Thursday, November 21, 2019

Finding a National Identity

I saw a sign hanging in a shop once that said, "With every movement, at first there is mild resistance, then active resistance, and then everyone accepts it." At first, everyone is following his or her own plan for their life, and it isn't until that plan demonstrates it can't help him get his life that there is need to find a new plan. 

Imagine the Titanic sailing on course to America. No one would willingly climb into a lifeboat unless the ship was going to sink. 

The plan for world peace has gone through that same process. Not all have seen the necessity to make any changes. 

Now imagine the lives of the all the crew and passengers. Each went on board as an individual, either survived or perished, and they become known as part of a group identity. It followed them. For some, it was the end--living or dead, and others it was a burden to bear, and for others it became an opportunity to create a new identity--living or dead.  

People lose their identities when they become cancer patients, or alcoholics, or diabetics, or criminals, or elderly. They find themselves in crisis, and they must rise out of the crisis and then create a new identity. It is as if that person leaves behind what no longer works and must figure out what does work. 

The first government proposals focus on eight nations that have all been in crisis because of a sense of judgment. The first two proposals are US proposals, and the question is how to get out of it. To get out of our crisis, under Universal Law of Cause and Effect, we must enable others to get out of their crisis. The Exit Strategy for Iraq enables England to rise out of their crisis and find its national identity. It brings together England's entire history and who they are today and what crises they are facing to enable the English people to find their niche. That enables the United States to do the same thing. And then the focus shifts to Iraq, and that brings in other nations. By all the other nations participating, it enables every nation to rise out of its crisis and to find their own national identity.  

This is the same process every nation and every person on the planet must address over the next twenty years or so. Each nation will create a niche  based on natural resources and each individual based  on talents and gifts.