Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cases of Reinfections Are Surging: Why?

The human body creates antibodies to fight re-infection of viruses, which should give some immunity, but in Wuhan, China, there is another surge, this time of people who have recovered from the virus, and have gone back to work. They recovered from the virus, but didn't build immunity against it.

If our theory is correct, their lives changed when they were sick. They focused their attention on getting well. Politics were set aside. Cares of the world were left behind. Then the patients went back into the same situations they were in before. The snakes were still there.

It is possible to build immunity to this virus, but to do so we must take the long way around, meaning we must build a new structure that addresses the root cause of the crisis. Some people are creating antibodies to the virus by stepping back from the judgment, the equated ideas that people are snakes--scoundrels. That is enough. They walk away from the obsessions. The problem is we live in a time when people are reacting to crises fearfully, and going down into power games.  To walk away and take the long way around, is to address the prophesied end times--Armageddon.

Some people believe Armageddon is a battle that will be fought between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness on a particular hill in Israel, but that is not true. The battles between Light and Darkness occur all the time, although this time period the forces of Darkness are very strong, and because everyone faces fears, no one is automatically saved. Each of us has a blueprint in our heart for the life we want, and when misunderstandings occur, we get kicked off course, and eventually we are 180 degrees from where we think we are.  Armageddon means "the silly things people do." We address the battles of Armageddon in the "Armageddon Series." 

This happens on an individual basis, but also among nations. The existing structure is based on misunderstandings and grabs for power, and mankind has been kicked off course. The existing structure is collapsing, making way for a new structure that functions on a higher level.

We can build immunity to the virus by first understanding that people are not snakes. But, there is a very interesting flip-flop idea, and it flips when we come to understand that we live in a continuum of frequency, and what we see in others is what is inside of us, so by pointing fingers at others, we must consider that we are also responsible for where we are along the continuum. When we assume responsibility, we start to regain our power. We are no longer blaming others for our life circumstances. 

Then, we must start to let go of what we no longer wish to experience and start to work together to create something on a higher level.