Sunday, September 11, 2011

Help for the Super Committee on Deficit Reduction

In a movement, the first people to come in are those who stand on the principles. They rise up in protest when they see oppression. The second group are those who are financially affected. Then comes the people whose lives are affected, and as the Super Committee in Washington, DC starts to cut the social programs, many people will fit into the third group, and they will join the protest.

The committee is getting down to work, paring the budget of any excess. Time is short. They are asking for help. Here it is.

Under the World Peace Plan...

There will be no more wars, and so there will be no need to maintain such a huge Department of Defense. We will segue from war-based thinking to competing economically. That won't be a problem because nations will be able to turn inside of themselves to enable their people to prosper. A nation that is oppressive to its people will continue to lose power in the international House of Representatives.

There is no need for foreign aid. Those nations who now receive US aid will segue out of dependence on the US, and assume responsibility for enabling their people to prosper. Oftentimes third world nations have huge reserves of natural resources. Let's let them benefit the people, shall we?

The private sector will assume responsibility for the cut social programs through our Lift the Public economic stimulus plan that allows any business to become partially tax exempt.

There you go. Global renaissance!

We have a series of proposals that carry the idea of the global renaissance forward, step by step.