Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Most Beloved "Evil" Dictators

Step by step, the World Peace Plan is being introduced. It must come slowly and in perfect order, when people are ready for it to come, but what can be done to expedite the process to prevent further hardship on the people? We are focusing on one nation at a time, but so many others are in crisis.

Consider the Arab Spring protests. As this is being written, President Saleh of Yemen has announced his agreement to elections, but his past offers to step down and to hold open elections have left Yemenis scoffing at the legitimacy of this offer, and continuing their protests. "Fool me once...."

The solution is for the leaders whose peoples are rising in protest to do what is in everyone's best interest, to let go of their position but to also announce their support for the proposed international government. If they do, maybe they will be invited by their people's to help in the creative process of the proposed international government, which will guarantee the rights of the people. Those gentlemen could become the most beloved people on the planet.