Monday, August 10, 2020

World peace is a paradigm shift, and the same for everyone

 The plan for world peace has been introduced and opened to debate, and people all over the world like the plan. Some have become affiliate members of the organization, and that has allowed the plan to be leveraged to the world leaders. But, the plan for world peace is not just an idea to be introduced to the world leaders and then left to them to create. World peace is a 180 degree paradigm shift in how we all think and believe and function. It takes everyone working together to bring world peace. 

Why change anything that is working. It is only when the existing structure no longer works that the people who are responsible go out looking for a new plan, then they must address which plan it will be. It must already be in existence, on even a minimal level, for it to be accepted. 

When people are in crisis, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, in circular thinking patterns, that they must do something, but they don't know what to do. They have turned their life over to something or someone who they believe will help them get their life but that thing or institution or person doesn't have the capacity to help them. They must assume responsibility for their own life, and just can't see how they can get their life. People die when they reach the point where they believe they can't get their life. 

No one gets into a crisis overnight. What you believe is what is, so crises start with a belief structure that seems to be valid, and then unless someone sets the person straight, the misunderstanding devolves. We address this in our books, and we are applying this with our government proposals. 

The United States, for example, believes we are good people, but our foreign policies are based on these misunderstandings. Each of our sixty government proposals addresses a misunderstanding that has created a crisis in the world, and each works to undo the damage that has been done.

People rely on power games, believing the games are working, but they don't have the capacity to help us get our life. People have to be squeezed to join the movement, and it is the same for everyone. 

Once the existing structure collapses, then a new plan must be addressed. Which plan will it be? The plan for world peace exists, and it is competing with the existing structure, which continues to demonstrate it cannot solve the problems, and also with the plans of the people who have gone deeper into the power games, which also are demonstrating they don't work.

The planning process starts with the plan, and stage by stage progresses through the stages, like our Track Our Progress planning, but it has also separated into a kind of duality, one side addressing the plan and then progressing into bringing in the people, and the other side addresses crisis in the family issues and then progresses to security issues. This is demonstrated in our Faith of the Pure Ray project. We can see how Christianity and Islam oppose each other, but also have much in common. One addresses the plan, and the other addresses the rationale for the plan--the Crisis in the Family. 

Imagine what happens if a crisis like the pandemic is raging across the planet, and it is caused by the schism that is tearing apart the planet--a worst case scenario pandemic. The virus was manifested into the physical when someone in Wuhan, China equated people and snakes. With the Battles of Armageddon devolving, the schism continues to separate people, and there is a vast need for conflict resolution--which is the security segment of the planning process.

Basically, many people are reaching the point where they are facing their end of life crisis. The "snakes" are playing oppressive power games and people believe they cannot get their life, so the covert and overt actions by the "scoundrels of the world" are denying the people our unalienable rights. Our Liberty. The snakes are interfering in people's lives, and people are reaching the point where they believe they cannot get their life. 

At this point, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are, holding onto what cannot help them and pushing away the people who can help them. They have turned their lives over to something that cannot help them get their life. They cannot see how they can create the life they want, and they are dying. They are being squeezed.

It is the same for everyone, including the people on ventilators in the hospital. They believe no one will help them get their life. 

This is where the plan becomes a personal paradigm shift. This is not a plan where the world leaders sit down and write a treaty for world peace. It is a plan that requires people to create the life they want, which is what everyone wanted in the first place but just didn't know how to do because we all thought the power power games were working to help us get our life. We overcome death when we come to the understanding that we are responsible for creating our life, and no one can stop us from doing it because anyone who does that is breaking Universal Law.

That brings us to our first government proposal. 

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is like a deep dive into how the power games of revenge work and why they don't work. It starts the paradigm shift that mankind must take to turn around. The preemptive strike was oppressive, and it denied the Iraqi people their unalienable rights, and therefore went against Universal Law. Americans lost out unalienable rights, and now for Americans to get back our own rights, we must enable everyone on the planet to be able to have their unalienable rights. That is what we address in the US Constitutional Amendment proposal. 

Once we do that, the next step is to enable the Iraqi people to create their own identity.....