Friday, March 4, 2016

A higher form of election process

Our organization is working to purify the US legal system, including the election process. If the plan for the international government is based on the US Constitution, laws and practices that have created chaos in our legal system must be purified to prevent chaos from spreading onto the international level. 

One of the practices is campaign financing. At this time, candidates must get contributions. A far higher way of electing our leadership is to make it possible for anyone to run for office, and the media post their statements free of charge. Then, the voting should follow a pattern where presidential candidates must be able to offer plans to solve the problems on the local level, then progress to the state level, the regional level and the national level, offering plans to solve problems on every level. There will be a national president and an international president and they will stand back to back, and the international presidential candidate must be able to solve the international problems.