Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Hostile Takeover of England and the World

Their names have been lost to history, but their dispute left a mark on history, and now history is repeating itself after five thousand years.

During their lifetimes, Stonehenge had risen to a global site for conflict resolution, and kings, or whatever they were called in their country, went there to end their disputes, leaving vast hoards of gold in payment for their services. That gold made Stonehenge a “giant peach ready to be plucked.”  What set the stage for the hostile takeover of Stonehenge is the same crisis that is devolving today. Armageddon. When one man stood on the principles, it affected the security and support of another, possibly a brother, who went down into the power games of revenge, and that grab for power and revenge opened the door to another individual who functioned for his or her own interests. The third man was not interested in ending disputes, but in plundering the gold.

Stonehenge evolved over thousands of years, but its rites were no match for Armageddon, and so it was vandalized.

The second book of the Power Series, “Grabbing for Power,” by Alexander Hamilton and me, includes a board game, called “Who Do You Admire?” When you admire someone, you deny your own capacity, and people who lack capacity start genocides.

In America, we have been watching the Mueller investigation about Russian interference in our elections, but Russia is not limiting its grab for power to the United States. The media is reporting that Putin is opening its military bases in Cuba. Two brothers had a dispute, this time in Cuba, between Fidel and Raul Castro. Raul grabbed for power and won.  That opened the door for Russia to return. It appears that another Cuban Missile Crisis is devolving.

Armageddon is tearing apart the planet. Putin has announced that he has four unstoppable innovative weapons that can reach every corner of the planet. Radio Free Europe has a video of them, Putin's 'Invincible' New Weapons

Armageddon started with the preemptive strike on Iraq, when Saddam Hussein stood on the principles and George W. Bush went down into the power games.

Since the final days of Stonehenge, mankind has evolved. We all still play the same power games, but one thing occurred that has changed the entire power game paradigm. In “A Manual for Peace,” the book that is associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, Seth tells us that for world peace to come, everyone on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law. That has happened. It will become the basis for the legal system of the proposed international government, where disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead.

Once again Stonehenge is rising, but this time it is to address genocides. The power games no longer work. Grabs for power always lead to a loss of power because they go against Universal Law. The plan for the international government allows mankind to have the third option, to go up and to evolve to a  higher level rather than to devolve into a global conflict. The plan for the international government has gone too far to be stopped. It is not Putin’s weapons that are unstoppable, it is the plan for the international government.

Rattling sabers no longer works. Putin’s weapons systems may have enabled him to be voted the leader of Russia, but they will not make him the emperor of the planet.