Tuesday, November 14, 2017

World Peace is More Than Creating an International Government

The U.S. Constitution gives us a glimpse into how the international government will function. We know how it works. It is easy for many people to say they will vote for the creation of an international government that guarantees to every person on the planet our unalienable rights, but world peace is much more than establishing a government. It requires a paradigm shift--actually, two paradigm shifts that are like turning a ship around because mankind is 180 degrees off course.

We live in the third dimension, which is also called the Illusion. We go through life believing that what we are doing will help us to create the life we want, and when we reach the point where it becomes apparent that what we are doing isn't working, then we either must make a shift in our understandings or we will die.  That is the first paradigm shift. We step out of the Illusion that we can get our life by playing power games, because they backlash on us. We let go of the games, and we do what is in everyone's best interest. The second paradigm shift is to create a plan that benefits everyone. We go from doing what is in no one's best interest to what is in everyone's best interest. We solve a problem facing mankind. We fulfill our purpose in life.

Mankind is being squeezed to let go of what no longer works--the power games-- and to come together to figure out what will work. For some people, change is not easy.

The Earth is making its ascension out of the third dimension, into the fourth for a period of time, and then into the fifth dimension. We are learning how to overcome death, which is part of the Illusion.

The first government proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. It represents the end of the Illusion of the third dimension. In the Illusion, we hold onto what can't help us get our life and push away what can. We are not yet working to create the international government. Rather than nations waging war on each other, based on power games, mankind will decide we no longer wish to experience the horrors of war, and we will decide to resolve disputes in an international court system, just as the states do within the United States. It is a paradigm shift that will involve a period of time when everyone blames each other. The monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead, and trigger economic expansions, but they will not necessarily be based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Then another shift will occur when everyone starts to see how the international government will benefit them.

Our books explain the principles and application of the principles, and the planning steps, for each of the government proposals. They will do a far better job at explaining how to make the paradigm shifts.