independent voters, the last segment to make their choice, and the segment that can sway the election. This segment of the population can trigger rebellions when they are dragged into conflict by lies and are being squeezed. They want to live their lives without interference, and this is an inalienable right denied to them by people in power who think only of themselves.

The solution to this crisis starts with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and depends on our government supporting the plan for world peace.

The global genocide started with the preemptive strike on Iraq, and so the original conflict is between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein--or his lieutenant. The character defamation of Saddam Hussein enabled other world leaders to rise in power based on their power games of choice.

The proposal leads to the creation of the international court system so disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. There is no need to draw people into conflict--including child soldiers.

World leaders who attempt to drag their population into conflict through their power games will lose power in the international arena. A nation's power within the international government will be based on population rather than brutality or military strength. The international House of Representatives will be based on the same principles as the US House of Representatives.

Our organization has the capacity to unravel the illusion that is dragging people into the conflict. We have our World Peace Marketing Strategy, which can be found on our website,, and books and projects that have the capacity to help this segment of the population find peace in their lives. It gives everyone their inalienable rights to live their life without interference, which is what people who have been dragged into genocide lack.