Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Nature of Schisms

The schism that is tearing apart the planet has separated mankind into four segments. Nations are going through a crisis where those who stand on the principles are being trampled by those who are grabbing for power. What can heal the schism so that governments will be able to work together to solve the problems of each nation? 

While it would seem that those who stand on the principles are virtuous for doing so, they are not taking into consideration the focus of those who are grabbing for power. This has created a battle of the extremes, not one being more right than the other. To unify the schism, they must address the requirements for conflict resolution.

In dealing with the pandemic, for example, the Democrats believe they are virtuous for dependence on science, and that is not a bad thing. The problem is that the scientists are not addressing the root cause of the crisis. They recommend masks and social distancing, and are searching for a vaccine, but until recently, their protocol for ending pandemics has left many people dead. On the other end of the spectrum, the Republicans are seeing the economy crashing, supply chains cut off, bail outs to keep the economy flowing, but at the expense of the people. 

The solution must address the root cause of the crisis, or it makes the crisis worse, and the root cause of the crisis is the schism that is tearing apart the planet. To end the crisis, everyone must reach the point where people understand it is time to end the crisis, and an event must come along that makes it necessary, one where everyone is equal, and the schism is doing that. Yesterday, Donald Trump held his first rally in months in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he put his supporters at risk by doing so. If he continues to sacrifice his supporters, how can he win re-election? 

It is the sense of judgment that others are snakes that triggered the pandemic. To stop it, we must all assume responsibility for our own part in the pandemic, and then come up with a plan that benefits everyone, and everyone must work together to create the plan. 

The plan is world peace. It takes every person on the planet, willing to share his or her talents and gifts, to bring it about. We all stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and make win-win agreements to get what we want.

Movements separate people into the same four segments, so the World Peace Movement has started! The pandemic has created a sense of equality, and the economic crisis associated with it has reached the point where we must do something immediately. The plan is the proposed international government, and its response team for pandemics can handle future pandemics before before the ripples of effects go out.