Monday, April 2, 2018

World Peace is Not What You Expect

People all over the world are aware of the plan for world peace, and it was opened to debate, but how to bring it about is not what anyone expects. Our World Peace Marketing Strategy says that people must be squeezed to come in. Why? Why not just have all the world leaders get together and do it?

Because, it wouldn't work. It wouldn't address the root cause of the problems, and they are the power games that governments--and people--play.

World peace requires a paradigm shift, and that won't occur on the individual level unless the existing paradigm is proven not to work. Mankind must let go of the seven power games known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

Mankind lives on the third dimension, which is known as the Illusion. We all go along thinking the power games will help us get the life we want. Each of us is born with a blueprint in our heart for our ideal life, and every choice we make is supposed to help us reach our goal, but misunderstandings kick us a few degrees off course. We keep believing we are headed toward our goal. Eventually, we are so far off course that we are 180 degrees from where we think we are. We see ahead of us our dream life, and it is like walking toward a door, and all we have to do is to open the door, and we are there. Instead, we open the door and we find a brick wall. We are 180 degrees from where we think we are.

At this point in time, several world leaders have been jockeying for power to see who will be the next superpower. Donald Trump, for example, reached the door and opened it, and he became president of the United States, but he is also facing investigations. He keeps thinking he is the most powerful man on the planet, but he isn't. What Trump wants is cannot be found in the White House.

The truth is, the power any government has is derived from its people. There is a misunderstanding about where true power comes from, and this is the lesson mankind is working through as the result of the Iraq War.

The Bible talk about the Banquet Table, and compares the third dimension to be like the dogs under the table, fighting for the crumbs that fall from it. Which dog will get the crumb? The dogs believe they are getting their life, but it is all an illusion.

In the parable, the fourth dimension can be considered the leg of the table, and that is the understanding that you can get your life, but it is not based on fighting for crumbs. There is still blame, and you still have not achieved your life.

The top of the table is the fifth dimension, and that is when you are actively working to create the life you want. It is not based on illusion, but on the planning process.

World peace requires a paradigm shift from believing you are getting your life to actually being the person you were born to be.

People must be squeezed to let go of the power games. When people believe they can't get the life they want, that is when they die, so for most people, it is their end of life crisis.

To go back to Donald Trump--from the perspective of an archetype--how easy would it be for him to let go of his power games? Who can convince him not to use maximum pressure against North Korea?

There are five power games that governments play, and they are all associated with revenge. Five people or groups of people come together to get revenge on one individual, such as Saddam Hussein. One group believes they have the right to put him down. That draws in those who believe they can judge him to be evil. The next group believe they can take what is rightfully his. That brings in those who believe they can own him, and that brings in those who believe they can deny him a voice.

Revenge goes against Universal law. There is always a backlash to the games, and so if you believe you are more important than him, and therefore you have the right to put him down, under Universal Law, he will go up while you go down. When the power games backlash on you, that is when you reach the point of the Brick Wall, and you, too, are being squeezed to let go of the games.

While the world leaders jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower, don't expect them to be able to create the international government. They must be invited in by their people, and the people must choose when that nation is ready to participate in the plan for the international government.