Saturday, October 17, 2020

Why are the Republicans so stubborn?


US Republicans are focused on power, but there is a misunderstanding about where true power comes from. The United States is not unique. At this point in mankind's evolution, 25% of the population of the planet is focused on power. The problem is that they rely on power games in the belief that the games help them get their life, and the games never had the capacity to help them get their life. 

World peace consists of a paradigm shift in mankind's thinking, where we come to the point that we understand that what we are doing is not working, and then we must decide what will work. What stopped working was the power games people play. When George W. Bush preemptively invaded Iraq, he sacrificed an innocent person, and the power games backlashed on him. That created a schism around the world that separated people into four segments--principles, power, life and those who function for their own interests. This time period is known as Armageddon. When one person stands on the principles, it threatens the security and support of another who goes down into the power games. 

In November of 2017, I sent a letter to the US Supreme Court explaining that there is a misunderstanding that allows our government to constitutionally justify playing power games that are oppressive to the people and deny us our unalienable rights from our Creator. They see two levels to the US legal system when there are actually three--the principles, the power and the project. They see only constitutional law and federal law. By doing that, they leave out the principles that peg our nation on a very high level. Generally speaking, the Democrats focus on principles, and when they stand on the principles, it makes the Republicans afraid, stubborn in the belief that they are protecting the nation from the Democrats who don't understand power. To them, the Democrats are giving away power. Supporting terrorists. Undermining the security of the United States. 

Equated ideas get people into trouble, and people oftentimes equate money and power. Money and power can't be equated. The problem is that when you lose your money, you lose your power.  

True power comes from assuming responsibility. Elected officials get their power when they take their oath of office. The US Constitution addresses the use of power and the abuse of power, and it delineates the rights, duties and privileges of elected officials, but also how to remove an elected official for abuse of power. 

When the games stop working, we have to figure out what will work. Standing on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance is the solution. Check out the "Your Power Base" diagram above.