Thursday, August 2, 2018

Does the Plan Have to Go Viral on Facebook or Twitter?

There is an evolution to the development of the proposed international government. At first, only a very few people see the full potential of the plan, and then as it evolves, it continues to bring in more people. Every person must be squeezed to let go of the old and to come into the new. The question on everyone's mind is how can the plan go viral? 

Mankind is divided into four segments, and each segment, to come into the World Peace Movement, must be able to get what they want, but not by playing the power games. Mankind is letting go of the power games, because there is always a backlash to the games, and embracing the new paradigm that involves the principles of the cooperation of nature. Donald Trump, for example, promised his supporters he would undo everything President Obama did while in office, and among those things is the plan for the international government. Obama understood the wider perspective. He understands how the Constitution and the U.S. government functions, and has experience in community-based non-profit organization, where people work together on a common cause. Obama can be considered part of the first group of people to come into the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Donald Trump relies on the existing structure for his security and support, so he doesn't yet see the potential of the plan. He is not open to change, and has gone down into the power games. He could be considered part of the second group of people to come into the plan--unless he functions entirely for his own interests, and then he is part of the fourth and last group to come in.

Eventually, everyone who survives will be part of the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. No one will be left out. 

We can separate people into the four groups, but also into three, based on the choices we make when we are in crisis. When backed into a corner, we see only two options, and both are untenable. One option is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo to damage. The other is to go down into the power games, and face the backlashes from the games. The unseen third option is to stand on the principles and do what is in everyone's best interest. A great example of this is when Kim Jong Un stopped his nuclear threats and instead unified with South Korea. He could not continue to be squeezed, nor to fight a greater force. Both options were untenable. The solution was to unify with South Korea. 

Did that choice back Donald Trump into the corner? Our organization does not expect any nation to give up its nuclear weapons as part of the agreement to participate in the creation of the international government. The only thing people must do is let go of the power games. Nuclear powers will lot go of their stockpiles when everyone evolves out of them. 

We can also separate people in two groups of people. The Star of David is a symbol that is oftentimes associated with genocides, but it is also a sign related to bringing in the people you need to help you create your project. It consists of two opposing equilateral triangles. At the apex of both, at the highest and lowest points, are two people. Opposite to the apices are two parallel lines that represent the experts in their fields. The triangle that points up represents the people who are searching for solutions to problems, and like President Obama, one person has the power to bring it about. The triangle that points down represents the people who have the solution, and the person on the lowest level is the one who has a plan that benefits everyone, but is trying to bring people in to help but is meeting resistance. The first stages of the planning process involve overcoming the resistance, including character defamation, which is an individual form of genocide. The people who are resisting are those who were offered the opportunity to participate in the project, but didn't see the wider perspective. Once the top person and the bottom person come together, the project goes forward. It goes mainstream. It collapses the triangles into a hour-glass shape, and it draws in everyone. This is not an immediate process. Ahmadinejad saw the plan as the opportunity for Iran to be seen as equal to the United States, but Obama was able to start to collapse the opposing triangles. 

If we compare the World Peace Movement to the American Revolution Movement, the Exit Strategy for Iraq is parallel to the Boston Massacre, and as we stand up to defend Saddam Hussein, we are parallel to John Adams's defense of the British soldiers in court. It will take time for this plan to come about. At first, only a small group of people saw the proverbial dark cloud on the horizon. The vast majority of the population of the world relies on the existing structure, which is based on power games that are oppressive to the people. The more oppressive the power games, the more likely segments of the people will choose to join the movement. The rallying cry of the American Revolution was "Join or Die." 

Everyone has a problem and everyone has a solution. Everyone sits at the top and bottom of a triangle. The question now is how to bring the two people together so the triangles collapse.

Thankfully, we have a way to do that.