Thursday, January 2, 2014

Will the United States Participate?

The idea for the international government was first introduced at our prayer circle in 1999, and out of the idea came the proposals, books and ideas for innovative projects. It has gone too far to be stopped. Now it is time to prove that it can solve the problems that mankind is facing better than the existing structure.

Every nation will have the opportunity to make its choice. The invitation will go out to all the world leaders to join together at a conference to formally start work on its creation, by writing a constitution and planning for future conferences when individual issues are addressed.

What must come first is that the United States make its decision to participate, and that requires a constitutional amendment to create the additional layer of government. 

It generally takes up to seven years for an amendment to pass through all the steps, and so while this is occurring, other nations will be making their choices, also.

The principles this organization stands on create a framework of projects. We are the overview concept, just like a constitution creates a government and the framework for a legal system, but what is put into the framework is up to the individual. So, one individual must stand up to assume responsibility for the Constitutional Amendment project, but at the same time, everyone must be involved. The focus will continue to shift, with everyone participating in various capacities.