Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dragged into a Crisis

President Trump and his family and administration are facing investigations over collusion by the Russian government, and today, I would like to look at this from the perspective of the three levels of the US legal system, and why by leaving out Universal law, the United States is falling into crisis. By putting Universal Law back into the resolution of the crisis, the illusion is destroyed.

Donald Trump and his family have had business relations with the Russians, so for them, it has been a small step to include the Russians--their friends--in their present circumstances, and this is something George W. Bush had with the al Saud family and the other Middle Eastern oil-producing royal families. Trump's presidency allows their friends and business associates to function on a higher level. For Donald Trump, it has been like walking along and his goal has been a door, and on the other side of the door is the life he has always dreamed of.

The problem is that he opened the door, and on the other side was a Brick Wall rather than his dream.

The Brick Wall is actually his end of life crisis. He is 180 degrees from where he thinks he is, but unless someone gets him turned around and back on track, he won't survive this, and this occurs every time someone hits the point of the Brick Wall. If he he goes to court and loses his case, his brand is worthless, and he stands to lose everything he has. His worse nightmare has come to pass. He becomes what he has feared--a failure.

By relying on power games, Donald Trump is now facing the ultimate conclusion of the games--the backlashes from Universal Law.

The US Constitution has the Emoluments Clause to prevent foreign governments from influencing or taking over the United States, and now Congress is trying to decide how to treat these infractions. Are they High Crimes and Misdemeanors? What about the schism between the Republicans and the Democrats? Will this tear apart our country? Is he breaking federal law? Is this a valid election?

The Universe has three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project. The US legal system has three levels, also--Universal Law, Constitutional Law and Federal Law. If you leave out the Principles--Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance-- you have only Power and Project.  The Constitution is evolutionary. It can evolve or devolve based on the power games that are played, like stacking the Supreme Court with ultra-Conservative justices with the intent to sway the court to support Big Business, and the federal laws are written that deny Americans our unalienable rights.

If you are raising a child, to teach the child about Universal law, you say, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Always treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Now, let's step back and consider whether the United States is standing on the principles of Universal Law. We can use it as a tool or a punishment. If we stand on all seven principles, we are unbeatable. If we are not, we will face the backlashes of Universal law.

By toppling Saddam Hussein, we invaded a sovereign nation. The Iraqi people have their right to chose their own leadership. They were created by the same Creator as the rest of the planet, with their unalienable rights, also. By denying them their rights, we are facing the loss of our unalienable rights.

During the end of life crisis, you are in circular thinking patterns, that you must do something, but you don't know what to do, but you must do something... The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest. That is the basis for Universal law. To leave one person out, you leave yourselves out.

If Donald Trump wants to enable himself, his family and friends and business associates to function on a higher level, he must allow everyone to function on a higher level. He can work with all the world leaders to support the plan for the international government, which will guarantee to every person on the planet their unalienable rights.

Donald, you cannot get the life you want by playing power games. You cannot break the emolument clause, or federal law. There is always a backlash to the games.